Top 10 Popular AngularJS Frameworks

Top 10 Popular AngularJS Frameworks

With the ongoing developments, sometimes developers find it quite monotonous to provide superior outcomes within the stipulated timeline. Consequently, we need streamlined frameworks that will be capable of achieving composite tasks without much effort. Moreover, technology space offers innumerable resources to web developers that make the development process easy.

Angular JS frameworks are noted for their simplicity, capability, and efficiency among the most popular frameworks. In addition, the advanced features of Angular JS help the developers to form different frameworks for creating dynamic web apps.

In the subsequent paragraphs, we will discuss the top 10 most popular Angular JS frameworks in 2024.

What do you mean by Angular JS?

Angular JS happens to be a front-end and open-source framework. It is a JavaScript-based framework and preserved primarily by Google plus a community of individuals and corporations for solving challenges encountered in creating single-page apps. It emphasizes streamlining the testing and developing these apps by providing a framework for client-side MVVM (model view view model) and MVC (model view controller) structural design, together with the components usually used in Internet apps.

The most recent version of Angular JS is used as the front-end of the MEAN stack, consisting of Express JS web app server framework, MongoDB database, Angular JS, and Node JS server runtime environment. It happens to be a mechanical framework that is used for creating top-notch web apps. It allows you to use HTML as your programming language and expand HTML syntax for expressing your application components. Angular JS data binding and dependency injection help eliminate most of the codes that you need to transcribe. It will happen within the browser, which makes it an eventual partner with any server technology.

You will come across some essential differences between Angular JS and Angular at present. Angular JS uses the functions by interpreting HTML webpages with additional HTML features embedded into them to create user interfaces. On the other hand, it is quite simple to create applications using the Angular framework. While Angular JS code is created in JavaScript, Angular code is created in Microsoft TypeScript.

Angular JS Framework Features

Angular JS Framework Features

There is no doubt that Angular JS is probably one of the most in-demand web frameworks at present. This framework is used primarily for creating single-page apps. However, it is kept updated at all times because of the support provided by Google and the concepts that emerge from an extensive community forum. Apart from this, it integrates with the contemporary development trends which are obtainable in the market.

Below, we have mentioned some notable Angular JS features that help make it an influential framework.

  1. Directives

Directives happen to be the markers on DOM components like elements, CSS, and attributes. One can use these for creating customized HTML tags as well. In addition, angular JS comes with some inbuilt directives like ngBind and ngModel.

  1. Data model binding

There is no need to write various codes for binding data to HTML controls. Instead, it is possible to do this simply by including some code snippets.

  1. MVC

This framework has been created on the popular concept of MVC. This pattern is employed in every single modern web apps. The design has been constructed by splitting the business logic layer, data layer, and presentation layer into various sections. The different sections have been created such that it is possible to administer each one more easily.

  1. Controller

Controllers are JavaScript functions that are bound to a particular scope.

  1. Scope

Scopes are objects mentioning the model. They function as a link between controller and view.

  1. Templates

Templates are the condensed view with information from the controller and model. These might be in the form of one file such as index.html or many views on a single page using partials.

  1. Deep Linking

We can use this feature to encrypt the state of the application in the URL so that it can be bookmarked easily. Following this, it is possible to restore the app to an identical state from the URL.

  1. MVW (Model View Whatever)

This pattern helps to separate application into diverse components known as model, view, and controller. Although this framework doesn’t conventionally devise MVC, it is closer to MVVM to some extent. This is referred to by the outsource angularjs development team as Model View Whatever amusingly.

  1. Dependency Injection

Angular JS comes with a built-in dependency subsystem that assists an Angular JS developer to comprehend, create, plus test web applications easily.

Top 10 Popular AngularJS Frameworks

Top 10 AngularJS Frameworks

  1. Supersonic

This is amongst that handful of Angular JS frameworks that enable you to create hybrid apps. A dynamic framework is provided by it, which is quite consistent. Supersonic is an agnostic framework since it comprises web components, CSS, and JavaScript that can be utilized with other well-known frameworks. This framework can be implemented with the REST API functions as well as features. One simple task that developers can do with Supersonic will be to design intuitive app interfaces.

  1. UI Bootstrap

As suggested by the name, this framework uses one of the most robust and potent front-end development tools known as Bootstrap. In addition, remarkable support is provided by it for creating native Angular JS web apps by making use of CSS 3 and HTML 5, which provides it with an additional boost.

One good thing regarding using UI Bootstrap is that there is no need to depend on Bootstraps JavaScript or jQuery. Instead, you are suggested to go for an innovative directive like dropdown, color picker, carousel, and so forth. Also, on most occasions, the new guidelines can be smaller as compared to the original JS code size.

  1. Angular Material

This is a component library that is UI-based. It has been inspired by Google’s material design. It provides UI services and 30 components. This framework aids the Angular JS developers create attractive, functional, and consistent web apps while sticking to the most recent webpage design principles and guidelines. It will be possible to create a flexible, attractive, and faster website by using this framework since it supports themes, built-in-ink, ARIA support, and hover effects.

  1. Mobile Angular UI

This is amongst those Angular JS frameworks that help the developers to create top-notch mobile apps using HTML. Using this framework is quite simple since it enables you to transform web applications into responsive mobile websites. Moreover, extensive support is provided by it to exceptional libraries such as fastclick.js and overthrow.js. Apart from this, it provides essential components like overlays, sidebars, scrollable areas, switches, etc.

  1. Ionic

This happens to be amongst the most capable and powerful front-end Angular JS frameworks. In case you hire Angular JS developers, they will prefer using it as well. You will be able to create responsive apps using this framework with fewer budgets. Ionic is generally used for improving the responsiveness and performance of a less responsive and low-performing application. It likewise supports CSS 3 and HTML 5 based mobile applications.

  1. UI Grid

This is an ideal framework for Angular JS, which helps the developers work with complex modules and sets with different types of features, including visualization, filtering, expanding, grouping, sorting, etc. In addition, it helps to connect the cells plus run the column.

  1. Angular Foundation

This Angular JS framework comes with a modified and contemporary Foundation having quite a few directives depending on the Foundation markup plus CSS elements. The primary advantage of using this framework is that it helps design web applications with more semantic HTML components. For instance, it should consist of accordion, dropdown, alert, interchange, process bar, trigger, and so forth.

  1. Radian

This extremely scalable Angular JS framework has been created on AMD (Asynchronous Module Definitions) and is usually considered appropriate for rapid application development. Individuals and team developers can work in fantastic coordination for developing remarkable applications thanks to the existence of the AMD. Furthermore, it also supports files such as CoffeeScript, SAANS, and JADE.

  1. OnsenUI

Despite being less reputed as compared to Ionic, OnsenUI provides fierce competition against Ionic. Both of them had been introduced in the year 2013. As compared to Ionic, it is possible to use OnsenUI to develop mobile applications and web apps. Before that, this framework offers top-quality speed for developing applications.

  1. Videogular

This framework is ideal for creating mobile apps or video-based web apps which are based on HTML 5. It comes with features such as themes, plug-ins, bindable properties, and a cue point system.


There has been a huge alteration in the techniques which web developers follow at present. Things have become simpler, easier, and quicker, and these contemporary frameworks are responsible for this. It is possible to develop diverse applications with the help of skilled programmers and top-quality frameworks. Angular JS frameworks are quite adaptable, and it is easy to implement them only if the developer understands how to use them properly while comprehending their true potential.

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