Top 10 Trends in iOS app development for 2024

When it comes to gadgets, Apple owns the top spot in all aspects – be it design, user interface or as the luxury possession. With more than 130 million iPhones in production and sales throughout the world, a venture on iOS App development is a safe bet.

With newer and improved versions each year, Apple never ceases to amaze its existing users and also attracts new customers with smarter and better features in each of its new version releases. Across all of its iOS-based devices, it uses highly compatible updates, to keep an all-around improved and astonishing version throughout. This 2024 has loads to offer, with respect to increased features and new updates overall.

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1. Cloud-based Applications:


Cloud-based storage is widely sought after by all mobile phone users around the globe. So cloud-based applications are on high trend nowadays. Improving storage facilities with easier data sharing over compatible devices and also reducing the burden on the internal storage, most of the system apps in the iOS would be Cloud-based.


2. Augmented Reality:

If you are familiar with mobile app development and the processes associated with it, you would be quite familiar with the terms of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality.

They have got the boom since the release of iOS 11, and now the developers can show off with their AR and VR development skills with a huge audience waiting to be thrilled. ARKit is another venture by Apple with full support from Amazon’s Sumerian application platform. This would technically enhance the whole outlook for Augmented and Virtual Reality. Also, with ARKit you can implement 3 –D applications, which takes the world of gaming to the next level. It is highly compatible with iPhone and iPad and helps you keep up with the scores on both.

3. Swift 4:

If you are a fan and user of Apple products, here’s good news for you. Apple has launched Swift 4. Swift is the programming language owned and developed by Apple to support both Linux platforms and all iOS devices. With the improvement of Swift 3, it has a better interface for developing the applications, making it simpler. Also, it will have a reduced memory requirement, keeping it compact in size. So this 2024, you can expect highly secure and fast developed apps in the Apple store.


4. New stuff in Core Machine Learning

The most fascinating things the iOS developers need to look for is the new improvements in Core Machine Learning, often referred to as CoreML. There will be an overall improvement in the features – Be it voice recognition by Siri or the Camera with a higher accuracy and better face recognition features. Also, the domain of App development would have a broader context.

With easier coding, now the iOS developers can add a few security codes and increase the features in existing games and apps. With its robust profile library, CoreML can now offer a unique level of communication among all of the iOS devices.

5. Apple HomeKit

Yet another advanced creation from Apple, now the iOS devices can interact and communicate with each other and Siri would be the commanding officer. So home automation is just a matter of some intensive coding and is very much practical in the near future. This would eventually build up the IoT networks, and with the extrapolated surveys it could reach up to the 50 billion limit by 2024.

Apple HomeKit

6. Apple Pay will be faster now

Apple has launched its own digital wallet thereby making online transactions easier at just a couple of clicks. It will support all kinds of iOS devices such as the iPod, iPad, iOS smartwatches and Mac Laptops. Thereby keeping a unified money account of all your iOS gadgets. Also, Apple has declared that all of its future payment policies would be based on the transaction through Apple Pay.

7. Loading issues sorted

Most of us skip or bounce web pages which take a while to load. This attributes to the impatient behavior of the fast moving generation, with lightning speed requirements. Realizing this as a potential issue to be sorted, Apple developers have developed web browsers that only load images when necessary thereby reducing the loading time to a fraction of a second, about the range of milliseconds.

8. GPS would keep you covered all time

GPS is the heart of gaming. This is well showcased by the huge success rate of Pokémon Go in the year 2016. With high accuracy GPS, mobile applications would be highly useful as location detectors and in-app requirements would be sufficed with a great level ofexactitude. Also, finding the phone or locating the mislaid phone would be easier now, apart from boosting the women security related location-centric apps.

centric app

9. Completely boosted Artificial Intelligence and more responsive Siri

With a huge demand for games of about 25 percent, games are the most popular among the apps in the Apple App Store. Artificial Intelligence, AI-based games with a high level of user interaction and real-time action can now be easily developed. Siri, your personal assistant would have more to add on to its intelligent vibes. It would interact with you a better tone. It also has enhanced the potential to personalize your choices and desires to act and answer properly. With added features of gym profile and timers, and schedule mapping instructions, Siri is now smarter to keep you well organized throughout your office and home.

10. More free apps

With so much to offer, Apple store would soon become pocket-friendly. More and more apps would begin to start with free trial periods and most of them would come with a free version. In-app purchases would be enabled only for premium and deluxe services. So now you can game a large number of apps on your iPhone and iPad with the free versions right from the Apple Store.


With the onset of 2024, it is predicted and has been an amazing year for all iOS lovers and developers around the globe. With too much to offer, Apple has brought in the excitement to explore the ultimate potential of virtual and augmented reality with enhanced Apple Pay and Apple store features. On the whole, this is just a beginning to the pioneering advancements in technology and interface that has always been owned by Apple products.

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