Top 5 Countries You Could Choose for a Good English Course

Top 5 Countries You Could Choose for a Good English Course

If you are reading this article, I am sure you are very passionate about learning the English language. Learning English opens up many opportunities. Just think of some of the world’s best universities, you can notice that most of them can be found in English-speaking countries. By mastering English, you’ll be capable of learning more through media, the Internet, and books. You will be able to comprehend the actual meaning of the message that has been conveyed.

Ultimately, having English language skills gives a competitive edge over increased competition among job seekers. However, to truly learn English, become fluent and absorb the culture of the English-speaking society, you need to learn English overseas. It is highly recommended to choose an English-speaking country so that you’ll be fully immersed in the language and will be able to practice it every day.

The United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, and Australia are among the countries you could choose for an excellent English course. An extensive range of programmes is available for all levels and one can study in both urban and suburban areas. Before choosing the destination, understand that every country has its own variation of English. Accent, colloquialisms or slangs will differ.


The United States has so much cultural and geographical diversity. It’s obvious to see why this is the most popular place for overseas learners. The US. is divided into four major regions: Midwest, West, Northeast and South. English is different in these four regions. There is no unique “American accent” and regional dialects differ considerably. If you have decided to study in the USA and aspire to obtain a “General American” accent which sounds neutral and free of geographical markers, you should pick the Midwest.

The United Kingdom

With an estimated 1 Million international students each year, the United Kingdom is one of the best study destinations for an English course. English courses in London are recommended as the United Kingdom, including England, has a rich culture and long history of welcoming worldwide students. Almost fifty percent of all students who opt for an English language course abroad will eventually prefer the UK and most of them end up attending universities in London. The UK and the rest of Europe are well connected with trains and planes so you can travel pleasantly within the country and to the rest of Europe. Even though the UK. is small compared to the USA, accents can still vary significantly in short distances.


Canada is the second largest nation of the planet and is filled with pleasant people, cultural and ethnic diversity, marvellous natural habitats and affordable education. Canadian English is a combination of both British English and American English. Despite Canada’s vast area, dialects have a minimal regional disparity in association with the United States. A lot of students wish to study MBA in Canada due to these reasons.


Australia is the third most attractive destination for international students.

You can expect warm weather, laid-back lifestyle, exciting arts scene, excellent living standards, and a secure environment to study. Just like Canada, English accents in Australia won’t very much.


You may be surprised to find Malta in this list. However, Malta is one of the most favorite places for Westerners to study English in and is dwelled in the Mediterranean, just next to Italy. Malta’s sunny and bright climate, affordability and the fact that it’s a native English-speaking country, makes it a perfect English language learning destination.

Those were the top five countries you could choose to attend an excellent English course. You can go for your favourite destination depending on which accent of English you want to practise and which plans you have for your future career.

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