8 WordPress Plugins to Boost the SEO Performance of Your Blogs

8 WordPress Plugins to Boost the SEO Performance of Your Blogs

WordPress is always considered as the best SEO friendly Content Management System. However, with the help of some specific plugins i.e. a right set of tools of WordPress, you can take your website on a new hype. The problem arises here is which one to go for, as there are countless plugins available in WordPress. Of course, all of them are not required for your site and not all gonna help you leverage your content, site, or business. So, in this very article, we have told you about some of the best and worthy plugins of WordPress which can lead your website to the top by assisting you in a better way.

They obviously do not guarantee your site’s search engine ranking but they definitely will increase the chances of your site for getting considered for that. Let’s go through the 8 Best WordPress plugin which can boost the SEO Performance of Your blogs.

Best WordPress Plugins for SEO

#1 Yoast SEO

In order to make an SEO friendly content or blog post, WordPress helps a lot with a number of plugins and Yoast SEO is one of them.

It is one of the most popular and high rated plugins of WordPress which contains both the versions Free and Paid.
If you have ever thought to optimize WordPress SEO by creating better content with optimization of your site, Yoast SEO is the best plugin for that.

There are lots of features of Yoast which work wonders with your optimization work. Some of the most impactful works of Yoast are-

Page analysis:  Yoast SEO quickly scans your page and detect the issues if any.  It scans the page’s for images ensuring that each of them has alt tag which has a relation with primary keyword. It also checks the content for its length and sees if the meta description is up to mark.

Technical WordPress Search Engine Optimization: Yoast SEO also improvises the SEO aspects as well. It tells about many factors which have been done wrong in the content by pointing out some factors such as-

  • Keyword Density
  • Meta description
  • Number of words
  • Is the keyword coming in the first paragraph?
  • Is not the focus keyword used in the heading tags?
  • Have you used this keyword before?
  • What’s the keyword in meta description? etc.

XML Sitemaps functionality: Yoast consist of advanced XML sitemaps feature through which it creates XML sitemaps automatically and informs Google and Bing of its existence itself.

#2 All In One SEO Pack

All In One SEO Pack can be alternative to Yoast SEO Plugin. The name itself suggests pretty much things about itself.

All in One SEO Pack is quite popular as the Yoast SEO with over 3 million active installs which come on 2nd place after Yoast SEO that has 5 million plus installs.

Similar to Yoast SEO, it is also divided into Free and Paid versions which both the versions include different properties.

In the free version, All in One SEO Pack supports:

  • Custom titles/meta for posts, pages, and custom post types
  • XML sitemaps
  • Redirect attachments to the parent post
  • Ping search engines
  • Built-in API for other themes/plugins to extend All in One SEO Pack
  • Social meta-management
  • txt editor
  • .htaccess editor
  • Bad bot blocker
  • Basic schema markup
  • Basic WooCommerce support

And if you go Pro, you’ll also get access to:

  • Video sitemaps
  • SEO for taxonomies
  • More advanced WooCommerce support
  • Premium support and screencasts

#3 Broken Link Checker

When we start creating more and more blogs, the one which we feel challenged to keep up with is- Blog Management.
As the name also suggests, Broken Link Checker plugin is especially for this.
This plugin checks for any broken link and missing image if the content has. It alerts you about the issue if there is found any.
It works as a guard of your blog and keeps an eye on your blog always, notifying you of any broken links.
Some of the top features it includes are-

  • It monitors links of almost everywhere in your site such as- in posts, pages, comments, and even custom fields.
  • It checks for the links that don’t work.
  • It stops search engines to follow the broken links.

This plugin has 400,000+ active installs and a high rating and a good option for you also.

#4 W3 Total Cache

If a website takes more than 3 seconds to open, it can lose 50% of its visitors.
Even Google has made it clear that Site speed is a major factor in ranking purpose and hence it has become one of the most important factors also.
Do you check your own website’s speed? Does it take time to open? You must have to take care of this problem.
Wordpress has an option of cache plugin for that. Although your WordPress Plugins Directory may have a number of cache plugins, W3 cache plugin is the best one to opt for. Cache plugin generates the HTML file, which helps running your blog faster.
W3 Total Cache WordPress plugin features: –

  • Minimize Site CSS & Javascript
  • Minimization of Posts and Pages Feed
  • Caching of Site, Categories, Tags, Comments, Search Results.
  • Compatible with Shared Hosting and VPS Hosting and Dedicated

#5 All In One WP Security & Firewall

WordPress is an extremely secure platform but you can not take risk of various issues out there. Also, there is nothing bad with extra security, right?
That is why we are advising the best security plugin here – All In One WP Security & Firewall.
This plugin secures your site from various threats. Either it is hacker’s attack or its small internal problem, it understands every problem of your site. Even a small action in your site will be known to you through email from this plugin.

Wordfence security plugin has even more features such as: –

  • WordPress Firewall
  • Login Security Feature
  • Security scanning feature
  • Blocking Feature
  • It also includes user account features as well such as-
  • Password strength tool.
  • Stop user inventory.
  • It can also detect the similar display name and log in.

#6 WPtouch Mobile Plugin

As Google has declared the Mobile First Indexing, it has become a critical task to keep your website mobile friendly. Also, maximum f your users are on mobile, you can’t skip the point to optimize your site according to mobile users!
If you still don’t have a mobile-friendly site, you should be worried now because Google has told it will have a very bad effect on your website ranking.
This task needs money, developer and continuous upgrade of your site. However, if you don’t have enough elements, you can for the plugins also.
WPtouch Mobile Plugin is one of the best plugins which takes care of your site according to mobile-friendliness.
It automatically adds a suitable mobile theme for mobile visitors to your WordPress website, works on the latest WordPress.

#7 Redirection

Redirection is the finest and the most popular plugins for redirection management in WordPress. This plugin manages 301 redirections and keeps track of 404 errors. It also tied up any loose end if found in your site.
The plugin is most recommended and people are using it from 10 years. This free plugin includes lots of features. For general redirect, Apache or Nginx knowledge is necessary. However, with the Redirect Plugin, you can create and manage all the redirects swiftly and easily without the knowledge of Apache or Nginx.
The plugin also follows the conditional redirects. you can redirect based on other conditions:

  • Login status – redirect only if the user is logged in or logged out
  • Browser – redirect if the user is using a certain browser
  • Referrer – redirect if the user visited the link from another page
  • Cookies – redirect if a particular cookie is set
  • HTTP headers – redirect based on an HTTP header
  • Custom filter – redirect based on your own WordPress filter

#8 All In One Schema Rich Snippets

A rich snippet is one of the most essential characteristics when you are running some kind of websites related to recipes, restaurant, clinic, parlor etc.

You might have seen some stars rating and reviews in Search Engine Result Pages when searching for the above type of business. These are called rich snippets.

The rich snippet can give you higher click-through rate as it attracts more customers. It is really helpful for local businesses also. You can get this eye-catching results in search engines with this Rich Snippet plugin. You can easily implement schemas such as Review, Events, Recipes, Products, Services etc.

It provides search engines only the important data to display in search result snippets. As these snippets are very interactive, they give you a good traffic and a higher rate of visits.

These are not only plugins which are found in WordPress. However, you should consider less as you can so that you don’t bog yourself with that. So, install them in your WordPress account and let your site feels the new experience of working online.

These were the best of all plugins, there are more though. You can tell us your suggested plugins for WordPress in the comment section below. Hope you enjoyed the post an found something informative!

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