Use a VPN to Protect your Digital Identity

Use a VPN to Protect your Digital Identity

The increasing reliance on the digital “multiverse” has led to a massive lifestyle shift. Where there are plenty benefits, you can also find various pitfalls.

Social media,for instance,makes it easier to communicate with people around the world. At the same time, it becomes an addiction with many turning into narcissists, who cannot maintain composure, without uploading a selfie or food pic on Instagram!

People are at it on their phones all day, leaving no space for a good old healthy face-to-face discussion. Then you have hundreds of news websites and educational blogs/videos. While most may deliver accurate information, others may misguide readers.

The unlucky ones may be pulling into believing conspiracies,or amplified situations. Of course, online shopping is a blessing, thanks to the inception of ecommerce websites. Albeit, you may put yourself at risk of identity theft as cybercriminals get cleverer.

The Vulnerability that Comes with Going Online!

In simple words, where there is a good side to the digital world, there is a bad one too. This is why it is necessary to be vigilant at all times, particularly if you are worried about your online privacy. We are now living in a world that thrives on the consuming of INFORMATION!

You, the consumers, are the most vulnerable targets in the prying eyes of government agencies, cybercriminals, secret services, ISPsand what not. They are all after learning more about the common man. Their buying habits, relationships, dating secrets, oh you name it.

Information about you sells like hot cakes. You are not a tad bit safe online. A single picture uploaded on the internet can get stored on a thousand servers leaving digital traces, despite deletion. Then there is always worry about massive data breaches.

Like the most recent one on Quora, costed the revealing of over 100 million users’ private data. Now, users of the platform are changing their passwords on other popular websites to avoid further invasion. So, how can you really stay safe online with all this desperation of data?

The Importance of a VPN in Today’s World

People get angry when trump urges to build a wall, but mind not, the barriers of the digital landscape that is the internet. Countries literally support laws that restrict their services/products to their own, meaning that others have to bypass geo-restrictions.

Then you have copyright hunters up your buttocks 24/7 for content that is actually available on the internet, but not exactly legal. Pirated content, for example, available on torrenting websites and other free platforms that often suffer with downtimes.

It is as if everyone wants to CONTROL what you access, even though we can only utilize like 0.004 percent of the INTERNET. Can you imagine how it must be like on the other 99.996%? “A free world is a fugazi”, they say and that is rightly so. What is with all the restrictions, right?

This is where VPNs come in handy. Since they cloak your IP address and shiftyour location, you appear to be located in a different country/city altogether. As such, you can unblock websites that bypass regional restrictions to access content you want.

You can even indulge in P2P/Torrenting to download your favorite movies, songs, albums, programs, games, etc. This is because VPNs keep you anonymous and away from the prying eyes of government agencies, hackers, and copyright trolls.

Tips on Getting a Reliable VPN Service

Privacy tools like VPNs make sure that you are untraceable online, so that nobody can track your incoming/outgoing traffic to see, who you talk to and what you do in the digital world. It may seem like a slippery slope, but VPNs go a long way to secure your activity.

In fact, they are the first step towards gaining complete online privacy. Just make sure you go for a reliable provider and avoid signing up with anything “Free”, particularly if you want to access pirated content. Bear in mind that a single warning or letter could lead to hefty DMCA fines.

Go for providers with established reputations in the marketplace and that straddle the line between cost effectiveness and value. If it is total anonymity online you want, particularly for unblocking VoDs like US Netflix then go for areliable dedicated IP VPN.

Wrapping Things Up

Identity thefts, ransomware, cyberattacks, and data breaches are all signs of a new global epidemic. If you want to stay protected, VPNs that the first step to protecting your digital identity.Use it wherever you go to keep you under the radar of cyber criminals, hackers, and government agencies!

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