WordPress Themes For SEO Visibility

WordPress is one of the popular open-source content management systems which is also the strongest platform for E-commerce. There are a plethora of ways in which the sales of any on; line store can be boosted. One of the initial and primary steps to enhance the lead conversion rate of the store is by having an effective website design. It is vital for a website to rank in the top search results of different search engines. Therefore search engine optimization is an indispensable part of any e-commerce store.

Can A Website Rank Without SEO?

It is mandatory for the e-commerce owners to promote the SEO ranking of their website so that it appears top on the priority list of any search engine. This will attract the visitors to your website which will directly elevate the success rate of your online store. Moreover, various studies have shown that targeted users prefer to browse the websites that rank in the top 10 list of google.

Can A Website Rank Without SEO

So, if your website has a low ranking then it will increase the bounce rate and will provide you with more business opportunities. Various store owners try their best to boost the online sales and rankings of the website by implementing numerous ways. It should be remembered that Google’s algorithm is changed constantly. So, if you do not pay enough attention to promote your site then your business will not generate the desired profit.

Thus, we can very well say that the primary focus of every e-commerce store owner should be on the design of the website. It is highly advisable to use SEO friendly themes on the WordPress site as a digital marketing tactic and to stimulate the interest of users to your website.

With advancements in technology, we have options of excellent themes for your WordPress website.

Finance Plus

This is a theme which is generally used for business companies, financial advisers, lawyers or we can say that the ones who have expertise in dealing with various financial crises. This theme generally consists of six home pages, 12 color styles, six caps and distinct sections for the blog, portfolio, reviews, staff, etc. Furthermore, this theme also has a powerful and attractive page builder which supports drag-and-drop-editing.

These can be customized by adding and configuring a slider on the homepage of your site to which will grab the customers’ attention. The theme is coded according to the best SEO practices which are generally used by the SEO experts. This way your website performs well and rank better.


This theme is gaining popularity as it is most commonly used by the online store owners as it offers some appealing designs which can be included on your website. This theme is generally used by the WordPress websites which can load quickly on all types of screen displays. Moreover, it would be interesting for you to note that you can also incorporate this theme into a plugin for E-commerce if the plugin is compatible with WordPress 4.0+. Besides this, it has all inbuilt functions and features which are required for any online store.

If you will use this theme on your website the surely customers are going to love your website and would be attracted. Moreover, Flatsome gives you the option to manage the online store on your own without outsourcing the administrative tasks. Therefore, a single line of code would be enough to add, remove various products and media content.


BeTheme is one of the most impressive multi-purpose themes that comes with multifarious demos and generally has a layout of 5 to 6 columns. This helps in creating the layout so charismatic that it can totally convince the customers to regularly visit your website. There is a special function included in the theme that allows you to display the posts of your website on the visitor’s device known as, AJAX function. The LOAD more button can be used for having a look at the offered materials which will boost the downloading of premium E-products.

In addition to this, it has a sidebar located on each side of your website and the grayscale effect of this they accentuate the overall look of the site and helps in saving a lot of loading time by displaying a picture of the product in seconds, on just single click.


A nice and impressive view can be created for your WordPress website that can attract more number of visitors to your site. The most peculiar feature about this theme is the video background which makes it different from others. The theme can be customized easily according to the needs and requirements of the website owner who can use various colors, headers, and so on. Thus, this design is ultra-flexible and supports retina which means the website can be accessed from various devices regardless of the screen size. Therefore, this theme allows you to have an interactive website by using a video background.


This theme has versatile functions that can be used for the creation of various types of websites that can create an appealing and unique interface for the audience. Also, it is retina compatible which allows your website to perform well on various operating systems or browsers.

The theme can be used for multi-language WordPress websites in which unlimited layouts can be created with the help of drag-and drop-page builder. The layout generally has drop-down menus, customizable icons, built-in side menus with various other attractive design elements.

It has a collection of animated transition effects, a background slider for multimedia content, a library that has the option of innumerable fonts, etc, are peculiar features of this theme. So, you can easily shoot the rankings of your website by attracting more audience and generating more revenues.

X Theme

X theme has a host of design options that can be used for the creation of a perfect theme WordPress website. It offers sacks instead of using basic layouts or skins. The stacks are generally separate designs that can be included in a single theme which ensures that the two websites are different in terms of overall aesthetic appearance and feel.

After installation of the theme, a unique design can be implemented rapidly due to the effectiveness of the tools and functions and this way your site can be loaded swiftly.

Final Thoughts

The WordPress website services of every web development organization should focus on creating SEO friendly themes for your website which will grab the attention of more number of customers as SEO friendly themes are considered to be great for digital marketing. The charismatic and appealing themes undoubtedly enhance the ranking of your website. So, if your website does not have any proper theme than there are various SEO friendly WordPress themes from which you can choose.

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