10 Tips on Choosing the Best Commercial Cleaning Company

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Running a sanitary and immaculately clean office or commercial location is not just a good idea, …

it is imperative to making a good impression with your potential customers and vital to managing happy and healthy employees.

But, for a task of such great importance, how does one go about selecting a reliable commercial cleaning and janitorial company?

A Toronto commercial cleaning and janitorial company will shoulder the entire brunt of regular cleaning responsibilities. With a commercial cleaning company, you can choose to have your services provided after hours, or in a specific time period for those businesses in constant operations. Your cleaning company will perform such essential tasks as organizing specified areas, cleaning and sanitizing bathrooms, emptying trash, and restocking consumables.

There are numerous advantages to working with a professional cleaning service. For one, this means that perfect cleanliness is possible without the need of hiring a janitorial professional full-time or having your staff waste their professional’s skills on such regular cleaning. Furthermore, if you want an immaculate presentation and cleanliness that can be felt, cleaning companies com with guarantees of spotless perfection.

So, what should you look for in a cleaning company that will deliver such a high-caliber service? As professional home and office cleaners ourselves, here are some of the most important actions that can reveal the true value of a potential cleaning company Dubai.

1. Do a Thorough Background Check

The first thing to do will be a thorough investigation of any potential cleaning companies and this begins with asking the right questions. This will allow you to match your needs to the company best suited to deliver what you need and at a price you like. Things like flexible working hours will allow your cleaning service to be timed and scheduled for the most convenient working hours, even very late at night after everyone has gone home.

You should also compare the rates of any potential cleaning company with the rates of others offering the same services. You can ask if they work with an experienced team or a team of trained cleaning technicians. Ask about the procedures they practice, equipment they use and the cleaning agents they apply.

2. Reputation and Experience

It will be essential to gauge the trust you have in your commercial cleaning company that will be operating in your office. This is true for those that will work while you are there, but even more so for those who will be working after office hours. Trust also allows you to rest easy knowing the same levels of cleanliness will be upheld consistently.

You can gauge the level of trust you should place in a prospective company by asking yourself these following questions.

  • Are they well-established? – Choose a company that has established itself well in your area.
  • Do they have many accounts? – If they are working with a variety of businesses they must have a good level of service to remain in operations.
  • References? – Any reputable cleaning company will be only too happy to provide you with a list of references.

3. Employee Training and Screening

A good cleaning company will take their hiring process very seriously. This mans they will only hire those cleaning technicians that are of the highest integrity and diligence. Furthermore, the cleaning technicians should also have some kind of training in this essential task to ensure no damage comes to your property and that the highest levels of cleanliness are attained.

As you are searching through possible providers, be sure to ask about their training policies. You will want to know all about:

  • Employee Training – choose the cleaning company that provides their team with some kind of training this improves the professionalism, safety and quality of the service.
  • Employee Screening – ask what kind of scorning they apply when hiring new cleaning technicians ask about background, criminal records, etc.
  • Regularity – will the same employee be handling your commercial location each day or will they alternate. As you can imagine, a company that has a low turn-over rate will always provide a more regular service.

4. Types of Services Offered

Will you need daily services or may be just a good cleaning a couple times out of the week? Do you have a special set of requirements in your facility that will need to be considered? Before you sign any agreements you will want to ensure that the company is ready to give you what you really need.

Some cleaning services you can expect:

  • Vacuuming, sweeping and mopping
  • Bathroom cleaning
  • Trash removal and recycling
  • Stocking consumables
  • Dusting
  • Kitchenette and launderette cleaning

You will also find some of these office cleaning companies offer specialized services. These might include waxing floors, seasonal disinfecting and carpet shampooing. Not every cleaning company will handle construction cleanup, but it’s worth asking if this is important to you.

5. Types of Facilities Served

Experience is important, this means you will want to know that your cleaning company has plenty of experience in facilities like your own. Ask to see those references. You will also want to make sure they can work in an office of your size and dimensions smoothly and effectively. These are especially important in industrial or medical facilities.

A few other types of facilities to inquire about expertise include:

  • Data centers
  • Retail facility cleaning
  • Daycare and childcare facilities

6. Bonded and Insured

A reputable cleaning company will also b bonded and insured. This is just a good business practice as it protects you from problems should an employee become injured on the job. Ask to see any other business accreditations and licensing as well.

7. Green-Cleaning Practices

If you work in a business that makes being eco-friendly part of its professional presentation, you will want to back this up with equally green cleaning practices. Some cleaners will use microfiber tools and minimize the use of harsh chemicals and paper towels in their work. They will also use energy efficient appliances to ensure the lowest carbon footprint.

8. Do they have a cleaning checklist

By using an established checklist and cleaning process your cleaning company will maintain a higher standard of cleanliness find out if the cleaning company has a checklist. This ensures that all the bases will be covered and that you will have clean office building from corner to corner.

9. Make sure they only hire professionals

It is very important that you check their hiring process and make sure they are only signing on the most reliable and trustworthy crew. You can even ask if they have a dress code and proper Identification when they show up so that you can rely on their professionalism and transparency during their work.

10. Ask If They Have and Maintain MSDS Lists

The Material Data Safety Sheets are important to improving safety in companies that use or process commercial cleaning supplies. It is required of companies that handle these products to keep MSDS for each chemical thy use and apply. This will provide you with information about the toxicity, flammability or other concerns you should be aware of. These are typically printed in English but are also available in other languages if you run a bilingual staff.


If you are running an office and making progress in the business world, the responsibilities of office clean up can be a weight that slows your efficiency. Don’t waste your time and expertise on this important task, let a professional cleanup crew arrive after hours and address the dirty work.

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