10 Top-Notch Proofreading Tools for Content Writers

Being a good content writer and delivering good content is a skill on its own. It is not a good idea for you to create a blog or have a website and you do not deliver good content to your audience. You must ensure that your content is educative, engages the readers and has them coming back for more. You also have to ensure that you are able to retain the interest of your audience in your products. There are tools that can help you write good articles.

Proofreading Tools for Content Writers

Grammar Tools

One mistake that many content writers make is that they think that their knowledge of the language is good enough for them to write or create content without making any mistake. The interesting thing is, everyone has this thought, even those who have far less superior grammar skills.

It is easy for many so-called writers to become arrogant with English when creating their content because they presume and assume that they have a mastery of the language. At the end of the day, some of them make schoolboy errors.

As a content writer, you know that this is what you do for a living. So, you can’t afford to make silly, small or big errors. Perfection is expected of you, and no matter how good you are, you are not likely to find the mistakes that you made by yourself. That is the usefulness of these tools.

1. Grammarly

This is one tool that is widely used and considered by many to be the best proofreading tool for content writers. Grammarly is a very straightforward tool, especially in its words analysis.

Grammarly uses a web-based algorithm to scan your cut-and-paste texts and your documents for grammatical errors, and other errors such as spelling errors, syntax errors, and punctuation errors. This tool allows you to create and present your content in a way that is very authoritative, intelligent and easy to understand.

This tool has up to 7 million daily users, so there is a big chance that some of your fiercest competitors are using it already to improve their content.

2. Hemingway

This proofreading tool is a very highly rated tool and is thought to be among the very best in the world along with Grammarly. But while Grammarly will analyze your words, the Hemingway tool to create a better style of writing.

What the Hemmingway app does is to help you to spot and also correct common mistakes in your text. This tool also gives you suggestions on different ways that you can optimize your text so that it is better for engagements. Some problems that this tool helps you to identify include long sentences and paragraphs, run-on sentences, repeated phrases or words and so on.

In short, the Hemingway tool helps you to make your message tighter and optimized, so that, it can be easily understood by a wide range of audiences.

3. Ginger

This is another proofreader tool that uses its innovative and groundbreaking technology for correcting texts with a very high level of accuracy. Ginger proofreader tool has both grammar checkers and spells checker tools in it. So, this tool is able to cover for different types of errors including spelling errors, typo errors, grammar errors, and wrong word usage. It is able to spot errors and correct many mistakes that other proofreading tools might overlook.

4. Ludwig

This is a first sentence tool that works like a search engine and helps you to write English better. This tool offers you with contextualized examples sourced reliable resources. It is without a doubt, a very interesting proofreading tool.

Ludwig allows you to find the best context for the sentence that you are writing and also offers you with definitions, examples, and synonyms which you can use to write better enriching sentences, paragraphs, and articles. It also helps you to paraphrase your sentences and also compare how frequently the words you use are found on the internet.

5. Spell Check Plus

If you are having problems determining where you should start your proofreading, then this tool is ideal to use you. Without stress, you only need to of paste in your writing in a box, and this tool automatically underlines all grammar errors and spellings errors that are in the article.

Spell Check Plus tool also gives suggestions on what should be the correct grammar placement or spelling. This app is very easy to use and will easily help you improve the quality of your content.

6. Reverso

It is impossible for you as a content writer to underestimate the level of importance that spellings and punctuations have in your writing. These are factors that determine the meaning of your sentences and paragraphs. So, you have to take them seriously. In fact, this buttresses the reasons why you need a grammar check tool, especially one that is as good as Reverso. This tool does not make the mistake of skipping just one word that is misspelled or a sentence that has a grammatical error in it. Although it might sometimes miss the context of a word or phrase, like another grammar checker, it is a very reliable tool.

7. Word Rake

Word Rake is another very easy tool to use. It helps you to edit your text and find errors just as you are writing making it possible for you to have a final article written. This tool is the closest thing you can get to a real editor. You only need to download it and sync it with your Microsoft Word, then click on the rake button as you start to write. This tool goes through what you are writing then it starts to cross out and underline words or phrases that need to be corrected. What is more, it also has the suggestion feature. So, it does not tell you what is wrong, it also suggests the correct thing. It is by far one of the easiest ways to edit and a very easy tool to use.

Plagiarism Checker

When it comes to proofreading your articles and writings, the common thing that people consider is the grammatical structure, as well as other mistakes such as spelling, punctuations, etc. But for content writers, there is more to look out for. There is also the issue of plagiarism to contend with. Plagiarism, by all standards, is wrong and is strongly discouraged. If you post copied texts on your blog or website, there is usually a sanction from search engines that would prevent you from being in top-ranking positions. So, it is important that you check for plagiarism if you are into content marketing.

8. Copyscape

As a content creator, or someone that works with copywriters and content creators, checking the articles for plagiarism before publishing it is extremely important. If there is just one tool that can help you search out plagiarized content, then it has to be Copyscape.

Copyscape is one of the best anti-plagiarism apps, and in fact, the oldest one too. It scans through and searches for other writings with a very high percentage of content that is the same as the one it’s checking. It then flags the part that is the same to show that you need to change it. This app does not just search for sites that rank top of SERPs, it searches deep into very poorly ranked websites. As long as a previous article has been published with the same content, it would find it and flag it.

Plagiarism affects the integrity of your work a lot, so you want to do away with it. A good place to start is by checking with Copyscape.

9. Advego

Your goal as a content writer is to make sure that your content is at least 95% unique, especially with a tool such as Advego. This tool is a very thorough plagiarism tool. Getting 95% uniqueness with this tool would have given you more than 100% with other tools (if that’s possible). It also has options to ensure that you either have a strict search for plagiarism or a less strict search. You can also choose the search engines you’re concerned with, although your options are limited. This tool is also a multi-language tool. So, even if you write in other languages apart from English, you will still find it useful.

10. Plagramme

A plagramme is an online tool that is free and was designed so that content writers are able to write their texts while being certain of its uniqueness. If your content is plagiarized, this anti-plagiarism tool will show you the level of intensity of the plagiarism.

This online tool does not just search for similarities in text or identical texts, it also searches for paraphrasing and bad citation. Absence of all of these is very important if you are to ensure that you are writing a high-quality content free of plagiarism.


Content marketing is not an easy task and you are prone to mistakes. However, your audience should not see those mistakes. You should check your articles with grammar tools and anti-plagiarism tools to ensure grammatical correctness and uniqueness.

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