Top 5 Hacks to Keep Home Cool Warm and Neutral

You are not the only one affected

During the summer you and the folks of your land may not be the only people busily wiping sweat and cursing the sweltering heat. Globally, mercury levels are rising with parts of the world such as, Sweden and Netherlands once oblivious to heat experiencing rather wretched summers today.

Observing how things have been going for a decade or so, climatologists propound that hotter summers world over are here to stay Thanks to our ceaseless carbon emissions. While the inescapable reality of hellish heat glares at us, we could develop some wise and innovative ways to keep ourselves and our homes away from at bay its dreadful effects.

5 Hacks to Keep Home Cool

How excess heat harms

It might be well-known to you, especially if you belong to the tropical lands that excessive heat impacts our health adversely, causing conditions like heat strokes and dehydration. It is believed that in 2003 around 70, 000 Europeans may have died because of heat. Health experts point out children and older people as especially vulnerable. According to Mr. Schichtel, the head at the Weather Prediction Center, US “Heat becomes especially dangerous if it lingers for a number of days in a row, especially if it does not drop at night and give your body a chance to cool.”

How excess heat harms

5 Top Life Hacks to Regulate Home Temperature

To help you keep your rooms at home at congenial temperatures, here’s a roundup up of some easy to implement ideas. These are easy on pocket and easy to implement!

1. Design Your Bed for Cool Comfort

For your bedroom bed sheets use a material that absorbs the least heat. Swap cotton-mix, polyester or jersey-style sheets with ones made with linen. The latter are thinner, lighter and more porous, disallowing any heat from getting trapped in them. Percale sheets made from a fine closely woven cotton fabric is another ideal option for you to consider. It is known for providing cool feeling to the sleeper. Sleep in scorching summers would not be too far-fetched with linen and percale on your bed.

Design Your Bed for Cool Comfort

For extra coolness, you could consider using both the material, with the smoother and cooler percale underneath the linen. This arrangement would provide you with an airy blanket while you sleep. You could even have a summer friendly chilling pillow that incorporates water or gel. It will help you fall asleep sooner than the external temperature seeps into your pores.

2. Block Out light and heat

An easy way to control your room temperature in the house is to have thick curtains on the windows and draw them up during the brightest part of the day. Then when it’s cooler towards the evening, you open the curtains to have the pent-up heat dissipate. Insulated blackout curtains in darker shades that have a white lining would be the most suitable choice, even for the winter to prevent warm air from escaping.

If your budget allows, you could consider an even better window treatment- cellular shades that work out the best for insulating a room. As per the U.S. Department of Energy, if installed well, cellular shades can keep at bay 80 per cent of the solar heat.

2. Block Out light and heat

3. Use your fans wisely

Ceiling fans in a room are commonly found in all homes. However, these might not be too effective in drawing in the cool summer breeze from outside in the evening or at night. This because of their position on the top. What would be helpful would be having a fan opposite to the window as well.This because of their position at the top. What would be helpful would be having a fan opposite to the window as well.  The fan will suck into your room cool breeze from outside, bringing down the room temperature considerably. Using the fan wisely will ensure lesser use of AC, translating into lighter electricity bills. And what more, you’ll be enjoying fresh breeze instead of the stale air moving all night in your room.

4. Build your own Cooler

Using a simple innovative trick you could also make a home-made cooler. All you would be required to do is to arrange a big bowl of ice. Just keep this bowl in front of your moving fan and see magic unveil. Viola! in no time you will be treated to whiffs of super cool breeze. With a fast moving fan, chilly air will keep circulating while the ice keeps melting slowly. This ingenious technique will cut down the Air Conditioner usage, thus, reducing your electricity bill.

5. Try out the Egyptian style

To prove whether this technique was devised by the ancient Egyptians requires evidence. However, the internet is replete with this simple method of keeping your room cool in summers. Again, its a virtually zero-cost method yielding desirable results. If you’re not an Air Conditioner fan, you could easily ditch your light blanket and instead use a covering sheet. Wet this sheet in water and wring out all the excess. The sheet is ready for use- you can curl beneath it and enjoy a blissful night sleep.Using the wet sheet will reduce the room temperature as the fan will keep circulating its moisture. And remember, your body would anyway remain cool while in contact with the cool spread.

Welcome Summer Warmly

Welcome Summer Warmly

Now, reckoning that you can handle summer with some doable inexpensive tricks should be a delight. Your home can become your haunt of cool comfort while the flares of sun scorch the lands outside. You no longer might disdain the summer months as much, instead welcome them with a bagful of smiles. Without any gripe, you could sit on your couch, gorge on ice-creams and juices while enjoying your favourite TV shows.

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