20 Sure Shot Money Making Businesses to Start in 2024

We are almost done with the third month of the year and you are still struggling to find a business idea that can help you earn great profits? With the Coronavirus outbreak at the beginning of the year, the economies have crashed and the world is facing turmoil.

With so much bad news happening, you can see the silver lining in the cloud with the right business to start today.

In the wake of the situation, we list here some of the business ideas that you can start with a simple setup without going out of your home.

Stay Fit…Stay Safe…Earn Better

20 Business Ideas to Consider in the Outbreak Situation

1. Graphic Design

Got design skills and a pro at Photoshop or CDR? Then, in the comfort of your drawing room just start earning with your skills. With the world running to get into the digital domain, all you need to do is login to a few freelancing websites and take some interesting projects as per your skillset.

2. Web Development

Another interesting job that you can pick without demanding a lot of resources. Some skill sets and a system. All you need to do is register with a few websites or start with a basic website to promote your business and get started.

The world is rushing to the digital frame and this would be very interesting to exploit the opportunity and enjoy your new income.

Later you can expand your set up with a few writers and marketers to provide a full-fledged service.

3. Instagram Influencer

Have lots of followers on Instagram? Why not make use of the efforts you have put to earn these followers? All you need to do is, turn yourself into an influencer. You can exploit the benefits of the credibility that you have built over the years. Thus, being popular among your friends is a good way to start earning money.

Social media is a very trending way of marketing and influencers on Instagram are taking the trend to the next level.

4. Affiliate Marketing

Easy right! The Internet is making things so easy. Yes, being at the comforts of your drawing room and helping the people expand their business can be another idea that can help you earn great grades. Seems interesting?

Affiliate marketing is paying someone to get the leads on your business with your marketing efforts. It is important that you have an audience.

5. Virtual Assistant

A lot of organizations hire virtual assistants instead of a customer service team to take care of the needs of the clients. If in the outbreak you want to stay indoors and want to help the biggies impress their clients then this is the job for you. All you need to have is a simple set up where you can stay connected with the organization and the clients too. So, if you are good with your communications and want to set up a business that would always get you great revenues then this needs to be considered.

6. Freelance Content Writing

Got great writing skills then this is for you!

You have been writing a lot for yourself and for an audience that loves to read you. Why not let the businesses that are stepping in the digital domain or are looking forward to making it big enjoy the benefits of your talent and get the best out there.

Let in this outbreak your passion for words and your understanding of human psychology bring some great stuff for you nad some money too. And once you have made your work, take up more projects and move ahead by expanding your business.

Cool Idea, Isn’t It?

7. Child Care

Well, if you think you cannot work with all the skilled, not so innocent and business-minded people around you then you need to consider this idea. Surround yourself with children. Yes, why not? A lot of working parents look for babysitters and they hardly find someone they can trust blindly. Why not have your own child care space where they can drop their kids you help them learn something according to their age.

Believe me, this is a great way to make money without being a part of the money-minded world that we have been in. Spend your time with the innocent souls and enjoy your work.

8. Handmade Jewellery

Sounds like an extracurricular class activity? Well, it is not. Hand-made ornaments are the new prevailing fashion. Some of the young business people including M3 Girl Designs’ Maddie Bradshaw and Bella Weems of Origami Owl have made huge amounts of money by selling carefully designed jewelry.

There are colossal open doors in the business, with its development anticipated at 5-6% every year. With not many big names in the field, the growth in this particular field is likewise simple.

You can begin simply by delivering online in the outbreak time and procure a name, and if you wind up turning into an easily recognized name, you can even open up a physical retail shop.

9. Contract Customer Service

Numerous organizations chop down their expenses by outsourcing client assistance to consultants. In the event that you are acceptable at conveying and have adequate administration aptitudes, then you can without much of a stretch take client support services.

Some of the websites that provide freelancers like UpWork and Fiverr offer a great deal of contract-based client support. Once you have gained enough experience in the field you can earn better and more.

10. T-shirt Printing Business

Do you like those funky t-shirts with super cool graphics and interesting logos? Yes. Then why not turn selling these t-shirts into a full time home business? All you need to do is, get that printer, expand your imagination and own a Instagram page. Next, upload your designs and let the digital domain show its magic. The best part about being in the business of T-shirt printing is, there are not many in the competition.

Let your imagination push its limits and paint the sky with business and great revenue.

11. Real estate Broker

The land advertise has returned to blasting in the USA, and however not exactly a blast, it’s getting in the UK as well. Be that as it may, individuals need to evade the issues of completing the desk work and lawful consents required to get their property so they are looking to a representative or web-based letting operator to encourage.

You can handle the arrangements to support purchasers and dealers have smooth exchanges. Assemble a sound pool of customers by helping them in purchasing and selling the business and private properties. You can likewise manufacture a little deals group to move toward the clients all the more productively.

Do legitimate research on the best way to turn into a land intermediary, take up required land courses, breeze through the assessment with passing marks to appropriately encourage your land vocation.

12. Baking

Baking can make you a great deal of cash. One basic requirement, you ought to have a skill to make flavorful delicacies. If it is positive you have the option to sell them at premium costs. Individuals consistently give more worth and inclination to hand-made and gourmet prepared items.

To begin, you additionally need to stock up some basic cooking gear.

You can begin by cooking something as straightforward as your mother’s ideal formula for treats to consummate your aptitudes. Afterward, you can ace a lot of delicacies to make your own USP and order premium rates on your items.

13. Translator

Your mastery of another language can assist you with gaining great revenues. Interpreters are consistently sought after, yet great interpreters are uncommon to discover.

You can find worthwhile occupations in the event that you know the right utilization of syntax and spell the words effectively. There are many employment records recorded on Flexjobs for interpreters.

14. Create a Youtube Channel

A few YouTubers are making a large number of dollars by vlogging about their enthusiasm, aptitudes, travel, nourishment, audits, and stand-up parody recordings, among others.

Pick a specialty you are enthusiastic about and have adequate information to make connecting with and interesting recordings. The all the more engaging substance you post, the more perspectives and endorsers you will pick up.

A few effective YouTubers win millions by posting recordings. Be that as it may, a normal YouTube wins around $3 to $5 per 1000 perspectives.

Before beginning your YouTube channel, find out about YouTube rules and how to utilize its apparatuses. Additionally, put resources into a decent camera and mouthpiece to make quality recordings for more prominent acquiring potential.

15. Wellness Trainer

A fitness freak are you? If yes then definitely this is the job for you. You have been working out hard to maintain that well-toned body. Extend your help to the people you know and enjoy what you love the most.

Along with just workouts you can help people with their nutrition plan and diet sheet. This would not only keep you inline with your passion but also, help others stay fit and healthy.

You need not even market yourself, all you need to do is use the power of word of mouth and see your revenues.

16. Drive an Uber

Have a driving licence?

Why not exploit it for the best of your interest? Drive an Uber and earn your pocket money. Work as per your ease and earn accordingly. This is quite an amazing trick to earn with your skills. You can start with part-time work.

You may not start it as a business, but yes as an investment this is a great move.

17. Travel Consultant

Traveling gives you goosebumps?

Then this is the job for you. Use your interest to wander around with other people and get some earnings. A lot of people have an urge to travel but they cannot find the right way. To make sure that people enjoy their travel plans as per their interest, you assist them and get paid.

Start with travel plans with your friends and then further move to a greater audience. Sounds Cool? Try and do let us know how this turned out for you.

18. Phone Case Business

Smart-phone cases are one of the most trending businesses in the world. People do buy their devices after a lot of research and do handle it with love and care. If you think, you are one of those who can come up with some interesting back case ideas, then the time is now.

Not any big names in the domain, it would be easy for you to get the tasks done as per your ease. Let your creativity along with your investment get you some great revenues and recognition around the globe. Seems fun! Surely it is.

19. Turn to a Teacher

Yes, why not turn to being an e-tutor and get your work done. It would be easier for you to have the ease of revising your lessons and stay updated with the latest developments in your favorite subject. A lot of websites hire e-tutor on hourly basis and pay a handsome amount to build the future.

After you get enough experience, you can start your own e-tutoring business and earn more than what you have been!

20. Professional Photographer

Do you enjoy capturing the world through your lens? Then this is the right time to get your things done. You can start with a personal blog or a simple Instagram page where people can see your talent and then you can take up some assignments. This may seem a little hectic in the beginning but the work that doesn’t feel work gets the best revenue. So, hit that button now, upload your work and let the world appreciate the photographer in you.

Not Just Hobbies, Money Making Ideas

As we are done with the list, choose the one option that fits your needs the best. There are a lot more ways in which you can turn your talent into a business idea and earn a great amount without even feeling worked. Most of the big names in the business arena started as an experiment and now run the economy of the world. So, just stay calm, start distancing and find some great business ideas.

Do let us know if you have any other ideas and we may update the list further.

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