Top 10 Simple Tricks for Android Apps

Android Apps Tricks

Android is the most popular operating system for smartphones and related gadgets due to its open source nature and the flexibility it allows a developer for creating functionalities to be used on this platform. The numerous applications come with benefits as well as some drawbacks or roadblocks and in this article we will check out some Android app tricks related to some of the widely used products.

1.Restore Deleted WhatsApp Messages

There are instances when people have accidentally deleted their WhatsApp messages and an easy way to retrieve them, if they are not more than a week old, is to uninstall it and then open the File Manager of the phone and go to the WhatsApp database and select the backup file folder which will be in the form of msgstore-YYYY-MM-DD.1.db.crypt7. Convert it into msgstore.db.crypt7 and then reinstall the app and when asked to Restore, do it.

2.Take Screenshot in Snapchat

The popular messaging app notifies a sender if a screenshot of a message by him/her is taken but sometimes due to professional or other concerns it becomes necessary to do so and there is a method for it. Load the desired snap and then turn off your data connection followed by activating the airplane mode on the device. Move back to the snap and take the screenshot, wait for a minute and then turn off the flight mode. This will give you sometime before the sender is notified but please never use it for unethical purposes.

3.Temporarily Disable Instagram Account

Least known of all Android apps tricks as it cannot be done via the photo sharing app but instead requires the use of a mobile or computer browser. Log in using your details and then click on the human figure in the top right and select Edit Profile. The Temporarily disable my account option will be visible at the bottom, select it and then choose one of the reasons from the drop down menu and click on the Temporary Disable Account.

4.Play Store Not Working

Google Play Store is the official outlet for the creations of Android application development services which sometimes stops working and a few tips may solve the problem. Force stop the app or turn on the airplane mode and then switch it off or restart the phone and if these does not help delete the cache memory by going to the Apps section in the Settings folder.

5.Facebook Privacy Settings

People have become more concerned about their personal data on this social network and they can shield it by limiting access to other apps to your Facebook account. Open the Settings > Apps section which will be featuring a list of all the apps with access and you can stop the authorization to a particular entry by tapping on the X in front of it.

6.Google Play Music Missing Tracks

A user may encounter the problem of a downloaded track not visible in the phone memory and it can be fixed by accessing the Application manager via the Settings menu of the gadget and then clearing the cache followed by restarting the smartphone.

7.Logging Out of Facebook Messenger

One can log out of the messenger through the Facebook app by going to the Security & Login in Account Settings and finding the Where You Are Logged In and selecting the Messenger session and logging out. Another way is through the Settings option of the phone, which should be opened after closing and removing the Messenger app from the recent apps section. Then clear the app data from the Application Manager and you will be logged out of the app.

8.YouTube Crashing

Updating to the latest version of the app can resolve the issue or go to the Settings of the smartphone and clear the cache data but it will remove all the customized settings of the app. Another way is to reinstall the app or finally restoring the factory settings of the device.

9.Change Name on Tinder

Some people may want to change their name on this popular dating app but are unable to do can use this simple way and log on to the facebook account used to register on Tinder and change the name there. Sometimes the change is visible on Tinder in a few days but there are cases where the user has to log out and in again to see the modification.

10.Securing Telegram App on Lost/Stolen Phone

This can be done if the user has access to the app on another device. Turning on the Two-step Verification in the Privacy and Security part of the Settings field will ensure that having the device with the registered phone number is not enough to access the app. In the same part, go to Active Sessions and terminate the session on the old device rendering the app inaccessible.


These Android app tricks can come in handy when stuck with an issue regarding some of the most popular applications that are being used by smartphone users around the world.

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