Top 10 Ecommerce Promotion Ideas and Special Offers To Drives Traffic And Increase Revenue

Top 10 Ecommerce Promotion Ideas and Special Offers To Drives Traffic And Increase Revenue

The journey of the eCommerce industry started with the battle of creating a responsive web design, building the base of what people now call it an online store. But the story has reached far than just worrying about the technicalities. The customers need innovation at every step, not with just the layout or the products, but the manner in which you can present them.

Ideally speaking, don’t just run a new product on your store. Speak out loud about it, promote and offer discounts. Your entire house of eCommerce is standing on the pillars of customer’s attention and the best way to grab it is integrating some promotion ideas.

10 eCommerce promotion and offers are here to help you in generating higher leads.

1. Redeeming Reward points

Imagine getting a gift every day you manage to get out of the bed. Isn’t it interesting? Customers can use a little push of motivation. How about delegating some reward points to do the same? The points are linked with your purchase, you can give them reward points for each purchase they land. The reward points can further be converted to the customer’s currency and used to redeem on any future purchase.

2. Promote Holiday Special offer

Holidays are all about families celebrating the shopping spree. The eCommerce industry, as well as the retail stores, are buzzed with shoppers all around. It is the best time you can promote your store with all the best products. Integrate holiday special discount and introduce new products. Amazon and Flipkart are always bringing in big billion days for on special occasions so that the customers visit by in large numbers.

3. Attract buyers with a bulk discount

Discounts offered on purchasing bulk quantities is one fine way to increase the average order of sales. The discounts can be run by offering a percentage discount, flat rate or scaling to different payment methods and a number of products. Such offers are helpful when you have merchants as your customers. Generally, the physical retail stores are your target audience in bulk discount offers.

4. The Game of Contests

The customers need a driving force in order to visit your store. The social media applications like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc are of no less than addiction. Thus, these platforms can be used to programme your contests. Nevertheless, contests are structured to inspire sharing among the participants. User-generated content is a boon that comes along with the awareness spread among the target audience.

The Game of Contests

5. Use the “Free” word wisely

Adding the “Free” word to any promotional activity, product or service has impacted the customer’s actions within no time. Today, the customers are more concerned about paying extra shipping charges than the price of their product. For eCommerce like Amazon, the free shipping charge has been an impactful initiative to drive customer’s interest. Over 93% of online shoppers have agreed that they made the purchase because the store was offering free shipping.

6. BOGO sale: The twin offer

Everyone is fond of the free and genuine stuff. The stores can run a BOGO offer on specific products, items which are useful but facing a downfall. Psychologically, the customers are inclined to have a positive review of the store. You might have just catered the needs of the specific customer with this offer. Such customers spend a healthy and longtime purchasing from your site in the future.

7. Time for some Promo Code offers

Different forms of promotion have different results. Promo codes, discount coupons are for those who want to spend less time solving any contest or don’t have the need of more than 1 product. It can be offered for a limited time, which urges the customers the need to use the offer.

8. Shout Loud your promotional offers

What is the use of running the special offers, if the customers have little idea of what you are offering? Customers cannot assume that this holiday season there will be exciting discounts on your site. Online banners and promotional content surging in and around the presence of social media brings people’s attention.

Create unique and creative banners to promote the contest, you can list down the rules or basic requirements of the contest to let the customers know what to expect.

9. Quiz It Out

Like in the physical stores we have sales person helping us out, the same help can be effective in an eCommerce site. The stats have observed that quizzes have been a fun and healthy way to help customers in taking the buying decision. It’s not all about answering the questions, insightful recommendations are generated on the basis of answers given by the customer.

Quizzes bring a win-win situation to the table. While the customers can sort their preferences and needs, at the same time store owners collect an adequate amount of user data. Such user data can prove to be helpful in future marketing and product selling strategy.

10. Promote a charity campaign

The customers can trust you better when they know that the eCommerce store is not just indulged into earning higher and higher profits. The trust can be rooted in stores initiating participation in cause-related campaigns. For example, telling the customers that for every purchase they make from a particular store, the specific amount of money will be donated for a good cause.

This connects the customer to the purchase on an emotional level. The stats of psychology has proved that stores promoting causes have experienced improvement in sales compared to stores who are not into such noble campaigns.

Promote a charity campaign

Final Phrases

Technology has made the lives of the people easy and fast. The eCommerce stores are also growing fast at that pace you can develop & add features by adding magento extension too. In order to remain in the race for the long run, the above mentioned promotional activities are like a boon for any business.

However, these offers and discounts will keep evolving time and again. Every store needs different offers based on the product offered. There is a chance the BOGO offer applied in a particular store may not be a useful strategy for any other store. Thus, choose your promotional activities and discount offers carefully, looking at the needs of the target audience.

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