7 Tips to use Content Marketing to build your Brand in 2024

Content marketing is the primary pillar of any inbound marketing campaign. The difference between a brand and a business relies on your content strategy to attract potential customers.

From the outside, it may seem that content creation requires certain creativity and consistency. It is not easy to create high-quality content day after day, and this strategy may require you to invest time and money to grow the community. How do you make sure that you are making the most out of your campaign?

Here are seven content marketing tips that will attract potential customers to your business.

1. Interactive Content

Are you making enough space for viewers to express their opinions when creating your next article, podcast, post, or video? Interaction is fundamental to keep the attention of the reader while we are giving him valuable information.

But how do you measure the success of your uploaded content?

When talking about engagement, it is not as simple as looking at traffic volume. We need to give people enough actionable steps so they can keep learning about our brand.

As an exercise, look at your content and make sure to include relevant call-to-action to your product or other content platforms. Make them read another article, introduce them to your services, or talk about your other channels.

2. Email Marketing

The best way to combine informational and promotional content is by using email marketing. Here, you can message every person who trusts your brand and decided to follow your work. That means that there is a buying-intent, even if they don’t realize it yet.

You can use email marketing sequences to create loops of content and promotions to increase your reputation of your customer, who will buy once you have given him enough value for free.

The best part of email lists is that people can keep buying for years if your product is fabulous. Consider combining your email strategy with PPC to accelerate the process.

3. SEO And Advertising

These visibility tools will bring qualified traffic to sales funnels. SEO is a dimension included in the content itself while paid advertising is purely promotional.

If you can show your website on Google as relevant, the authority will increase to brand that name. Some of the most respected companies include featured snippets in the search pages to display more information about the brand: informational panels, maps, news, social media section, videos, and descriptions on the margins.

When you have a functional SEO strategy, you can use Pay Per Click advertising to expand your brand even faster.

4. Collaborations & Live Events

Are you looking to get massive visibility with your content, but don’t have a big audience yet? If your message is relevant enough, some content creators won’t mind borrowing their public to bring you the attention you deserve.

That is right: you don’t need to wait to grow your following to enjoy its benefits. You can find ways to benefit other bigger brands, so they accept making an interview or video series together.

Another alternative is investing in marketing influencers to increase the popularity of your brand.

5. Curated Content From Social Media

The best fact of attracting customers with inbound marketing is that you don’t have to sell or convince anybody to follow you. People already tell you what they want to see and automatically follow the brands that listen to their stories.

Curated content is the process of meeting the content demand based on your community context. It has become more important to listen to the audience and give the public the ability to choose the content they want to consume.

Curated content receives the highest possible engagement on social media because of its demand. The simplest ways to execute this idea is creating Q&A, webinars, and live videos.

6. Online Communities

Regardless of the niche or products you are selling, you can create a private group on social media that unites your followers to learn from each other.

Here, you are generating content for free. The more people enter your community, the more experiences and learning opportunities other users will have.

7. Info-Product Showcases

If you offer mentoring, assessment, or info-products, you can reveal the most interesting parts of that premium content to excite watchers and encourage purchasing.

You may generate more leads if you offer email subscribers a free consulting call with you, a video program, or anything along those lines.

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