10 Essential Software to Run Your Business Efficiently

The world has evolved after the technological transformation and the arrival of the internet. Entrepreneurs have started to follow advanced practices to satisfy their commercial needs. Those using the latest channels are making progress by leaps and bounds. If you keep following the old practices, then you won’t be able to outdo your competitors. Using the right software is crucial if you want to make a difference.

Good business software can do a lot more than your expectations. It can help you ensure the ultimate automation and management of your business. The world’s leading IT companies have provided us with more than a few productive software programs that we can use to carry out smooth operations, manage teams, keep track of inventories, and maximize our revenue.

Not sure which business software you need?

We’ve shortlisted the top 10 software programs that your business needs to work smoothly.

1. Bitrix24

Bitrix24 is an all-in-one business management software specifically designed to meet modern business requirements. It has more than 35 free tools that you can use to run your business activities effectively.

The prominent features include project management, collaboration, customer relationship management, invoicing, shared calendars, email marketing, time management, process automation, virtual PBX, company directories, absent management, task management, documentation, and HRMS.

It comes with easy installation and allows your team to collaborate like never before. Your team won’t have to waste a lot of time looking for other tools and resources elsewhere. Every feature can be accessed from one single platform. You will keep track of what is pending, in progress, and completed. Your business will be in a position to form a strong relationship with clients. The basic version is free to use, however, you may need a paid yearly plan based on the number of users.


  • Instant messaging to communicate in real-time
  • CRM to foster a good relationship with customers
  • Project management with checklists, to-dos, reports, Gantt charts, and task lists
  • Staff management with shared calendars, clock-ins / clock–outs, work reports, HRMs, and leave requests
  • Document management with offline multi-user editing, multi-device access, and file synchronization
  • Activity stream to get the latest team updates

There are many other notable features such as simple access assignment, bulk email, file sharing, workflow management, and task reporting. You can use Bitrix24 to allow your business to run efficiently and save time and resources.

2. Accountri

Accountri is a kind of inclusive business management software that you might have never used before. It’s a SaaS-based program designed to ensure efficient collaboration among project management, human resource management, sales, and operations management departments.

It helps smoothen the organizational flow and makes teamwork super easy. If you want a software solution to simplify difficult tasks and improve overall productivity, then Accountri is a good option to select.

Being a broad business management software, it helps you simply manage the entire workflow. Aside from team collaboration, Accountri also helps in strengthening relationships with vendors and clients. Complex tasks such as invoicing, payroll, and payments become easy with this particular software.

The software comes under three plans including Free Forever, Meet and Startup, and the Enterprise. The first two plans are free to use while the third one costs you $4.09 after a 30-day free trial.


  • Instant chats and video meetings
  • CRM to run and manage sales procedures
  • Complete tracking of payments
  • HRM tools to efficiently manage all resources
  • Payroll and timesheets to calculate work hours and remunerations correctly
  • Dedicated system to generate invoices
  • Workbook, PDF, Word, and Excel support
  • Assign tickets and resolve them through a dedicated service desk

All of the features are designed for businesses to run smoothly. You can opt for Accountri if it best fits your organizational requirements.

3. Odoo

If you are fed up with painful integrations, then Odoo is the right software you need. It includes almost all important apps that your business requires to expand its exposure. Entrepreneurs who find it difficult to use too many apps for different purposes can rely on Odoo to simplify their operations and enjoy increased revenue.

The software doesn’t just offer seamless app solutions but also brings the best value you could imagine. You can easily automate operations and keep track of everything happening within the business circle.

With more than five million users, Odoo has every app to solve your problem. Switching between apps to perform different activities consumes a lot of time. You cannot afford to waste time especially when it comes to improving overall productivity.

Entrepreneurs can take advantage of business automation to update different processes. Aside from saving time and efforts, Odoo helps you cut down business costs by reducing the number of software that you use. Easy accessibility lets you check and track activities without a problem.

The free version comes with a 15-day trial. You can give it a shot and go for a paid subscription if you think it’s worth buying to make your business more productive.


  • Seamless integration with myriad applications
  • Instant access through your mobile device
  • Accounting, inventory, HRM, manufacturing, and project tools to manage operations
  • Communication, documentation, timesheets, marketing, appointments, survey, and more productivity tools
  • Blogs, Web development, eCommerce, eLearning, and more web apps

In short, Odoo has the solution for all business processes including manufacturing, sales, project, purchase, event, human resource, finance, invoicing, inventory, customer relationship management, and E-commerce.

4. Salesforce Sales Cloud

Salesforce sales cloud is meant to serve those who always had problems, particularly with sales. If you want to see instant growth in sales, then considering this software can help a lot. It is suitable for businesses of all sizes. You can begin to witness increased productivity and sales by implementing the best practices and sought-after apps.

Salesforce sales cloud is based on a multi-tenant cloud computing idea. Businesses and companies of all sizes can benefit from a shared framework without leaking their privacy. The deployment options you can use include Saas, Cloud, Web-Based, iPad, iPhone, and Android.

You won’t have to look around for help if you get stuck with anything difficult. They offer solid support through a dedicated email help desk, phone, knowledge base, FAQs section, and instant chat.

Not sure how to use the platform? You can take training sessions in person, online, through webinars, videos, and documentation.


  • Targeting the right audience with the help of perfect tools
  • Client tracking for providing the perfect support they need
  • Email marketing and management
  • Customer support to help clients with their queries
  • The best apps for forecasting and budgeting solutions
  • Inventory management to make operations seamless
  • The best reminder and calendar system to ensure punctuality

Just like other business software programs, Salesforce Sales Cloud also brings you a free trial. You can check further pricing details on the official website.

5. NetSuite OneWorld

Are your business activities expanded globally? Do you have to oversee operations in different regions? If yes, then NetSuite OneWorld is the right option to select.

Modern companies have advanced requirements that they need to fulfill through systematic solutions. NetSuite delivers the best solution for global business management. It fulfills the rising market demands by offering ready-made solutions.

The software is ideal to manage multinational business processes flawlessly. You feel empowered to satisfy custom business requirements if you have distinct needs. OneWorld allows you to manage all business entities from one platform without having to switch through different applications. You get the optimum visibility of all operations to make timely decisions.


  • Smooth E-commerce operations from around the world using a single platform
  • Multi-currency, multi-country, multi-language, and multi-brand web stores
  • The perfect management of different local taxes and currencies
  • Global customer relationship management with maximum visibility of partners, customers, forecasts, campaigns, and leads
  • Global resource planning with revenue management, project management, billing, and service delivery
  • Software solutions suitable for all medium and large multinational companies

Since OneWorld offers advanced solutions for international business organizations, that’s why the pricing plan is slightly costly as compared to other software programs.

6. TimeCamp

Organizations across the globe hire freelance professionals from around the world. They need a reliable system to track their work hours. The work from home slogan is getting traction in the current pandemic situation. Companies have permitted their employees to work remotely due to lockdown. An authentic time-tracking app is a must to keep track of each employee’s time and performance.

Time tracking is not just needed for remuneration, but it’s also required to allocate the time required for specific projects. Many students work part-time to meet their study expenses. They can rely on TimeCamp to track their time correctly. Are you a student loaded with company tasks? No worries, Essay48 can assist you with professional writing solutions. You can assign your university assignments to experts and stay focused on your company projects.

If your organization has always faced time tracking issues, then TimeCamp can help you manage everything flawlessly. Your employees just need to download the software on their computer. It will help managers oversee the time each employee spent. Moreover, managers can better supervise the status of different projects.

Other prominent features of the software include team collaboration, appropriate tracking of billable working hours, attendance tracking, and creating invoices. Managing your company’s time and resources has been simplified with TimeCamp.


  • Keep track of the overall performance of your team
  • Track other aspects such as budgeting, profit margin, and billing
  • Measure and manage the overall productivity of remote teams
  • Automatic time tracking keeps more focus on assigned tasks
  • More than 10 types of customizable and shareable reports
  • Authentic web usage and app monitoring

This business software offers four different kinds of pricing plans including Enterprise, Pro, Basic, and Solo. You will be able to enjoy a 14-day free trial to know how the software works for your needs. Later on, you can pick any of the paid plans as per your company requirements.

7) Trello

Being one of the best free business management software programs, Trello is an impressive option for startups. It is one of the most commonly used platforms on the internet. The reason behind its popularity is simplicity. Every team member can quickly learn to use different features and make the most of them.

Project management gets super easy with Trello because you can divide each project into small tasks. Managers can easily add team members, instructions, and deadlines to different task cards and achieve great results in an organized way.

Most of the features are accessible in a free plan. However, you can also purchase a paid plan if your organizational needs cannot be satisfied with the basic plan. Trello offers seamless integration with other apps such as Gmail, Slack, Outlook, and Dropbox. It means you can always access information from third-party apps without having to leave Trello.


  • Task Triggers and automation
  • Dedicated mobile applications for Android and iOS users
  • Kanban Boards and bulk data export options
  • Custom field actions and scheduled commands
  • Calendar and list view
  • Smooth app integrations
  • Easy task management with comments, tags, and labeling
  • Easy file upload and attachment
  • Progress meter checklist

Trello is a good option for businesses of different sizes. It has the solution to almost every problem that a company is likely to face under various circumstances.

8. ProofHub

Companies and organizations looking for an inclusive software solution to foster greater team collaborations and project management can opt for ProofHub. It paves your way to use all tools and features that your team needs at different stages.

Managers get complete control over what their team performs to achieve targeted goals. Each team member can be held accountable if he hasn’t performed the assigned task in due time. In this way, timely project delivery is ensured. You won’t be missing any clients due to 100% satisfaction.

Learning to use ProofHub should be a piece of cake for anyone who works online. You can easily learn to use different tools for business productivity purposes. One of the most interesting things about this software is that you won’t have to pay on a per-user basis. There’s a fixed price plan that you can purchase after analyzing your business requirements.


  • Easily assign tasks to different team members and prioritize them with labels, deadlines, and time estimations
  • Gantt charts to plan all aspects of your projects
  • Kanban boards allow your team members to manage their tasks
  • Comment threads, lists, and dashboard feeds
  • Custom search and multi-language support
  • Built-in time tracking and invoicing
  • Organized workflow management and deadline reminders

You can opt for a plan according to organizational requirements. They start from $45 per month with unlimited users, 40 projects, and a whopping 15GB storage.

9. HubSpot

Hubspot is one of the best business management tools out there. It helps you with inbound marketing and offers many wonderful features to smoothen business promotions. Aside from managing PPC campaigns and content marketing, it further assists with support tickets, sales, and leads.

All your customer interactions are tracked properly so that you can use them for customer experience analysis. One of the most prominent aspects of the software that are worth mentioning includes email tracking and sequencing.

A big reason why we have included Hubspot in this list is the ability to automate tasks faster than ever. Although it’s a bit difficult for newbies to learn using HubSpot at the beginning, yet you can get the most of it once you get a hold of it.


  • Dedicated dashboards to manage Ads, SEO, Blogs, and Social Media
  • Tool to schedule meetings
  • Marketing and sales automation
  • Content Management System or CMS
  • Analytics and document tracking
  • Sales pipeline and lead management
  • Customer feedback and knowledge base
  • Email tracking and automation
  • Click to call and catchy sales email templates

Pricing varies according to your company’s requirements. You can opt for a hub that best fits your organizational needs. The basic plan starts from $45 per month. Before you decide on a paid plan, don’t forget to check free features to know the functioning of HubSpot.

10. Plutio

Plutio is an ideal choice for startup businesses looking for simple, neat, and clean software. Freelancers can also find this software in line with their remote working requirements. Newbies with very little experience can easily learn to use different features due to its smooth interface.

Although Plutio is not as popular as other trending business software programs, yet it is getting continuous attention due to active customer support and perfect functioning. Some of the most impeccable features include task management, project management, surveys, instant inbox, invoice management, and customizable proposals.

If you don’t find the built-in elements enough for your needs, the easy app integration feature allows you to add third-party apps for your convenience. Not sure how to get started on something? Plutio has a lot of ready-to-use templates that you can use to get the perfect starting point.


  • Customer Relationship Management and Custom Branding
  • Data security and white label option
  • Smooth app integration and task management
  • Dedicated mobile applications for iOS and Android users
  • Multilingual User Interface
  • Customizable dashboards for organizational needs
  • Built-in inbox and live chat
  • Custom search and activities feed

There are many other features that you can explore while using Plutio. The basic plan starts at just $15 per month. However, you can look for other plans such as Team and Studio if the basic plan doesn’t fulfill your needs.

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