11 Amazing WordPress Themes for Business Website Development

WordPress is one of the most elegant CMS (Content Management System) that offers a remarkable platform for the website developers to showcase their content. It was initially a personal project that took over the digital world with its versatility. Now, it has a huge community that makes this platform even better for the new and existing users. Many bloggers, businessmen, website developers, and other professionals are in love with this intelligent CMS. Every year, millions of websites are hosted with the aid of this elegant platform.

As per the recent statistical survey, it has been found that nearly 27% of the websites hosted all around the world belongs to this platform. Content management holds a record of almost 60% management via this platform.

WordPress Themes for Business Website

There are over a billion websites active using this convenient platform to manage content, do business and make a great return on investment. The statistics also suggest that over 24 posts are made in every second on this platform worldwide. Hiring the Best WordPress Development Services in the community will definitely boost the performance of the online presence and will give a great output in the upcoming years.

11 best WordPress themes for website development

There are so many themes to explore and use it for your elegant online presence. The presentation of the themes really matters for your business, blogs, content management, and for addressing the internet audience perfectly.

Here is the list of handpicked themes as per the specific requirement for website development you can choose from.

  1. CheerUp


Designed to give the best outlook for a travel blog, personal content, lifestyle websites, etc, Marni is the ideal theme to go with. The innate features of the theme offer a plethora of options for the website development to exploit and make a great presentation. The homepage layout and the multiple templates available with this theme are perfect for a suave online presence for the lifestyle, travel and other thematic bloggers.

  1. Rima


This particular theme is for those who want to grab the attention of the audience and retain them for a longer period of time. The biggest threat to an online presence is the visitor retention. This theme is extremely easy to navigate. The templates offered by this excellent theme are ideal for a catchy presence that can be easily edited via drag and drop features. The custom widgets provide a flexible platform where you can easily post your content without wasting time and altering the entire website.

  1. FallSky


This is also a brilliant lifestyle and travel theme to try. The prebuilt library offers a plethora of widgets, plugins, and applications to include and make your website a suave platform for the users to share their ideas, pictures, and other contents. The large backgrounds can be easily edited using any image. You can also create a fast and easy image slider to woo the audience. The visually appealing theme is an excellent choice for lifestyle bloggers.

  1. Marketify


This theme is considered as the Top WordPress Website Theme for Business to sell products and services digitally. The online stores can use this elegant theme to sell digital products as well. Using this theme will make it easier to showcase photos, audio files, fonts, video, and various other digital products to various users.

  1. Mayosis


This is one of the most featured entries in this sphere that can work as a versatile starter pack for digital stores, online business and even for e-commerce platforms. The theme allows the user to use the prebuilt plugins and aid to come up with a brilliant website to work on. The professional design is ideal for a startup online store selling digital or tangible products. It can be easily customized using WPBakery Page Builder or any other convenient tool to meet the specific requirement of the businesses.

  1. Stocky


Stocky is the perfect theme for the photographers to offer stock photos, videos and other content for the clients. This theme is very convenient to tag photos, upload files, and increase the page ranking of the website. The theme also comes with excellent updates a user might need.

  1. DGWork


Flexibility is the key to e-commerce success. Not all themes are made to cater to flexibility and the users often find it difficult to cope. DGWork is one of a kind theme for e-commerce platforms for selling all kinds of products. This theme offers extreme convenience in downloading and introducing a plugin in the setup. For professional use, both free and premium versions are available.

  1. Versita


This is a particular type of theme used by the Custom WordPress Development Company for the development of a proper online presence for an educational institute. The design and usability of this theme specifically target the necessary features that the owner and user of this website need to share content. The smooth theme offers relentless support for the developers to manage courses, workflow, and other services.

  1. TutorPoint

This is a fully responsive theme packed with excellent features that can be used by the tutors and vocational establishments to serve the users. It is a single-page theme that works like a charm for a lighter website. The responsive design allows the students to access it via any smart device.

  1. Bernate


This portfolio WordPress theme is used to create a simple website for the users who want to come up with an elegant portfolio presence online. It is very clean packed with grand features capable of performing many things. Bernate is used mostly by the freelancers to create a mesmerizing presence to woo the audience and increase their credibility.

  1. Shout


This theme is used by the leading WordPress Development Company in USA to create content-rich websites such as online magazines, lifestyle blogs and other forums expecting a huge volume of footfall. The prebuilt features and content in this theme can be easily customized as per the necessity of the website.

Conclusion :

These are the 11 best free business WordPress themes that a website development company prefers to use to design a user-friendly business-specific online presence.

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