Top 4 Best B2B Marketing audiobooks of all time

B2B marketing or business to business marketing is a term that is prominent in the market these days. Every day businesses come up with new strategies when it comes to marketing their products out there. However, a simple Google search determines your place in the market so it is necessary that you represent the company and represent yourself in a really impressive manner.

Here are the top 4 Best B2B Marketing audiobooks of all time

1. B2B eCommerce MasterPlan: How to Make Wholesale eCommerce a Key Part of Your Business to Business Sales Growth by Chloe Thomas

B2B eCommerce MasterPlan

B2B eCommerce means electronic commerce from business to business, most importantly, how transactions are conducted between businesses online. It involves distributors who deal with wholesale distribution. These wholesale distributors sell products to retail buyers.

This book is really handy when it comes to people who want to market their products online. People whose business is doing great offline but want to expand their business online as well. This involves wholesalers who begin their online ventures or online retailers who are looking forward to enter B2B sales.

This book is a great business tool is of great help to readers who have plenty of ideas regarding e-commerce but aren’t sure of the venture. Also, a lot of case studies are spoken about in a way that you know what points to be aware of.

This book has been systematically penned down by talking about e-commerce and its benefits and what you should be careful of. Whether or not you should add ecommerce to your business? How to make your website live and going strong? Also, a lot of case studies are spoken about.

2. B2B Marketing Confessions by John J. Wall

B2B Marketing Confessions by John J. Wall

This book talks about the truth about marketing and completely talks about a side about marketing and advertising you’ve probably never heard of. Well, everyone feels that marketing is advertising. It isn’t. Also, it’s a great read for every business person out there who thinks that they know the A to Z about marketing.

From small scale business persons to great professionals of marketing, this book is useful for everyone out there. Not just marketing people, it’s great for amateurs who are considering marketing as a profession, too.

There’s a lot of good content in this book, so make sure you’re prepared to learn a lot. Given are quite a lot of references and advices that are practical in life. Wall really gives advice in such a way that you feel like, “I should really try this out.” It will definitely teach you a lot of lessons and you’ll be left thinking, “Man I should’ve read this earlier!” The best part about this book is that the explanations are really detailed and we’re really getting below the iceberg in this book. Each and every advice is pretty concise and hits the bullseye.

3. The Sales Development Playbook: Build Repeatable Pipeline and Accelerate Growth with inside sales by Trish Bertuzzi

Sales Development Playbook

This book is honestly considered a bible for outbound sales. It is broken into 6 chapters which candidly talk about how effectively an outbound sales team is built.

The 6 sections explained in this book are

1) Strategy: A framework for aligning your sales model with market dynamics. How to plan your sales model accordingly in order that you get the best out of it.

2) Specialization: How to segment your prospect universe and how to understand which zone fits better, where.

3) Recruiting: How to find, hire and compensate good sales talent. How important it is to find a good salesperson who thinks out of the box and is a threat to your competitors.

4) Retention: How to engage, develop and motivate reps and how to retain your current ones in order that you don’t lose them over petty issues.

5) Execution: Execution is the most important part of this. How to properly conduct outbound sales, if this isn’t done properly, the strategy is bound to fall apart.

6) Leadership: How to be a good sales team leader and how to establish the difference between being a leader and being an authoritarian.

4. Disruptive Marketing: What Growth Hackers, Data Punks, and Other Hybrid Thinkers Can Teach Us About Navigating the New Normal by Geoffrey Colon

Disruptive Marketing

Marketing has changed the way it is. Now that the world has moved on digitally, marketing has climbed onto new dimensions and has done so successfully. However, most of the plans are rigid and may not adhere to the traditional marketing principles. In this book, the author tries to tell us how important human interaction is when it comes to marketing.

Also, this book speaks highly about hybrid creativity and the fact that creativity can be obtained anywhere and also by mixing two distinct elements and by thus creating a successful product. This book tells us no matter how much we depend on technology we need to establish human connection when it comes to marketing and also to weed out unwanted inventions.

This book is impressive because it has chosen a new take on marketing and has embraced the shift in the paradigm of marketing. The perspective is widely interesting because it isn’t like any other marketing books out there but is quite refreshing to read.

All said and done, marketing is an ongoing process strategies regarding marketing that should be improved day by day. Newer strategies and ideas should be brainstormed daily in order that you retain your position in the market.


These are the popular audiobooks, which helps in B2B marketing. These books provide you practical and road-tested advice to lead generation. Bring these books in your life, and you will be linked with the ideas to let you taste the success you dream of. These books have proven and rapid growth in your daily sales.

Above game-changing techniques described in these books will build a solid foundation for your sales growth. A successful sales professional doesn’t have time to read books. So, these audiobooks are helpful for them. They can multitask while listening to a book.

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