Top Cheap Aerial Photography Drones You can Buy in 2024


Have you any experience of flying drones or capturing aerial photos or videos using drones? If not why you must buy a drone this year and how this is going to help you?

Here’s the answer below

Drones are going to change the world. These flying machines are used for many purposes such as security, parcel forwarding, data analysis, aerial photography, disaster management and many more. If you have the skills of operating drones you can be appointed as a drone operator in future and the chances are really high.

If you are a gadget lover you must have heard about drones and today in this post we are going to know about top cheap aerial photography drones you can buy in 2024.

A few decades ago nobody had thought that small flying machines equipped with a quality camera and other features will exist in the near future. These days drones are using vastly for various purposes and it has added new dimensions to the world of photography.

Even you can buy drones from online stores in the UK and by using a UK forwarding service have them delivered to your doorstep and capture quality aerial videos easily. These aerial filming machines are just awesome and you can learn to operate them in few days following the instructions provided by the manufacturer’s instructions book.

1.DROCON Cyclone


I am starting this list of best drone cameras with the Amazon bestseller device. This drone camera is perfect for the beginners to start and it is crafted with premium materials.

Its sleek and aerodynamic shape makes it easy to move in the air. Let’s have a quick look at its features.

  • Great for beginners as well as professionals
  • One key for return – This amazing feature makes your gadget safest in the air. You don’t have to worry about losing it anymore. Whenever you want back your drone, just press one special return key and your device will return to you in a moment of minutes.
  • Wi-Fi transmission – Connect your Smartphone and enjoy live aerial videos easily.
  • Speed Modes – A beginner may not afford to fly drones at its maximum speed, thus this device comes with dual speed mode with which you can fly your drone with the best of your comfort.

2.DROCON Navigator


If you don’t work for Discovery channel or for the Hollywood you can go with this portable drone camera to capture great moments with your lovable.

This compact drone camera is one of the best devices for capturing high-quality aerial videos and photos. The Drocon Navigator is featured with some great specifications to look.

  • Equipped with HD camera and brilliant navigation features
  • Its altitude hold-mode makes it easy to hover at a particular altitude
  • If you are afraid of flying your drone in the right direction, its headless mode will help you in flying this drone in your desired direction.
  • One button for takeoff, landing and emergency stop
  • What will you do if your device will go beyond its range? Almost nothing and the chances will be higher of losing it. You will receive beeps whenever your drone will exceed its flying range.

3.RC Drone


Are you a drone lover? This drone gives you one more reason to love drones. It is ultra portable and easily foldable device which can be carried in your denim’s pocket.

It comes with a long list of awesome features and some of them compiled here below.

  • Extra convenient replacing arms
  • Easily detachable motors
  • Altitude hold mode keeps it safe from the high atmospheric pressure
  • Comes with triple flight mode
  • One key to getting it back
  • The excellent flying time of 9 minutes gives you more time in the air



Small sized and portable drones are best for the beginners and nonprofessionals. These kinds of machines don’t need other equipment and extra skill.

Thus in this post, I have included those drones which can be operated just after reading few instructions. These drones are unboxing and ready to fly devices.

Deluxe XBM is also great and loaded with all required features.

  • Altitude hold mode
  • One key for easy landing and take-off
  • One return key
  • Super quality videos transmission feature
  • Equipped with 1600 wide angle camera
  • Incredible 12 minutes of flight time
  • Lightweight, portable and easy charging

5.Syma X56W


Small devices are easy to handle and this device can fit in your palms. Easily foldable and extra portable flying machine is excellent for capture images and videos of destinations no matter wherever you roam.

Many drones don’t have propellers protector but this drone kit has everything needs to capture quality videos and pictures from the sky.


  • Altitude hold
  • Create the desirable flight track for your drone
  • Live video transmission
  • The Syma app lets you edit and share the captured videos and images
  • Easy foldable
  • Loaded with 850mAh rechargeable battery
  • Propeller protector

6.Hover Hot


Crafted with the best design this drone looks good and also functions great. The 10 minutes of flying time makes you explore more in the air.

Ultralight and a portable machine can be easily carried in your backpack. It takes 90 minutes to charge and it is the average charging time of a drone.


  • Frequency – 2.4GHz
  • Charging time – 90 minutes
  • Flying time – 10 minutes
  • Control distance range – 100 meter
  • Battery – 650mAh
  • Multiple function keys
  • Wide-angle camera
  • LED and key hovering

7.ZeroTech Dobby


This drone is built to fit in your pocket and equipped with 4K video and image capturing camera. Capture aerial selfies and excellent quality videos with this ZeroTech Dobby drone.

It can be easily operated through your Smartphone. Looking for the key features? Below they are listed:-

  • Enough portable
  • Pilot it on your Smartphone/Tab
  • Precise tracking feature
  • Image stabilization makes it possible to capture vibrant images
  • Compatible with both indoor and outdoor flights
  • Comes with replaceable blades and foldable arms
  • Weight 385 gram and operating range 100m

8.Wingsland S6


This drone comes in a compact size and not measure more than an iPhone6. Its extra slim body will get easily slipped in your pockets and can go anywhere with you.

Let me describe the features of this ultra-slim flying machine.

  • Compact size
  • Support 4K video recording
  • Ready to go design slips easily in your pockets
  • Multiple flights mode makes photography easy and effective
  • Compatible enough to add external components such as LED light, canon etc
  • Operating range 100M
  • 1400 mAh rechargeable battery
  • Excellent 10 minutes flight time

9.XBM 57


The XBM 57 has an excellent flight time of 12 minutes which provides you more time to explore the clouds and capture quality aerial videos.

This flying beast is excellently engineered which provokes you to boast it. 700 mAh battery is enough to power this device for twelve minutes in the sky.

Key features:

  • Altitude hold
  • The excellent flight time of 12 minutes
  • Wide angle high definition camera
  • 700mAh easy rechargeable battery
  • The great controlling range of 100 meters
  • One shortcut key for easy takeoff and easy landing

10.Rc Quadcopter


This mini-sized drone can easily fit in your palms and will fly like a beast.

Control your flying device more efficiently and effectively using your Smartphone or the remote. I am going to wrapping up this list with the compiled features of this RC Quadcopter.

Key Features:

  • Dual mode controlling
  • Minimum charging time makes it an charge and play device
  • Flying time of 5 minutes is enough for this extra small sized drone
  • One key return feature
  • Headless mode
  • Voice controlling
  • VR compatibility
  • Easy charging and foldable arms
  • Capture quality images and videos on the go

Cautions and tips:

  • Never ever fly drones near airports and no-fly zones
  • Make sure your machine is not going to harm anybody
  • Start with linear moves and practice more if you are a beginner
  • Never lose control over your device
  • Crashes happen, don’t panic. If any parts got crashed buy it separately and configure your device. It will take just a few minutes.
  • These are such revolutionary gadgets, so make sure your device is in the air for some good reasons

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