Top Interview Questions for HR Manager

Top Interview Questions for HR Manager

The HR Executives have the motive of reaching the position of HR manager in an organization, which is the highest position in HR department. An HR manager has to manage his department and also look after the other departments of an organization. The following are the responsibilities of HR manager.

  • Recruitment
  • Training
  • Professional Development
  • Appraisals
  • Maintaining Work Culture
  • Resolving Conflicts
  • Employee Relations
  • Rewards and Incentives
  • Legal Knowledge
  • Management
  • Payroll Management

A candidate who has come for the interview for the position of the manager after getting experience or training from HR Training Institute should have the knowledge of most of the responsibilities and should know how to manage everything. Here are some questions, which can be asked to the candidate.

What is Management Style?

Management style of an organization is different from others. The HR manager may not find the same culture and so he has to adjust himself with the culture of the organization. The HR manager should also tell the employees about his working style. Along with it, he also has to be flexible with the employees.

How does HR Manager Drive Results?

HR manager has the responsibility of driving the business by managing the organization staff effectively. The HR manager has to motivate the employees and also let them know about organizational objectives.

What are the Characteristics of Manager? Tell me

The candidate can answer this question in such a way that he can show even negatives as positives. Besides this, the candidate has to tell about his positive nature and those characteristics with which he should prove himself to be excellent for the position. The candidate should tell about his strengths regarding communication and interpersonal skills. The candidate should also keep in mind the job description and answer accordingly.

How would you Manage Employees?

The candidate can answer this question well in order to qualify the interview. He can tell about the procedures with which he can manage the employees. He can give examples of such management, which he has done in previous organizations whether as a manager or as an executive. The candidate should provide real examples to the interviewer, which can help him in getting the position.

What are your Strategies of Hiring?

What are your Strategies of Hiring?

Here the candidate has to focus on the strategies, which an HR manager uses to hire people. Besides that, he should also research the company before the interview and research about the recruitment and other processes conducted by the HR. Such a research will help a candidate to answer the question. The candidate also has to talk about the successes in the past while hiring people. He should tell the interviewer about the candidates he has hired and their work, which helped the organization to earn profits.

How will the Employees be Motivated?

Here the candidate should tell about how he has motivated the employees in the previous organizations. He should elaborate the steps using which he has done the job with perfection. He should also provide real examples like he arranged training for employees to learn the new technologies or he has discussed the issue of an employee related to his current duties and few more.

What Action you have taken for the Termination of an Employee?

These are the tensed situations especially for the one who is being terminated. Here the candidate has to mention how he managed the situation without any chaos or conflict. He should also let the interviewer know the procedure he adopted in order to terminate the candidate. He should tell that according the company policy, he gave a prior notice of a month before his date of termination. He should also tell that the candidate was given the opportunity to search for job and go for interviews within the notice period.

What do you do to keep yourself up-to-date?

Here the candidate should describe about the studies and research that he does during his free time in order to get familiar with the current trend. He should also describe the communication, which he ever does with his friends in the same field to update himself regarding the current trend in various industries related to salaries, wages, benefits given to employees and also the suggestions to earn profits for the organization.

How did you handle your HR Team?

Here the candidate should answer the question in which he has handled his team and let the interviewer know about what he has done for the promotion and motivation of his team. He should also tell the interviewer about the training he gave to his team in order to perform better. He should mention the difficult situating to deal with certain team member and how successfully he convinced them.

How do you Report your Work?

The candidate should specify the technologies using which he reportedhis and his team’s work. He should let the interviewer know how he used the spreadsheet and other software applicationsto report his work. Besides this, he should also tell verbally about work, which he has done but not mentioned in the spreadsheet.

What is Performance Management?

Here the candidate should tell the interviewer about the procedure to manage the performance of employees and keep a record of this. In this way, the employees can be benefitted with rewards and non-performing ones can be either asked the reason for their non performance or can be terminated.

What is Performance Management?

Which aspect of an HR is most Challenging?

Here the HR should tell about the most challenging tasks like handling conflicts between

  • two employees
  • employee and supervisor
  • employee and manager
  • employee and management

The HR should also tell how to resolve the matters in the best possible way to satisfy everybody.

How will you Motivate an Employee?

This is a behavioral question and the candidate should explain the tactics of handling such a situation. He should tell that he will listen to the problems and grievances of the employee and resolve them. If he has conflict with anybody or if he has problem in his job or duties then he can resolve it.

How many People you have Supervised?

Here the candidate should mention the number of full timers and part timers separately and also tell the method in which he managed them. He should also tell how he trained them to make them more productive and help the organization to prosper.

What Feedback you got from your Team and Employees of the Organization?

Here the candidate has to tell about his punctuality of coming to office. Next he should tellabout his work submission on time without delay and the employees appreciated this and even adopted his ways and submitted the work on time and also became punctual.

How will you handle Discipline Problem?

Here the candidate should tell that he will let the employees know about the rules of the organization and ask the employees to follow it. He will even set an example himself by following such rules.. If still the rules are not followed, he can ask the problem or tell the employees about any disciplinary action that will be taken against them. He should also discuss the problem with the management and try to resolve any issues so that the employees follow the rules of the organization.

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