Top Secure Browsers That You Can Trust In 2024


The very first thing that you do once you’re connected to the internet is open an internet browser. An internet browser acts as a pathway through which you get online and visit websites. There are numerous internet browsers available today that you can use to surf the internet. Some of these internet browsers are secure and protected against threats like viruses and hackers.

However, there are some internet browsers that are weak and cannot block viruses from entering your computer. As people are becoming more concerned about internet security, various browser developers have started paying more attention to the safety aspect and they are now providing anti-virus software along with the internet browser to create a safer environment for users.

Quite often, people will also ask their service providers to give them a secure internet for safer browsing.  For example, Frontier Internet offers a complete security suite for customers to experience safer internet usage.

What Are The Factors That Make Browsers Secure?

Secure internet browsers are the ones that offer complete safety for their users and are capable of blocking viruses, spyware, and malware. Moreover, a secure browser should be able to block online ads and prevent these ads from tracking your online activity. A strong and secure internet browser can encrypt your data to ensure that your activities on the internet are not visible to others. There are three major factors that contribute towards a secure browser.

Built-in Features:

Recently, browsers have included a robust security system already built in to their configuration. This built-in security system enhances the protection of your online activities and keeps you safe from malware and other harmful threats. However, this feature is not that effective and is not used as a standard feature by most users.


Extensions are third-party features that internet browser developers can’t add by themselves. These extra features make your internet surfing experience more convenient because most of the extensions are very helpful. In addition to this, there are some extensions that help protect your internet against viruses and spyware by turning your web browser into a wall against online threats. Extensions are very easy to use and you can add them manually to your browsers and they include Ad Blocking, Safe Browsing and VPN Protection. When you’re adding third-party extensions to your web browser, make sure that you only give access to the ones that are reliable and licensed because unreliable extensions can be used to steal your private data and your security can be compromised.

Avoid User Errors

Simple mistakes when using the computer can lead to huge problems. For example, leaving your PC without logging out or not using screen lock may allow unauthorized people to access your computer and steal your data.

Best Browser for PC In Terms of Security

It is true that smartphones have gained a lot of popularity over the past few years because they are portable and easy to use. However, they still can’t deliver the unique experience of the desktop/laptop web browsing and that’s because desktop/laptop browsers have more advanced features, better speed and performance, and are more secure and safe than smartphone browsers.

Tor Browser

Tor Browser is one of the safest desktop browsers available because it is built on the Mozilla core and provides an encrypted network for users. People who use Tor Browser don’t need a VPN service because Tor Browser has all the features of a VPN, and Tor Browser makes it impossible for hackers to break into your computer. Which means your personal financial data is totally protected 24/7.

Brave Browser

Brave Browser is another secure internet browser that was launched by Mozilla’s co-founder. The primary purpose of this browser is to provide a secure network with the light-weight web so that the usability of the internet connection is not compromised. Brave Browser does not require any extensions or configurations because it already has all the features of Google Chrome which are ready to use. If you are looking for a high-speed internet browser that offers safe and secure browsing, then Brave Browser is the best choice for you.

Top Secure Smartphone Browsers

Unlike IOS, Android users have the ability to choose from countless free browsers. They are easy to install and yet most of them do not provide the promised functionality. Some even access your data and steal it without your consent. Hence, it is vital to research trustworthy browsers that you can install.

Firefox Focus

Mozilla has worked wonders with Firefox Focus because this browser does the work for you. It blocks all the content that isn’t needed, like pop-ups, and it increases your browsing speed and enhances the user experience. The most user-friendly feature of this browser is that, with a single tap, your entire history and downloaded data is deleted and you don’t have to hassle with different menu buttons. The biggest pro of using this application is that it has the best default settings. The biggest con of using this application is that at times, the websites fail to load and a backup browser is required.

Brave Browser

Just like its PC version, Brave Browser offers a great variety of features which are easily accessible on your mobile screen and it offers great compatibility. Battery optimization and data optimization are add-on features that keep your mobile device from crashing. The biggest pro of using this application is the level of security it offers, considering that it’s a basic mobile application. The biggest con of using this application is that not all of the security features are turned on by default.


What started out as a script blocking extension, grew over time into a mobile application that offers to block all things that might track your browsing activity or disturb your browsing experience. Ghostery is built-in with all the latest features, this app has its share of the market with its blue mascot. The biggest pro of using this app is that it offers an affordable package and is simple to navigate. The biggest con of using this application is that at times it does not prove to be as fast as its competitors.

Orfox – The Browser

This Orfox browser is considered to be the best of all browsers since the package it offers is better than that of all others combined. This browser lives up to all your security and privacy related expectations and lets you use your gadget with ease and flexibility. The biggest pro of using this application is that it’s one of the best browsing experiences out there. The biggest con of using this browser is that at times, it slows down your connection and a proxy installation is required.


Browsers are the bridge between the internet and your device, so make sure that the software you’re using is safe and secure for your online activities. The browser that you are currently using can be improved by adding the relevant extensions which increase both speed and safety. Protection from hackers and other harmful threats on the internet should be your primary concern whenever you’re connected.

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