10 Apps To Help Parents With Children

Parents are always looking for ways to get closer to their children, know them better and teach them new, important things. But, with kids trying to find their own world of solitude in social media and mobile, it is becoming more and more difficult for parents to know, let alone understand or teach their children.


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The technology has given us various means for penetrating that wall developing between parents and kids, if only we knew where to look. Well, with these awesome Parenting apps, you’ll have the best ways to know, understand, teach and become friends with your children, irrespective of their age.

Let’s explore.

Top 10 Parenting Apps for 2024 & Beyond

1. Titan Family Security – Parental Control App

Titan’s Family Security is one of the fastest-growing and feature-rich tracking apps that parents can effectively use to monitor the location as well as social/mobile activities of their kids in order to get better control over their security, especially on the internet.

The Family Security app was designed with online security in mind and with the aim to enable parents to protect their family members, especially kids, against internet threats like hacking, phishing, spam, impersonation, and other things. The app does a very good job of tracking the location and entire mobile activities of the targeted person, enabling parents to know what their kids are doing or where they are at any given point of time.

Some of the top features include GPS tracking, location sharing, video surveillance, phone chat/call/text monitoring, social tracking, etc. This is a subscription-based service, for which you can for using Titan coins.

Devices: Android

2. Cozi Family Organizer

Cozi is one of the best apps for parents looking to better organise the overall management of kids, routine, and other family-related tasks such as grocery shopping, dinner/lunch, etc.

The app has a number of features such as Calendar and Lists, which you can synchronise in the mobile devices of all the family members to keep them on the same page and connected even on the go. With the app, parents can create and share lists, to-do tasks and notes with their kids.

Devices: Android, iPhone and iPad

3. News-O-Matic EDU

News-O-Matic EDU is a subscription-based app that lets your kids read informative articles, blogs and news and learn a lot of new things daily. The app is widely regarded as an ‘interactive daily newspaper’ designed especially for children to read and learn in a creative way. Besides articles and news, it integrated games, creative tools and technologies for improving children’s creativity and understanding of new, emerging technologies.

This is a wonderful app for children to learn new things in a nonfiction manner through exciting and engaging content, along with highly useful learning tools, designed specifically for kids and children.

There is also a free trial version that you can use before opting for the paid subscription.

Devices: Android, iOS

4. Arility Safety Education

Teaching your kids to drive is one thing, but making them follow the travel rules and precautions is not always easy for parents. Well, with this app, it is. Arility Safety Education is a mobile app designed to help parents teach kids about ways to stay safe in various dangerous travel situations. The app uses Augmented Reality (AR) to teach road safety lessons to students in real case scenarios.

The app makes it super easy and fun for kids to learn the traffic rules and know the road safety precautions to take while riding/driving through an AR-based interactive system, where these lessons are taught via 360-degree visuals and sound effects. The Arility safety education app is reportedly used in many schools for easy and engaging road safety training to kids across the US and many other countries.

Devices: Android, iOS

5. KidzGrow – The Child Development App

KidzGrow is a mobile app aimed to help kids learn new skills via practical lessons and activities. The app contains various creative activities for children of the age group 0-6 years. The activities in the app focus on developing the following five types of skills in kids:

  • Gross motor skills
  • fine motor skills
  • cognitive skills
  • speech-language skills
  • social skills

The app also shared activity reports with parents to let them know how their kids are doing at different skills.

The app is available for both iOS and Android devices and offers an amazing way for parents to engage their kids in skill development activities. Some of the activities required kids to seek help from parents or teachers, which can only be done outside the app. Parents and teachers are also taught to go along with the activities of their kids.

Devices: Android, iOS

6. PaintPad Space School Edition

PaintPad, as the name suggests, is a digital pad for kids to showcase their painting skills. Well, the kids don’t actually have to be an artist in order to use the app, as it’s very easy and fun to use. The children are given various activities, mainly involving coloring space objects in whatever pattern they like. It also aims to help parents or teach identify the interest level of kids and teach them accordingly.

The PaintPad app is widely used across many playschools, pre-schools and childcare centres around the globe as an easy way to get children excited about learning. The app involves the use of touchscreen to play with colors and fill the shape in any manner as creative as possible for the kids. For now, the app is only available for iOS devices (iPhone, iPad, etc.)

Devices: iOS

7. Baby Connect

The Baby Connect app is specifically designed to help new parents with day to day management and caring for their newborn. With an easy to use interface, the app provides a comprehensive way to track your baby’s growth and activities with features like easy-to-read charts, medicine, timers, emails, reports, .csv export, etc. The app also lets you stay in sync with your spouse and/or babysitter to effectively communicate the data and updates about your baby.

The Baby Connect app is the only app you need to completely monitor your newborn. The app will notify you whenever your baby is crying. It can be customised to take and send baby’s pictures to let you know that the baby is safe. You can use the app to track the eating and sleeping habits of your baby. Moreover, the app also shares with you tips on how to help your baby sleep and other things.

Devices: Android

8. PBS Parents Play & Run – Kid Development Tracker

PBS Parents Play is a gaming mobile app which provides a range of nice games for parents to play along with their kids. Each of the games in the app is based on a family theme, such as grocery shopping, gardening, etc. and revolves around a family location like kitchen, garden, etc. The aim is to enable parents to teach their kids the basic things in a fun and interactive manner.

Other key features of the app include over 10 interactive games for different age levels, easy way to learn math and life skills, everyday stickers and rewards, tips for parents, regular updates to add new games and activities, social sharing, and more.

One of the primary aims of the app is to support the relationships of parents and kids by making them play and interact more with each other.

Devices: Android

9. Winnie – Daycare, Preschool & Parenting

Winnie is a one-in-all child care app that lets parents find tips, daycare centres, preschools, people to talk with and a lot more for the benefit of their kids. Looking for new things to do or need advice related to your kids, go to the app and ask around other parents who have gone through the same things. In the app, you can find and connect with like-minded parents and help each other with day-to-day parenting things.

Whether you go a parenting tip you think can benefit others or need a tip yourself on how to care for kids, you can find other parents on the app, get plenty of information on the topics from pregnancy to childbirth and kids’ care. Moreover, you can use the app to search for local amenities like schools, playgrounds, kindergartens, parks, daycares, family restaurants and more through suggestions from other parents.

Devices: Android

10. Talkspace Counseling & Therapy

When you’re parenting, you may often need to talk with other people or even seek out professional counselling to help with the task in hand. The Talkspace app has over 5,000 licensed therapists who will help you not just with the parenting issues but other general health and mental things like depression, PTSD, stress, among other things.

Mothers suffering from post-pregnancy depression or stressed about childcare can use the app to consult with experts and get recommendations on how to better handle their family and kids. Parents can also share their childcare concerns with experts and get peace of mind by knowing the right ways to take care of the kids.

This, of course, is a paid service but comes with different plans for parents to choose based on their needs and budget. All plans come with free, unlimited messaging and give access to certified, licensed therapists.

Parenting app is the need of today’s parents who care about their kids and need easier and better ways to manage children related tasks such as caring, teaching, etc. Hope you love these apps and find them useful.

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