What is Professional Year Program?

A professional year program is a structured professionally designed program which combines formal learning and also incorporates workplace experience, especially for international students. The students taking up the course should have graduated from an Australian university.The professional course mainly runs for 12 months and the courses are now available for accounting, computer science, and engineering. It has been seen the Australian industries have the high demand for skilled graduates.

What is professional year program

Professional year program is mainly beneficial for students who wish to apply for permanent residency in Australia. The program helps students to equip themselves with industry-specific skills through the internship and classroom contact classes. These courses help students to develop professional careers with Australian workforce. The professional year programs are recognized by Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) which is approved by the Australian government.

On completing the professional year program the students can gain work experience of working in Australian companies. The internship facilities are followed by placement in reputed companies on completion of the interviews conducted by the host companies. The students also get trained on professional ethics and codes of conduct. Furthermore, they also become eligible to earn extra 5 points on the Department of Immigration and border protection.

Who can apply?

The students who have successfully completed their degree in engineering, accounting or computer science from a recognized Australian university. Students who wish to pursue the course must possess skilled graduate temporary visa that allows them to stay in Australia after completion of the degree. The applicant eligible for the student visa must be below 50 years and have completed a valid degree within the last six months. The engineering students who have completed their engineering degree from a recognized university outside Australia are also eligible for the professional year program. The program also enhances the professional skills and increases the employability opportunities of the student applying for the professional year program course.

The professional year program has a minimum of the 44-week program which aims at expounding theoretical knowledge and also aims at sharpening the practical skills of the students. The internship facility gives an opportunity to work in best of firms or companies under the guidance of skilled professionals’.Apart from that, there is boot camping which is held at the beginning and closing day of the program. The boot camping gives an opportunity to the participants to channel or network with the industry representatives. The international students who are aged between 18 to 45 years and have obtained an Australian qualification by competing for a valid degree from Australia on completion of the minimum of two years of study in Australia can apply for the course.

The professional year program can be called as a job preparedness program which is designed in such a way that it enhances the student’s ability to get employment in the chosen field after getting trained in technical skills and Australian work culture. There are many benefits of a professional year program. The program helps students to gain 5 migration points and also increases the employability scope. The professional year program assists the students to get a professional year certificate.

To be qualified for the program one needs to complete the degree from a recognized university across Australia. The applicant needs to qualify the criteria for the professional program which is a minimum of 18 months of study completion in Australia. Applicants should have applied for a temporary resident visa. The visa could be a student visa or a bridging visa.

Another important criteria is a minimum of 6 as an IELTS test course which is an English proficiency course. Some institutes offering professional year program are Navitas, Professional Pathways Australia, Performance Education etc.

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