Top Ten Wooden Children Trendy Toys for 1-Year Kid

Our adorable little children grow up so fast to become the adults that we are ourselves. We would love to see our babies grow into responsible adults that we envision them to become. To groom them into that person, we need to be alert on how we treat and mold them. It is their foundation years and it is very necessary for them to recognize the patterns of good and bad.

To initiate the loving and caring nature of a child into a mature form of love in the future, you need to sow some seeds now. If you start today, you will watch them become the smart and kind individual that you will be proud to have raised.

Unfortunately, you cannot throw at them some philosophical questions to ponder upon. Rather, you will have to stoop down to their level of understanding and free-flowing perception to get a better idea of how they learn things. And the best-proven way to do it is via toys and role-playing.

Children learn better with playing than reading when they are small. So make their playtime more learning with the best toys we are going to tell you about.Browse and search for the perfect gift and toys for your toddlers.

Here are the toys that you can get your little ones today:

1. Handmade wooden Rocking Horse

Every childhood is incomplete without having one! This is one thing that toddlers enjoy thoroughly. Even your childhood would have many memories associating with rocking horses. There is something so entertaining and yet peaceful about rocking horse. We are going nowhere yet we feel we are moving.

This is something that your little one will find entertaining. This will also encourage them to sit back and relax their senses. You can find this in many variations and colors.

2. Handmade Wooden Doll Pram

Toys, especially when it is a soft toy, encourage kids to exercise their capacity to love and care for something. They personify the objects and would love to role-play as an adult who can take care of it just as you do for them.

Handmade Wooden Doll Pram

This role-playing helps them to become more empathetic and caring individual be it a guy or a girl. Get this wooden toy pram for your little one here and see how adorably they try to take care of their ‘Lucy’ ‘Mona’ or ‘Timmy’.

3. Handmade Wooden Doll House Furniture

When you want your little ones to understand the dynamics of a family and how they are essential to the family, doll house becomes a good teacher. They would try to imitate the things that they see and how they interpret each relation in the house in their doll play.

Handmade Wooden Doll House Furniture

Sit and play with them to make them understand more about the role of each family member. This can act as a foundation towards making your child understand the value of family and each member’s role in the team. Get it here.

4. Wooden Indoor Swing

After rocking horse, a swing comes second in the line for being kids favorite! You can get an indoor wooden swing installed at your home and watch them enjoy every minute of it.

No longer would they have to wait for their turn on the playground to enjoy their swing! They would have that luxury at their home and love to spend time on it every day! Get it here.

5. Wooden Cradle

Little Lucy would like to sleep now. So what would a responsible ‘parent’ do for their ‘kid’? They would lull them to sleep in a cradle. Those who love to play with their dolls will definitely love to get a cradle for their dolls to sleep.

Wooden Cradle

This role-play helps them to understand what they are supposed to behave to be a good child and they would imitate what they see their parents behaving with them. So make sure you be a good role model to them too!

6. Wooden Push Car

Now, your little ones would like to taste what independence feels like by having a car. We mean, wooden car. They would love to role-play you as driving a car and would zoom around with this walker car. It is totally fun and entertaining for little ones to ‘drive’ their own car. So when they make a fuzz about wanting to drive a car, let them with this!

7. Wooden Kitchen Set

Now, their ‘little children’ would be hungry. A responsible parent will enter the kitchen and whip up a delicious treat for their kids. So wouldn’t your little one do the same for their ‘little one’? Get this wooden kitchen set and incite their interest in cooking and baking.

They would love the idea of nourishing and taking care of their personified toys and even would host a party with them all! Make sure you are invited too and help them in the preparation.

8. Wooden Vegetable and Fruits

You know that without vegetables and fruits, no party is ever complete. Even to make food for your little ones and family, you would need that. Your little one’s kitchen is incomplete without it.

So why not get some wooden vegetable and fruits from their playtime? Let them have their own kitchen adventures! Get it here.

9. Wooden Bulldozer

Add some more fun for your little one by adding wooden bulldozer toy for them! They would love the idea of playing with bulldozers that would stimulate their imagination and creativity. Get them today at BabyUniqueCorn now.

10. Wooden Airplane

Maybe your children aim sky high when they dream. And this wooden airplane toy would give wings to their imagination! They can construct stories around the toy and fly it around with their hand and have a good time!

These are the top ten wooden toys that would definitely stimulate your child’s creativity and imagination. Get them today at BabyUniqueCorn today affordable prices now!

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