3 Ways To Become A Successful Business Leader

Successful Business Leader

People are often inclined to leave bad bosses, not bad jobs. A survey suggests that 39% of Canadians have left a job due to an underperforming manager. Good leaders create thriving companies that can be taken to the next level with the right strategy. Take a look at some of the ways you can be a successful boss for your business.

Leaders Lead

Many new bosses forget that they are no longer required to do the work of their staff. To create a good team environment, feel free to chip in if the workload is exceptionally high or when staff are absent. However, don’t forget that you are now the leader of your team, and being too hands-on could be seen as micromanagement by some colleagues. Listen and engage regularly with your employees, and building a coaching business where necessary. Your job is to observe, engage and report the progress of staff to ensure the workload is managed. Doing the job for them prevents their development.

Set Expectations

Your workers need to know what is expected of them in relation to your company’s strategy. Setting clear objectives can achieve this and will allow staff to keep track of their own development. A good tip is to keep your action statements SMART (smart, measurable, audience-specific, realistic and time-bound). This will ensure they are achievable. When delivering feedback to staff, ensure you keep it positive and acknowledge successes first. Provide clear direction on how to make improvements and offer suggestions on how to do this. Provide training where needed, and use other members of the team to do this where possible.

Create A Safe Environment

Many people will sustain a work-related injury at some stage in their lives. Good leaders ensure that their staff are protected, but also must ensure the business is protected in the event of accidents or illness. Workers’ compensation insurance covers lost wages and medical expenses, as well as company legal protection for any negligence claims. A safe environment also means creating a workplace where staff feel comfortable, valued and respected. Toxic workforces often result in mental health illnesses among employees, with 500,000 Canadians taking time off each week to recover. To promote a healthy and happy workplace, ensure that health and safety legislation is applied and conduct risk assessments for mental and physical health.

Good leadership starts with you, and it is important to lead by example. Improve yourself and keep learning to ensure that your team is always developing with you

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