10 Effective Things To Include In Landing Page That Yields Massive Conversion

Landing Page That Yields Massive Conversion

Getting immense traffic to your website indicates your intense marketing efforts are paying off. But, what about the conversion rate? Is it increasing or still stagnant? In spite of getting massive traffic, your prospect list isn’t increasing. Probably, the problem lies in your landing page. For solving the issue you can utilize 10 effective things to include in landing page that yields massive conversion.

Now, you’re probably wondering why do you need a high converting landing page? It’s because your landing page is the denominator where the user decides to get covert or bounce off. Unbouced revealed that the average conversion rate of a landing page is 9.7%, and companies that succeeded to increase their landing page conversion to 10-15 % got 55% surge in lead generation.

I know! you’re here for a purpose. You want to improve your landing page conversion rate. Undoubtedly, you’re at the right place to learn the effective techniques for creating the best converting landing page in 2024. But, if you’re someone who wants to learn more about the breakthrough techniques for generating leads, and heightened your online business growth.

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Let’s read through to discover what are the techniques and elements you need to include for crafting a landing page that converts in 2024.

10 Effective Things To Include In Landing Page That Yields Massive Conversion

Lead generation, purchase and download app or software whatever your goal is, their accomplishment depends on the quality of your landing page. If the landing page has everything that customers can expect from a quality brand they are going to get converted and if don’t they are gonna bounce off.

So, let’s get ahead to unveil the effective elements of a high converting landing page templates that boost the conversion rate.

1. Compelling Design

Landing page design says everything about your company and products. And, inevitably landing page design is the first thing that users notice.

Here are the few things you need to remember while designing a landing page:

Brand Colors: landing page should represent your brand color scheme. It gives the landing page a premium look and also helps in brand recognition.

White space: Including too many offers and elements can ruin the beauty & persuasiveness of the landing page. Give it some white space so that users can see your offers & other information clearly.

Responsive: More than half of internet users prefer mobile devices for making a search online and using social media. Don’t forget to optimize your landing page for mobile and tablet.

Fonts Combination: Use font combinations that look captivating together or you can use your brand’s font.

Fonts Combination

2. An Irresistible Offer

The eye-catching design of the landing page, persuasive copy, social proof none of them isn’t gonna work if you will give nothing in return to your customers.

Yes! Before making the landing page you need to know and learn about your customers. Once you know your customers, what they want, and what they are looking for. Now, it is time to craft an exclusive offer your customers can’t say no to.

Who doesn’t love saving money or exciting gifts? You, me & everyone right! You can offer a discount coupon, gift, or any other exciting offer that your customer can’t resist telling others about.

This way you can even open the gateways for word-of-mouth marketing. Where your loyal customers do the marketing for you by telling others their amazing experiences by getting exciting offers & gifts.

At last, if you figure out an outstanding offer like this, don’t forget to put the most converting element in the limelight on your landing page.

An Irresistible Offer

3. Create Urgency & Scarcity In Your Offers

The longer exclusive offers are available for customers the less they care. Give them a short time span to avail the offer. Make them feel it’s now or never deal.

This technique is called FOMO- fear of missing out. It stimulates the feeling of being left behind or missing out on something they need.

You can craft the best converting landing page by adding a countdown or illustrating a pain point of not availing of the offer. It will probably make the user do nothing but click on your well-crafted offer.

Create Urgency

4. Broadcast Your Offer Value On Header

Header is the most noticeable part of the landing page. And, the best part is when you have only 8 seconds to hook your audience.

Whatever your offer is you can use the header to write your exclusive offer value proportion in a captivating and concise way.

5. Keep The Form Short

Every business wants to grab as much information about their clients and customers as they can. But, as a user on a website would you like to fill a long-form?

Absolutely no, you would rather opt to not fill the form at all. Just by looking at the size of it.

Same response the user on your website will have. Once they become your customers you can always get the information you want. But, if they bounce off it’s hard to get them back.

So always keep your form short. Name, email, or contact no are enough information to keep them in touch. It’s one of the shortest, easiest and effective things to include in landing page that yields massive conversion.

Keep The Form Short

6. Define Your Call To Action

After hooking & winning the user trust call to action is the essential element that influences the conversion rate.

The call to action should be clear and persuasive enough to propel the user to take action.

Instead of using the CTA that everyone uses, you can craft a powerful CTA that is not only aligned with user intent but also excites them to move forward.

Example: Sign up for free, send me specials now, follow the magic and find out what we have more.

Sign up

7. Use Power Words In Landing Page Copy

Power words are the backbone of a persuasive copy. It intensifies the desire and makes the copy compelling to read.

But, power words should be used in the right structures and implies the meaning you want to represent. And on top of that power words are not those that are difficult to read or understand but those that correspond with the message and sound rhythmic.

Landing Page Copy

8. Include A Video In Landing Page

96% of users find videos on the landing pages helpful for making the buying decision. And, short & sweet videos can increase conversion rates up to 80%.

Not all of your audiences are reading savvy. Some prefer visuals for better understanding or out of laziness. If you don’t want to lose your prospects you can add a video on the top of your landing page.

Plus, you can represent your product or service benefits by representing real emotions to provoke the buying need in users. Although video is an important landing page element but shorter and enticing it is the more conversion rate it will increase.

A Video In Landing Page

9. Trust Building Elements

How do we trust a company’s product before we use it? Either we have heard about it from someone or the new product & services are from a trustworthy company.

Likewise, your audience is not gonna trust your product & services unless you show them the proof.

Your Google my business reviews can be your biggest support. Because 88% of users believe in online reviews as much as their friend’s recommendation and users are 58% more likely to get converts after interacting with positive reviews for a product.

If you have earned good reviews & ratings on GMB. you should utilize them to improve the conversion rate by proudly featuring them on your landing page. Besides, you can also feature the feedback and testimonials of your clients and customers on the landing to reinforce the trust.

Building Elements

10. Use High-Quality Images & Icons

Right images and icons illustrate everything a user needs to know about the features & benefits of your company’s products & services. Plus, it makes the landing page more compelling.

But, the images and icons should be in accordance with your brand’s color scheme and should represent the message you want to give to your customers.

If you’re not that image savvy. It is advisable to take help or hire somebody who can craft captivating images to stimulate emotions and define your message.

Besides, Nothing can be better than using images that look real. Yes! We tend to trust people like us. Stock images are overly perfectionist. Humans trust reality more than perfection. You can use pictures of you, your clients, or a person that doesn’t look fake to boost your conversion sky high.


Either a landing page turns your website visitors into your customers or dispels your potential prospects. If you want to craft a landing page that converts you should follow, implement and test the effective things to include in a landing page that yields massive conversion.

Always do an A/B test on your headlines, landing page copy, call to action, and offer to find out what works best. And, only let the best performer interact with your future audience.

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