10 Google Updates That Will Make Your Life Easier

The Google updates always aim at making your lives easier. In this regard, you can get the highlights and updates from Google that can come with a range of features applying to different products and services.

More than 2 million new users are getting connected on Google Meet every day and spending over 2 billion minutes together. So here are few features that you will have to consider for getting access to hassle-free support with Google updates.

  • The opportunity to quickly receive notifications

The scope comes with Google Assistant on Android. Android 12 is going to be impressive for you because of the biggest design change since 2014 that it has implemented. The entire experience is now quite thoughtful with utilizing the right colors to the shapes, light, and motion by making it easier to get access to some of the common features.

That said, for invoking the Google Assistant, wherever you are, you have just make sure about long pressing the power button, then just swipe down for getting the new Notification Shade.

Right at the Glance, you can get all the app notifications in one place. That said, it is making lives easier for getting access to everything that you need. Besides, Google Play and device controls have also found added to the quick, customizable settings.

What is essential to note is that besides the already available features, the company has also come up with the newly launched privacy dashboard that gives access to the permission settings.

  • Management of the privacy settings in an easy way on Android

Besides the new design changes, there is also the launch of the new privacy dashboard that is making sure that it will be giving you the support of granting the permission easily. That said, you will get the permission set at your fingertips. The visibility will give you an idea regarding what data is being accessed and revoke permissions on the spot.

The indicators will be letting you know regarding the apps that are used in the camera and microphone. In this way, you will get the scope for quickly shutting off that access you do not want to run on your device.

Besides, you can also get the camera and the microphone that will keep toggling into the quick settings for easily removing the access for the sensors and the entire system.

  • Scope for unlocking the car with the help of the phone while you are in it

Now Google has taken the strategy of working with the car manufacturers to develop the new digital car key that will be based on Android 12. The future will make sure about enabling you to always utilize the phone for locking and unlocking and even starting the car, and in some cases, you will never require taking it out of the pocket.

This is a digital era, so there is always a requirement to get access to the security and the sharing of the car key remotely with friends and family if and when needed. It reflects the advent of using products that make life easier.

  • Changing the channel with the help of your device

If you have lost your television remote, you will not have to just keep on running throughout the house searching for the remote. The building of the remote control features to the Android phone is proving to be one of the smart technologies from Google. Besides, you will get another bonus technology making life easier.

You will get the opportunity to save time by the phone’s keyboard to enter the text. Besides it, it will be coming in the form of the built-in remote control that will be compatible with the multiple devices powered by the Android TV operating systems. That being said, the Google TV will be getting full compatibility with this support.

  • Understanding regarding the search results

Whenever you are looking for information online, it becomes mandatory to always check how credible the information is. If you are not familiar with the website, you will be getting the opportunity to check the resulting feature in Google. You can access it with the “about this result feature” that Google will be providing.

You can also get the details regarding the website before visiting it with the availability of the description. There will be an Idea regarding whether it was indexed or not and whether the site is secure.

In this way, it will be making sure that you can also get access to multiple languages for your convenience. That said, there will be an opportunity for adding even more skillful contextual details.

  • The utilization of the Google lens for the translation of the homework in the language that you are quite comfortable with

Plenty of people around the globe are facing issues due to English because you do not have the proper knowledge regarding it. The problem doesn’t stop with English. Some aren’t acquainted with other languages as well. On this basis, you can pretty rest assured that the Google lens will be enabling you to go with the searching about whatever you need.

Besides, you will also get the scope for doing that from the camera photos or the search bar. For plenty of students, the school work becomes tedious when they are not familiar with the language. That is why Google has now come up with the update of the translation filter in the lens that will make it easier for them to copy, listen, and search the translated text in around 100 languages.

  • Changing the password with the help of assistant and Chrome

Chrome Android will be making it easier for you to change the password with just the tap of a button on the supported sites. Whenever you check out the passwords and the Chrome finds the password, you will be getting the option of the “change password” button that you can find from the assistant.

Duplex on the Web powers it, and the assistant will be navigating to the site and allowing you to go for the entire process in a hassle freeway. That said, it will give you the easy scope for changing the password. The feature is now available to purchase even movie tickets, book flight tickets, and order food.

  • Lens for searching with the help of the screenshots

The Google lens is now helping in the translation of the languages and making sure about giving their assistance in terms of searching the screenshot with the help of it. All of the people usually take screenshots of the interesting things that they wish to buy. But sometimes, it becomes very hard for them to follow up because they do not remember what the screenshots are about.

In this regard, you can be completely rest assured that you can look up the screenshot in the Google photos, and there will be prompt results related to the search with the help of the lens. That said, it will help you find the details regarding the wallpaper pattern that you have liked over a long time.

  • The opportunity for convenient online shopping

Whenever shopping online, you will now get the scope for keeping track of the open carts whenever you have open the new tab. Everyone is in love with online shopping in this era, and so sometimes they may be the chances of you getting distracted with opening up to 3 or around 10 other Windows at the same time.

For overcoming this problem, you will be getting the new feature in Chrome that will be showing you regarding open carts whenever you are opening the new tab. So you don’t have to just keep on wandering related to the lost shopping cart.

Besides, you will also be getting the scope to avail the best value for the products you are buying online. This is one of the best loyalty programs available from Sephora to the Google account that will show you all the best scopes for the purchase options that you will be getting available with Google.

  • Exploration of the unfamiliar neighborhoods

More than a billion people are using Google Maps every month. Besides, there are more than 5 million active apps and websites using Google Maps Platform. You can get the availability of the more detailed view in maps and so even if you are traveling on foot you don’t have to feel like you have lost somewhere.

The Augmented reality will now give you the scope of showing the full details regarding the shops and restaurants around you.

Even if you want to understand how busy the streets are with the recent review and the photos, you can get it instantly. The maps always already show how busy the streets will be, and this is a reason the people around the world have always taken consideration checking out Google maps.

Key Takeaways

The list of the updates by Google doesn’t end here. Google can make your life easier, and you will get some of the other updates like discovering the unexpected memories in the photo while bringing the pictures to life with the help of the cinematic moments, the transformation of the way you are working with the smart Canvas in Google Workspace, to numerous others.

We’ve listed the most practical updates that are becoming a vital part of people’s lives. Stay tuned with the Google updates, and you will be getting a surprising range of benefits for trying out the effectiveness of the new update.

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