21 Unique YouTube Statistics Everyone Should Know in 2024

YouTube gives out purposeful benefits and job opportunities to millions of people, and it also started a partnership program. Everyone who wished to display their skills, hobbies, or simply share their works and ideas on the internet. And maybe even make some income out of it where you can become the topmost leading entrepreneur or an online marketer, hence using just a camera and a few clicks you’ll reach the perfect destination to the success point.

YouTube Statistics

Apart from motivations, everyone living in the era of the 2024s can benefit from the pool of YouTube statistics. Hence you will be eager to know how the content gets posted on YouTube every single minute.

  • Is general YouTube statistics drive brand awareness?
  • What is the purpose of YouTube user info statistics?
  • Does YouTube video stats bring out any change for your channel?
  • How do YouTube Advertising statistics help your marketing?

Considering every subcategory and perfect outcomes make you enjoy the profit within the short span. Let’s jump into YouTube stats!

YouTube stats discussed below thoroughly explain the benefit of helping us better grasp the hard work to reach YouTube. It also defines how long to keep up the formula and how bigger an audience this YouTube has.

Amazing General YouTube Statistics:

In 2006, Google purchased YouTube. As always then the video-sharing social media platform has changed into the most dominating network in its niche.

  1. YouTube’s Me at the Zoo Video:

YouTube video that filmed initially posted on 23rd April 2005. This video recording portrays a person standing in front of an elephant’s room at a zoo, explaining the elephants’ more giant trunks and how cool they are. Moreover, in January 2024, the video reached about 83,287,292 views.

  1. How is YouTube recognized?

YouTube is spotted almost in 88 countries and can reach in 76 different languages. It mainly focuses on global audiences, where YouTube is used among 88 countries and in a various range of 76 languages. By comparing Facebook with YouTube, FB is there in 43 languages.

  1. PewDiePe gained 102M subscribers:

YouTube’s top star celebrity Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg, is known as the PewDiePie. He is a well-known Swedish YouTuber who frequently got on to the right as the channel’s proprietor with several subscribers for every year. Anyhow, after a more profound and severe action with Indian record company T-series, PewDiePe finally.

Yet, PewDiePe’s YouTube channel stats are surprising elements. Justin Bieber, 5-Minute Craft, and Dude Perfect are some of the YouTube videos ranking the top-five categories, and they have around 50 million subscribers.

  1. Everything About Ryan Kaju – YouTube’s Star:

During 2024, Ryan Kaju became the world’s highest-paid from Ryan’s World as the YouTube star with $26M.

It serves as the unique channel that stands on the second position, which comes to YouTube’s profit. And it’s the channel committed to making comedy scenes and stunts on sports known as Dude Perfect.

The channel is owned by brother Cory and Coby Colten, bringing about $20 million in turnover revenue from YouTube.

  1. Generates 6% of Google Ad Sales Income:

Today, YouTube produces about 6% of Google’s advertising sales results. Thus, $4 billion earned by Google from YouTube accounts for every 6% of the company’s annual ad income. Google can make up to lose some billion on YouTube, as long as it maintains the YouTube users working on Google’s other income basis.

  1. YouTube’s TV paying subscribers count:

Launched In 2017, YouTube TV was an advertising service that runs more than 60 live Television networks like FOX, ABC, ESPN, and many more. Also, YouTube’s services have more than 800K users who purchase $50 per month to subscribe to the channel.

  1. YouTube’s Annual Cost:

YouTube monetizing stats display that the company spends around $6.35 billion per year running and maintaining their network. Fortunately, YouTube consists of Google’s billions to work with, and the company by itself, making more than profit levels.

Hence, the total cost of working and managing YouTube is around $6.35B.

YouTube’s User Details and Statistics:

Audiences from all over the world get to know about Youtube. It serves as the best video sharing platform option for marketing purposes as it’ll help in ranking your YouTube video higher. Moreover, analyze your YouTube dislikes that help to understand your channel or the concept of the video from the audience’s perspective.

  1. The population of the U.S. Users on YouTube:

About 94% of American users range 18 to 24 years old get engaged on YouTube.

Here, recent data reveals about 94% of college-going Americans who are between the ages of 18 and 24 years use YouTube continuously. It has also got the most incredible reach among the younger adults in America. FB comes into the second most position with the potential to reach 81% of the similar age group.

  1. Monthly 1.8B Newcomers Gets Logged-in:

Since May 2024, YouTube has got a total of 1.8 billion registered audiences working the platform within a month. Thus, the total audience is pushed towards during the month, as the company, as mentioned a month before, the total number of monthly logged-in YouTube users was about 1.5 billion.

  1. 84% of Users Makes a Turnover across $75K per Year:

Moreover, the middle class of Americans looks to be attracted to YouTube, Since more than 84% of them who make a turnover of $75,000 within a year use YouTube consistently.

  1. About 75% of the U.S. Men are on YouTube:

YouTube’s user population statistics reveal that the U.S. massive males take part in the platform’s audience. This phenomenon is not usual in the social media platform, and there are only a few examples where females are not working on the massive user base. Also, 72% of U.S. women employ YouTube.

Predominantly, YouTube has got a male presence with approximately 75% than other YouTube users.

  1. 48% of them consume YouTube online:

48% of the internet video audiences describe YouTube as their top priority video website. It’s also known that YouTube video consumes multiple platforms where it is said that YouTube is the most favorite. Few take up for the interface, while others can reduce the ads by using AdBlock and enjoy YouTube, as this serves as an unlimited collection of video subjects.

  1. 91% of Smartphone Users Try New Ideas:

As 91% of the smartphone users move into their smartphones for the plans while performing an activity.

Both iOS and Android users who wish to try out executing something they haven’t done previously will have the chance to use this device to search for plans and trips on YouTube. There’s a possibility for someone who has built a video on any issue that can probably come while doing a task by posting out content by 50 million users.

  1. Statistics about Millennials and their Aspects:

Today, 93% of millennials reach YouTube to study how-to-do a complicated activity in simple ways.

YouTube stats makes a different perspective of the platform users:

That is, YouTube is not an online network platform to simply kill time, yet a platform that can teach us enough is ideally shown by the fact that 93% of the millennials use it properly to identify how to do something.

It starts with the most specific skills, such as folding clothes or the right way to help you build your house. Thus, YouTube has got all when it comes to acquiring new talents.

Interestingly, note that 86% of millennials parents check YouTube for guidance on child-rearing topics. Especially dads seem to use YouTube as a useful guide to bring up their children from the hands of YouTubers who are wishing to share ideas about parental time.

Video Stats on YouTube:

Everyone would be surprised by the numbers. More than 3.25 billion videos are checked on YouTube every month.

  1. 500 hours of Videos posted:

Within a single minute, about 500 hours of videos uploaded to your YouTube channel. Thus, the same frame checks out 3.8 million Google searched, with 450K Tweets and 150K emails sent.

  1. How-To Content on YouTube:

During 2015, higher than 100M hours of how-to content have been looked at in North America.

Americans and Canadians viewed above 100 million hours of how-to videos in 2015. By taking the info about the previous stat, how-to video searches would have increased by 70% every year. Thus, we could see that North America looked at 310 million hours of how-to videos during 2024. It’d be fascinating to know that YouTube subscribers statistics help understand how many users were involved in looking up at the massive video content!

Advertising Stats on YouTube:

  1. Small Scale Businesses On YouTube:

It determines that 9% of small scale businesses from the U.S. use YouTube for their advertisement benefits. If it’s running ads or consisting of their channels where they could regularly post their videos, across two billion small businesses from the U.S. have planned to invest in YouTube marketing.

  1. Do You Know Who are The Digital Video Audiences:

YouTube has not originated in a worse state yet to show aging. Here, several of the other competitor social media networks entered into the online that competes Facebook. FB has started to lose its users slowly, and the ones who remain active on the platform are lessers than ever.

Moreover, it somehow manages to remain at the top of the game, with more than 85% of online consumption for the digital video starting from the website.

  1. How Much Do YouTube Earn for Every View?

YouTube stats say that based upon the users’ age and their view count, YouTube earns up to 0.05$ for every video view.

  • YouTube users aged between 18 and 24 have a view range of 27%, which brings out 0.042$ to YouTube for every view.
  • People with an age range of 35 and 44 years are improving the view rate number merely, with a total of 27.3%. They make up YouTube with 0.046$ for every view.
  • YouTube, whose age group is older than 45 and 54 or younger, has a CPV of 0.05$ and a view rate of 28.8%.
  • The age group of 55 has a CPV of 30%, and they also cater to YouTube with 0.049$ per every view.


  1. 93% of Viewable YouTube Ads:

While we think about ads’ concept, we most probably come across the wholly made types of ads. It includes sound, motion, or videos. Some advertisers identify that ads consist of only a few or one of the factors with sufficient quality. It is why 7% of advertisers on YouTube plan to take their ads’ video quality and then advertise their products or its services using online promotions.

This ad targets the minority of the users who choose ads with no pictures, but it’s still known to be effective, most probably because of the lesser production cost value.

  1. YouTube Paid Lot for Right Holders:

In 2016, YouTube paid much more than $2B for the damages to the right holders for those who made their claims using the feature content ID.

By using Google’s Advanced algorithms, YouTube can be possibly able to scan the posted videos. Against a database of pre-existing posted videos to identify any capable copyright violations. Even if violations are found, the content ID claims are submitted, and the rights holder can plan if the video needs to be delivered.

Wrapping Points:

YouTube is known to be the future pathway of entertainment. Moreover, it has been a few years now. However, every user and their business needs to be aware of these essential YouTube statistics; hence you need not overlook when it comes to your concept of marketing strategy on YouTube. We’re hoping that these 21 unique YouTube stats and their facts could have made you understand using your resources sensibly.

Here’s a good suggestion that digging into your subscriber’s data helps to see that there’s a chance that you can grab up a unique set of audiences on your platform. You can also check what type of content effectively suits your YouTube channel and optimize them on the world’s biggest video sharing platform.

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