10 Apps You Need to Manage Your Budding Business

Apps You Need To Manage Your Budding Business


Efficiency plays a crucial role for budding businesses. The applications you use also play their part in the success of your business. Some applications can improve efficiency and help employees create a thriving environment.

Let’s learn more about these productive apps and how they can help you stay focused and manage your budding business the right way.

Best Management Applications for Aspiring Business Owners

Below is the list of all the applications you need to make your work life easier.

1. To-Do List

First on our list is the To-Do List app. You can select any task management app, and we won’t vouch for any particular one. Although ToDoist is a good one, you can also select Asana, TickTick, and various others. The purpose of these applications is to help you figure out how to manage your work effectively.

All of these applications are great for businesses and allow users to easily trace their work and stay focused on a single task. Almost all of these task management apps offer multi-layer task breakdown. This allows you to plan out all your tasks for the day in advance without missing on any one of them.

2. Google Drive

Next, we have Google Drive. The purpose of a storage app is to keep your data organized and at a single place. You can save data from both the system and the mobile device directly on Google Drive.

It is a great app for beginners who want to collaborate with their team members without any third-party software. Google Drive lets users to work on a single file simultaneously. It is also free. Users can use 15GB of free Google Drive when starting out. After that, the cost of 100GB is charged on an annual basis.


IFTTT is another mobile application that allows users to easily manage the applications they use. IFTTT actually means IF This, Then That. The idea behind the app was to let users manage their applications using conditional queries. So, instead of them going to each application and giving it commands, with IFTTT they can do it all with a single application.

The app would ask them to set applets once when starting. After that, IFTTT will take care of all the details. In short, this application allows users to manage their tasks with minimum fuss while giving them a productivity boost.

4. Slack

Slack is another great application users can use to enhance their productivity. Although Slack is a communication app, it also allows features like task management, document sharing, and a collaborative work environment. Users can work on projects with their peers using Slack.

The best part about this social media application is that it allows integration with third-party apps. For example, if you want to get data from Google Drive, you can directly add it to Slack and get data from within the application.

5. Solid Explorer

Solid Explorer is a mobile application browser app that helps you keep track of your data. The folder browsing app also offers task management features.

Users can use the explorer to encrypt data, organize collections and categories, batch rename files, analyze storage, easily collect and manage cloud storage. Solid Explorer is a great tool for those who do most of their work from mobile phones or tablet PCs.

6. Trello

We all know of Trello. It is a free project management app that allows individuals and companies to manage their workload easily. Trello allows users to assign tickets to themselves or their team members. They can see the progress of each ticket, the burnout rate, and the issues with each ticket.

Trello also allows attaching files directly within the application. It has also introduced workflow management and automation using an automation bot called Butler. Now users can use Trello triggers in the same way they do with IFTTT applets without shuffling applications.It is available on both desktop and mobile.

7. RescueTime

Rescue Time is a time management application for those who want to take control of their time. The application offers time management challenges, auto time tracking, distraction-free time zone, and other time management tactics to help users improve their focus and stay more productive.

The application has over 2 million users because of its comprehensive reporting dashboard. It is a freemium mobile app, and you can use the basic time management features without paying a single penny.

8. Forest

Forest is another time management application that came up with the novel idea of rewarding users for their time. It rewards users for using the application by planting a tree on their behalf. Users can assign themselves challenges for using the Forest: Stay Focused mobile application. If they pass the challenge successfully, the application will plant a tree on their behalf. Isn’t that interesting?

Who doesn’t want an eco-friendly application that gives them the credit for making the environment greener? That’s where the Forest app shines. The application offers two ways of time management. Deep focus and Plant Together. In the first mode, users can focus on their work without having a tree challenge. In the second one, they can collaborate with others on planting trees.

9. Mint: Budgeting App

Next, we have Mint – the budget mobile application. The app lets you manage your finances, calculate and maintain a budget, and even manage taxes directly through the mobile app. It is great for the individual budget and accounting and for business finance management.

For those who are looking for a simple app to do the budgeting for them can start with the Mint mobile application. The best part about the Mint Budget app is that it brings everything to a single platform, from banking details, to tax refunds, to customer invoices – users can manage all of it with the application.

Mint can also be used to save business owners from scams through its intelligent scamming detection algorithm. The Mint mobile app offers a safe and secure environment like airG scam free apps through automation and transparency.

10. Wrike

Last but not the least, Wrike is another great mobile application that allows users to work remotely with their teams and manage their tasks directly through their mobile.

Wrike allows users to send and receive emails, manage time and tasks, and see their efficiency through interactive visualizations. Moreover, it also allows users to create custom reports and tables. It also features a form that users can create for in-house or external teams to receive feedback, get reviews, and get responses from all stakeholders working on a single project.


These are all the business management and productivity enhancement applications that users can use on their smartphones. All the apps listed have a freemium version available. So, even if you don’t want to pay a price for using these applications, you can still download and enjoy the basic features they have to offer.

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