10 Advantages and Disadvantages of Technology In Social Media

As we all know that the latest Technology is changing the way that we live our lives for many years. With this advancement of technology, We are really enabled to complete our daily routine tasks and maintain our lifestyle. And also with these abilities, our interactions with other people with our family, friends, and relatives have drastically changed. We are proud of this thing called “Social Networking” or “Social Media” which allows us to communicate with a much broader group of people, except our close one.

Here we are discussing and spread the shade of light on some very crucial and important issues, as we all know that if there are pros so there will be definitely some cons too. So we just highlight some advantages and equally some disadvantages of Technology in social media on Star Lord Jacket.

Disadvantages of Technology in Social Media

Frustration and Lack of Concentration:

As our lives depend on social media and we all are connected with them so somehow we will be frustrated and jealous of others lifestyles we admire them and wants to become like them, as we follow their way of living and wanted to do everything that they do in their lives, but all of a sudden it is all not possible because every person has their own personality we cannot b try to be like someone, so its brings depression and frustration in our lives and we start thinking like that we are failing and we cannot achieve anything in life and so on. And when you are that kind of mental situation you must have concentration you will not concentrate on anything except to compete with others.

Hacking, Security and Privacy Issue:

Social media has a medium where our every click be safe and stores our information in somewhere. The technology has become so beyond our limits that you would not believe that your all information hacked by someone and how he/she use them you do not aware about guardians of the galaxy shop. There are some issues with privacy, that your personal information easily spread and the main problem of hacking that anyone who knows hacking controls your all accounts of social media and can control from another system easily and collect all your information.


Nowadays this is very common that, create any fake account and start bullying your friend like strangers, sometimes this cyberbullying is too serious that some children attempt suicide after having too many threads and insults from the bullies. There is a trust issue on social networking sites so be careful and do not trust anyone and do not opens up all your secrets in front of someone who you don’t know and who is completely stranger for you.

Addiction and Health Issue:

I am really not talking about only children, there some young adults are too seriously addicted to social media that they don’t have any idea about the time which they have spending in front of their computers or mobiles,  they spoil their health their mental stability and self-control. The adductor of social media has cut-off their lives from the social interaction of the peoples and the society, they don’t have time to spend with their family, and they do not discuss anything with their parents and also don’t want anyone by their sides. In this way, the adductors have health issues like an eye-sight problem, low energy, sleeplessness, depression, frustration, weird behavior, psychological issues, too much thinking and etc.

Crime and Sexual Exploitation:

As we all know about the social media has an open forum and has complete freedom so that young generation spoils their individualities and their abilities to think something new and creative and stuck into the cyber-crime type of things and also involve in sexual exploitation.

Social media has a vast area so that even you also do not know but you going stuck in this web.

Advantages of Technology in Social Media

Easy Way to Communicate:

Before the social media, it is very difficult to keep in contact with your loved ones and with your friends. But after the tremendous progress has been made in the field of social media, its allow us the easiest way of communications and interaction and shares the memories with each other in the form of mass media.

Helpful in Education:


Now if you want to make your assignments, want to do research work, wants to know about history and needs helps for your exams, so do not worry about that because now we have the internet medium to resolve our issues and difficulties. We can make our work easy by using social media in a correct way. We also learn new things and new techniques from this social norm.

Informations and Quick Updates:

In this era everyone has updated their self by using social media, it is very catchy and easy to handle while before this we wait for the television news and newspapers for the latest updates and information, but now everyone has their own choice their own perspective and desire about what type of information and news they want.

Helpful in Business Strategies:

The golden blessing of social media is upon business, social media gives new strategies for business, information technology spread our business in a vast area of industry, content writing,

Digital marketing, new offers, websites, online marketing, online stores and another medium, which allow us to keep spreading and gets benefits from social media. Whether you have an offline business or online, you can promote your business to the largest audience. The whole world is open for you and can promote to them

Source of Entertainment:

One fact which we all agree that without social media there will be a lot missing from our lives, easy music’s, films, drama, sports, and games etc. Now, these all things quite easy and in our range. Now you never miss your show, keep listening to music and also create your own music diary. This will also be a great way to share tips and ideas with your friends and family.

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