5 Ultimate Ways to Guide, Strengthening Your Link Building Strategy in 2024

Link building is one of the most critical aspects of almost all-powerful SEO strategies. It involves aspects of user behavior and psychology, digital marketing, email marketing, content building and PR. Much work goes into incurring a good and worthwhile link from a high-ranking website.
After Lipattsev, Google’s Senior Search Quality strategist confirmed the role of content and link quality as the first and second most important for SEO, all smart marketers are investing in SEO techniques that encompass link building.

Who would not want to see their websites rank on the first page of Google? To do that organically, you will need to work a bit more on your private blog networks and link building strategies. Here are the different ways you can start your search engine domination –

Start building internal links

Many engineers do not think about internal links when people talk about link building. Internal links improve page authority, increases dwell time on the website, improves crawl budget, increases the visibility of older posts and even helps with keyword strategies of websites and blogs.

It is a neat trick to keep people on your website for long hours. Keep choosing relevant keywords and tagging them to relevant web pages. Using internal links, you can create a network of rich content that can easily satisfy the curiosity of the human user. This will also facilitate better crawling of the search engine spiders. Therefore, internal links boost SEO, hence true.

Build local business citations

Local businesses have the upper hand in case of link building. If you have a local business or a local office, you can always use the NAP “tool” to declare your location on Google Maps and to other third-party business directories. NAP stands for Name, Address and Phone number that should always represent your registered company name and the contact details your business website features.

The commonalities between the several mentions of your business on the different business directories and maps will boost your visibility on search engines. This is not just true for Google. People using Bing and Yahoo also rely on Yelp and YellowPages just as much.

Bing Local, Yahoo Local, and Google Maps create authority for your website. Your website can become more prominent with the inclusion of a few genuine reviews and ratings of your business. All these can help you improve your ranking in the hyperlocal search results.

Indulge in infographics

Infographics are creative and efficient ways to build new links. You can multiply your brand’s reach by creating share-worthy, intriguing content. Creating an infographic is easy but creating an infographic that secures links is a challenge. Try keeping the size between 1500 to 2000 pixels and interestingly add real facts. Your content should be well distributed, and it should keep your readers riveted till the end.

Once the infographic is ready, submit it to at least one of the infographic sites for starting the link building process. Simply use Google or any other search engine to look for sites that publish infographics. Always look for the latest and the most active sites for publishing your infographic content.

Social bookmarking

It is not much different from regular bookmarking, except using social bookmarking sites you can garner high-quality backlinks that boost website traffic. The users of these social bookmarking sites can edit, add and share content across several platforms on the web.

Reddit, GrowthHackers, Medium.com, Inbound.org, Voat, StumbleUpon, SlashDot, Storify and Flipboard are some of the highly specialized user networks famous for providing high worth backlinks to websites, pages, and contents. This is quite similar to sharing content with question-based apps and forums like Quora, Stack Overflow, Moz Community, WikiAnswers, and YahooAnswers.

Using smart headlines

People love current content. The moment you change your title from “Hacks to grow business” to “Top hacks to grow your business in 2024” people are going to take more notice. Not only is the latter title more current, but it also promises the best hacks and not just any hack to grow your business.

This is a very simple use of user psychology. Adding a CTA or current year to the headline increases your probability of getting high-quality backlinks.

Sometimes, link building tips are as simple as these. They are not huge secrets, but most people often exclude the basics in a hurry to reach the first page. Google is always on the lookout for link farms, black hat link building techniques, and low authority links. Adding a bunch of low-quality links to your site is never equal to adding ten high-quality links to it. Invest a little more effort and time to gain trustworthy backlinks from high-rank websites.

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