Top 5 UX Design Techniques for Newbie Designers

The world of technology is all about user experience, every newbie designer need to learn detailed techniques about, How the product is felt? Are they able to address the need of user at first place? All the questions need to be answered for best UX design experience. Here, we have all the answers for UX design techniques that is essential for you.

World of UX designs offers the monumental opportunity. UX designs are multi-disciplinary field, and the barriers to get an entry in this field are low. Once you have learned the right technologies to apply, then the sky is the limit.

For, applications the engagement depends on the design attractiveness. If your design is enough to impress the user on first place, that user will visit again to that brand.

CNN ranked it fourteenth in their top 100 jobs list, stating that the number of UX design positions is likely to rise by 18% over the next ten years.

Developers need to have the exact idea of how to display the brand, that communicates in the right message. Most development companies hire the developers who understand the requirement of the product. That team will work with the project from the starch till the end. The combined team effort will only lead to the successful app.

UX design depends upon the designer who make it. Which techniques are applied to perform the activity has to be pre-decided. They need to be upgraded with time. Freshers need to learn at the time to begin his career as UX designer. Let’s know more about UX design.

UX Design

UX design

Every web design represents the interaction with humans for your brand. It has feel intuitive, smooth and pleasant. When the User feels the exact thing before It has been purchased and after it has been used the feeling has to be same. To develop the best website design, you need to Address the exact need of the user at first place.

To develop a successful website, design every user design must have

  • Durability
  • Usefulness
  • Aesthetics

When you have a clear idea about what is exactly design is all about, you need to apply the right techniques to develop the successful product. Here, are some essential techniques list that is essential for the new developers.

1. Deep research on the UX design:

Developers need to know that UX Design is conducted to understand users and their requirement for the process of user experience design. For UX design, designer need to research for a variety of techniques, tools, and methodologies to reach conclusions, determine the facts, and uncover problems, thereby revealing valuable information which can be used in the design process.

Being fresher you need to gather the data Interprint the collection of data and create the plan according to that. This task has to be completed before you do the planning. The detailed planning will help to understand the target audience and predict the situations about the impact of design.

2. Sketch your idea on digital device:


On the learning stage of learning, designing, you need to practice a lot with the sketching. Sketching is the fundamental part of the design process. If you are a designer, you know how to execute your design on paper or on a digital device. You need to visualize how your idea going to be looking like in the future! By visualization of an idea and create it on a physical level will help you to understand better perspective and resulted in the clear vision. You need to develop the practice to sketch your idea for future success.

In the world of technology Digital sketching will give you the exact idea for the right product, with tools such as POP, you can even display your sketches on real devices and create click-through prototypes for them. You need to learn your skills by every day designing and sketching.

3. Responsive design is important:

You know the Scenario is going with the responsive designing. The ride of responsive design is adaptive design in past years, the question of compromising between performance and experience still seeks a clear answer. Performance is one of the biggest problems that many sites experience. 79% of shoppers drop the idea of buying from a site with poor performance again, whilst a 1-second delay was found to decrease customer satisfaction by 16%.

In current times every project needs to start with mobile first approach, or we can say it is not all about the site and content but also about the content is presented. You have to take a holistic approach when your dealings with the responsive design. If you want to sustain in this time you need to learn every skill that is trending.

4. Learn how to do UI Prototyping and Wireframing:


The UX designer needs to be an expert in the UI prototyping and wireframing. This tool will help full for making designer familiar with the functionality of the design. Bening developer you must have knowledge about wireframes and prototypes. In one line if we want to describe we can say, wireframes are low-fidelity, basic layout and structural guidelines of your web products’ layout and prototypes are an advanced wireframe with more visual detail and interaction.

You need to think about the people who will go to interact with your platform and make it possible to find your design out of the box and start all over again.

5. Intensify on Providing User-Centric Exclusive Designs:

User-centered design offers solutions to diverse problems and creates an exclusive chance to design together with communities. While intensifying on the User-centric design developer need to specify the user context, Create and evaluate design solution, implement it to the project and see the results. While on learning stage you have to apply your own mind to create things. There is no harm in borrowing other’s brain, but this activity has developed your skills.

User-centric design is all about understating the exact need of the user, stay grounded, learn from the people and provide the solution that would need.

Bonus: Testing your Design:

“Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.” : Steve Jobs

It is easy to fix the problems on earlier stage rather than building a complete product. Testing your UX design means to identifying the bugs which a creative team can’t notice. The testing process needs to see the effectiveness of the product. It believes that a high level of usability will defiantly stand out from the crowd. Your UX design needs to be tested by the best testing experts to build the right amount of experience. Once you have completed with all the UX design technique testing is imperative to analyse your performance.

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