Top 10 Apps Every Android User Must Have On A Smartphone

Which are top apps every Android user must have on the smartphone?

Out of the nearly 3.5 million apps on Google Play Store, here are a few selected apps which should not escape your attention. Which are the essential Android apps for 2024? Depending on ratings, app features and popularity you may like…

  • note taking – Evernote
  • entertainment – YouTube
  • photo editing – PicsArt
  • video – MX Player
  • keyboarding – GBoard
  • cloud storage – Google Drive
  • mapping – Google Maps
  • messaging – WhatsApp

Android apps are dominating the marketplace even though it appears that Apple’s smart handheld devices are getting a lot of spotlights. Android phones with competitive edge android app development make up more than 85 percent of the worldwide smartphone market. Customized experience is possible with several software options not available to iOS users.

Loading up a new smartphone? Consider some of these worthwhile apps:

#1 Greenify

The hibernating app that puts unwanted apps to sleep. During long hours of working your Facebook and amazon apps drain away your smartphone battery. Greenify puts them to sleep and save on battery life. The one quality of Greenify is that it identifies misbehaving apps, inactivates them, and helps to prevent your smartphone slowing down. It works in a unique way to stop apps from leeching battery life – a must have for saving power in your new smartphone battery.

#2 Pushbullet

Most useful apps to link your smartphone and PC. It helps users to text from PC, transfer files simple and quick, or copy from your android phone to paste it on your PC. Why the name? Pushbullet helps you to copy anything and push it where you can use it or forward it to anyone. E.g. select something from an important document and WhatsApp it… no hassles! Similarly, send mages, videos, links and much more.

  • Spend time on a PC if you have to, Pushbullet will keep showing your phone notifications.
  • If you like the free version very much, sign up for the subscription to get the really good features.

#3 ES File Explorer

If you are looking for a file explorer with a difference and which is unique, there’s ES for you. Open a .rar file simple and quick. ES File Explorer app unzips or compresses files in the file explorer itself. You will not need separate apps for working with .rar folders.

It has rapidly become one of the most popular Android file manager app providing all necessary features to users in one place. Moreover, an inbuilt Space Analyzer helps you free up space on your newly bought smartphone or smart handheld devices. The best thing about this apps is that it makes sharing media with other ES File Explorer users over Wi-Fi easier. It provides an app manager to help you uninstall or backup apps.

  • Get Rid Of Apps Rooted In Your Device

ES File Explorer has root privileges with a Root Explorer feature that can unlock several functionalities rooted in your new smartphone. Uninstall systems apps to ‘clean-up’ your new smart handheld devices of unwanted apps.

  • ES is for Power Users

Power users routinely handling smart handheld devices can use ES effectively to increase their efficiencies. However, this app comes with a disadvantage of a lot of ads intruding and needing to be skipped which can be annoying to some.

#4 Zomato

If you are a foodie at heart, you cannot do without Zomato on your new smart handheld devices. See menu cards whenever you want. Makes ordering and getting home delivery from the restaurants of your choice simple and quick. No stirring out of the house or rely on takeaway counters. Furthermore, save with good online discounts too!

#5 Zooper Widget

If you have just got your first smartphone, apparently you are a newbie inexperienced to app computing or use of the Internet on a smart handheld devices. With Zooper create a widget easily or select from pre-loaded templates. You may have a cheap phone but you can still have a clock+weather widget of Galaxy S7 or HTC M8.

 #6 Couponduniya

No hunting around for promo codes anymore! Get instant promo codes for all apps and websites in one place.

#7 Fotmob

Football crazy fans can keep up with real-time scores. Rumor less, spot on news at its best. Offers you real-time stories, line-ups, statistics etc.

 #8 Cricbuzz

Now get superfast scores and live updates within a click. Fantastic app for cricket fans that consumes less battery and offers results at a faster rate.

#9 In-shorts

If you are a person tracking the goings-on the world over, this is one app that keeps you up-to-date with current happenings. Pop-up notifications bring you breaking news in less than 60 words.

#10 Amplify – works with rooted devices only

Wakelocks and alarms help extend the battery standby on all smart handheld devices. Use Amplify to get as much as an extra hour of battery life per day.

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