The Top 5 Coolest Cars in the World

This article shows the result of a poll which was organized by numerous automotive magazines, voted by people based on their favourite and most amazing cars they have ever seen since the 1930s in the markets and also a few from last 100 years. The question arises: what makes a car the coolest? What are the factors that define coolness of the car? Is it the design that matters the most, car engine or the performance?

As a matter of fact, every user thinks differently in this regard. Therefore, the difference of opinion is quite evident and in the similar fashion, the choice of the car might differ. Some people give priority to some features that others seem to ignore. Similarly, there are some surprise entries of cars that no one thought could be in the top five favorite cars.

A number of people select the cars in this list. Owing to their flamboyant appearances, all of these are poster cars and their posters have long hung in their bedrooms, and now probably are the wallpapers of their mobile and computer screens. These cars represent dreams of many and people have actually gone crazy for them at the time of their manufacture and even until now.

In the World Why People Always looks Coolest Cars:

There can be many reasons why people have chosen these luxury cars like a limo find as the best cars around the globe. One of the main reasons could be the performance of the car. Others reasons could include appearance or interior of cars. Few might fall for the interior and few like the handling the car offers. Technology can also count as a reason to drive people to vote for it.

Many of these are classic old-fashioned coolest cars, which were built as per the demand of people back in time. These are some obvious factors which can influence the opinion of the user or can be a decisive factor.

Other than the expected reasons for the liking of a car, there are some different reasons as well, which do not count design, performance, technology or any other specific feature of the car as a point of reference. For example, the usage of a car by any celebrity in the past dramatically enhances the value of the car in the eyes of the users. People tend to like cars that have been used by some celebrity and when they drive that specific car, they experience a sense of pleasure that they are driving the same car, which their favorite celebrity once drove.

This celebrity connection is one of the strongest factors, which can lead people to like even a less attractive vehicle because for a few people it is the celebrity that matters more than the car. For example, Steve McQueen connection; he drove whatever he found but if we consider the chasing on the road, the first, and the foremost car that comes in our mind is the American Muscle. Similarly, for track racing, Ford Mustang takes the lead. The McLaren F1 appears on the top while thinking about the formula 1 racing.

In addition to that, a few votes were cast against particular models e.g. since Ford Mustang and Chevrolet Camaro are rivals, they were voted more. The celebrity mania can also be exemplified by Aston Martin vehicles in James Bond movies and Mini Cooper with Rowan Atkinson.

There is no doubt in the fact that Motorsport remained quite famous in the past and had established an outstanding connection with the makeovers of the cars. A large number of cars were transformed into sports cars so that sales can be increased. Disclaiming any biases in the selection of the top five coolest cars in the world, all of them were selected by the voters through their votes.

Moreover, these vehicles are uniquely chosen on the bases of votes and not on any technical or visual specifications. The result came out is stated below;

Top 5 Coolest Cars in the World-

Top-5-coolest-cars forever

Here is the List of Top Coolest Cars in the World:

 1-Citroen DS

It was a front engine drive and was manufactured by a French company Citroën. Citroen DS built during the years from 1955 to 1975, designed by an Italian sculptor and Flaminio Bertoni. This car was famous for its innovative technology, modern design that came with disk brakes. Its looks, performance, and usability deservingly won it the first place in coolest cars.

2-Jaguar E-Type

Jaguar E-Type is a sports car manufactured in Britain from 1961 to 1975. It was a beautiful car coupled with amazing performance and this model became an icon for sports car industry. Jaguar E-Type enabled the users to ride a high-speed car and was selected as the second most loved car because of its other quality specs and features.

3-Land Rover Defender

The Land Rover Defender was a British made vehicle developed in the 80’s and launched at the Amsterdam Motor Show in April 1948. Its manufacturing started in 1967, saw a long run, and halted recently in 2016. People loved this car as they got two flavors in one car and voted it as the third most favorite car.

4-Lamborghini Miura

Occupying the fourth spot, Lamborghini Miura was a sports car, which was developed by produced by Italian automaker. Its production time was from 1966 to 1973. Lamborghini Miura was known as the supercar whose engine was at its rear end and it supported seating for two people. It was the fastest car at the time of its launch.

5-McLaren F1

The McLaren F1, which was designed and manufactured by McLaren Cars, was a sports car, which broke records and became the fastest car in the world reaching 240.1 mph (386.4 km/h) while its record was broken in 2005. It was a lighter car and offered great control while maneuvering. It was a marvel of technology and showcased many new features which were not there in the preceding models.

McLaren F1 was a modern car in all aspects and provided one extra seat than other sports cars. With its powerful engine, it reached the top speed in very less time. No wonder why peoples chose this car as one of the coolest cars ever.

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