Top 7 Factors To Concern While Choosing a BI Tool

Nowadays, organizations need proper Business Intelligence (BI) analytics tools to become successful in this competitive world. These BI tools provide automated data insights and assist in effective decision making. Therefore, organizations able to focus on data analyzing and characterizing KPIs to enhance business comes about. This will recognize approaches to build activity proficiency and drive incomes.

BI tools additionally help organizations in early identification of business patterns and threats, enabling them to react rapidly to the quickly changing aggressive condition and customer practices.

Selecting Business Intelligence (BI) tool could be an extensive procedure – there are several tools to choose from that all appear to offer same features. How would you pick the right one for your organization’s needs and novel circumstance?.

Factors To Consider While Choosing a BI Analytics Tool

First, you should analyze your business. What are the needs of your business?, What does the organization intend to achieve with the new BI tool?, and What elements are required; can a standard tool be altered to fit the particular needs of the organization?. Once you got a clear idea of requirements of your business, then search for the tools which offer the flexibility and functionality you needed. Ensure you pick a tool that will fit your organization require today and in future. A portion of the features that your BI tool should have are:

Data sources

It would be an incredibly favorable position if your Business Intelligence tool can incorporate flawlessly into the present reporting procedure. This can enable you to recover and sort out the information that has been covered away in various information sources and areas. To achieve this BI tool must support data from various sources like text, Excel, XML and etc.

Data transformations

BI tools should enable the data in pull-down lists, filters, and search function that makes it simple for clients to discover the data they are trying to understand effortlessly and rapidly. This will enable the client to get a most highest-level overview of execution to a comprehensive view.


Security is a major priority for organizations looking to buy a new BI analytics tool, particularly those based in the Cloud. Its most important data is its employee information, pricing etc for any organization. The Business Intelligence (BI) tool you wants to purchase should be equipped with certain encryption mechanism. The tool should also have mechanisms to control the interior security by access controls.

Data visualization

While making your data visualizations, is the tool simple to use and does it provides a variety of user types?. If visualization is not up to scratch than the data becomes redundant and useless. Data visualization capabilities in BI analytics tools like dashboards, charts, graphs, gauges and other visuals really an awesome method to bring your data to life. These visuals can make embellish the key factor in your data and can be a precious tool for presenting data in a faster and easy to understand.

Ranking reports

This feature will make you able to create reports by a particular class of data, criteria, and various prospects. By this ranking reports, you will know the good and most bad part of your business.


In traditional, to use BI tools IT experts are needed who are capable of handling complex and manual systems. To overcome that self-service platforms have been developed to access the BI tools to users across the business in user-friendly and easy to use. Therefore this feature should be the higher priority.


As the use of mobiles and tablets is getting increased in the business field, It is an important feature that the modern BI analytics tools should be able to access the data on the go. This feature can help employees who are always on a move and on the site executives to get access the data at any time in order to make effective and informed. So, Business Intelligence tools should support these android and iOS platforms.

Let’s Analyze Top Five Market-Driving BI Tools

1. Sisense:

Sisense is one of the top-rated BI tool furnished with attractive data visualization with an easy to use interface and intuitive dashboards. It allows combine data from many disparate sources and clubs them into a single database.

2. Tableau:

Tableau is an integrated business intelligence (BI) and analytics tool. Here a user can create customized interactive maps, analyze data, and can share with their audience without any technical skills. Tableau keeps on innovating and improving its performance and features.

3. Microsoft Power BI:

Power BI is one of the best tool suitable for all sizes of businesses.  It is available both in free and pro versions. Here a user can do analyzing data, transform and visualize data, and also can share with real-time dashboards. It enables users to integrate their mobile and tablets.

4. Dundas BI:

Dundas is a browser-based business intelligence (BI) tool. A user can create and sort the data visualization. It is flexible, where users can connect and integrate with any data source in real-time, on any device.

5. Domo:

Domo is a cloud-based business intelligence (BI) tool. It makes you able to associate with data & employees from all parts of your business with live real-time data to make effective productivity.


A perfect Business Intelligence tool can enhance your organization’s data analytics, performance, and the process of decision making. Mentioned above factors will help you to select the best tool for your organization.

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