What is digital twin technology and why is it so important?



In this age of technology where robots in human forms have been introduced, where astronauts have reached Mars and where scientists were finally able to capture the black hole, anything is possible. A new form of technology that was first put in idea by Dr. Michael Grieves in 2002 actually exists now, and it’s known as digital twin technology. Digital twin technology is a kind of technology that produces actual clones of processes, products, and people. It produces an exact copy of anything physical. It’s used to monitor and analyze the working of these things and to, later on, make improvements on it. Although human clones have not been officially introduced yet, the digital twin of product and processes are already in working. Scientists usually perform their experiments on these virtual beings first to see the outcome of what they have actually discovered, and then they go on the next stage. It’s the next big bridge that connects the real world and the virtual world.


At first, it was just an idea that was too expensive at that time but now with the invention of artificial intelligence, big data, and cloud computing; it was made possible. It basically uses big data and uses software’s that aid in engineering analysis tasks. Every time the model goes under any change so does it, digital twin, since it can learn and absorb knowledge from its surroundings. These digital twins have sensors that can sense the things going around them and absorb knowledge. These sensors are connected to a cloud-based system which is noting everything down and processes all the data the sensors monitored.


To make the perfect digital twin, it’s essential that it complete the requirements that actually make it look real. It should be original and should actually look like the actual object. It should have the same image as the actual object. It should also act in the same way, and it should have the ability to measure the advantages and disadvantages of the actual object for the augmentation of it.

Types of digital twins

There are four types of digital twins. People, product, process and system twins. The human form has not still been introduced, but the other three have been.

§ Human twins

These twins will be the exact copy of the living and breathing human, and you can perform any task on it. If you remember seeing the movie, The Island, it was a Sci-Fi movie based on the idea of a digital twin. You will be able to see the actual human who only exists in the virtual world but can perform the same tasks as you.

§ Process twin

A process twin is basically the exact copy of the manufacturing process. It helps to determine the workings of the process and how it will work. The digital twin of the process helps to discover the pros and cons of the manufacturing process, and it shows what will help in different scenarios. This helps in creating the perfect manufacturing process.

§ Product twins

A product twin is the copy of a specific type of product that’s going to be produced in the manufacturing process. These twins help in achieving the perfect product by showing us how it will work under different condition and what possible faults the products might have. The digital twin of a product helps to increase efficiency, and it’s also cost-effective. Now, a lot of time will not be wasted just to do many experiments on the product to see how it works, and a digital twin can also improve the quality of the actual product, and it can sell more in the market.


A coin has two sides. Just like this, this newly invented technology has two sides. The bad one and the good one. The digital twin is one of the most significant steps that have been taken. The only problem with it is that it can be a breach of the data and security of the company. This technology represents innovation. It represents new opportunities for everyone. Digital twin technology is essential for the following reasons:

§ Customer needs

With this technology, it will be much easier to comprehend and understand customer needs. What they want and how they want it. It has space for new improvements every time, and it can help improve innovations

§ Cost cutting

What could be better than a technology that reduces the cost of your production? The digital twin can create the exact copy of the object where you can perform your experiments and see how it goes. Companies will not have to perform experiments and monitor the actual product. They will not have to waste a lot of money just to improve it every time something goes wrong with the actual product.  It helps in eliminating any kind of risks that the actual product might have. The digital twin is the faster and cheaper way to produce new products now. Companies who invest in this technology will see 30% more improvement in their manufacturing processes.

§ Competitors

The digital twin will make it easier for companies to compete with their competitors and to move forward. They will not have to waste time to perform its experiments and to look for improvements always. This technology will reduce the time to market. You can look for the modification in the virtual world and hence, stay ahead of your competitors. As soon the production of your newly modified product begins you can hit the market as soon as you want.

§ Predictability

The digital twin will help it more comfortable to avoid unpredictability. When you are trying to modify the actual product, there are higher chances of unpredictability. You never know what might go wrong. Even the improvements the companies have made can backfire, but with this innovation, they can always be one step ahead. They can know in advance about anything that might happen with the product they are going to produce.


The digital twin is the next highly innovative technology that will move the world one step ahead. If companies start to use this technology, they can excel in the market and can produce more revenues. It will help them to monitor and modify the product before its launch and can dodge many problems that could have arisen.

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