4 Key Features of a Good Inverter with Battery

Today, it is difficult to imagine our life without the latest gadgets and appliances. From power generation to storing power, technology has come a long way. When there is a power cut at home or the workplace, life comes to a standstill. Situations like these can severely impact your work and daily routine. To avoid situations like these, you must have an inverter with battery as a backup. A battery is an integral component of an inverter, and it can either be purchased along with the inverter or separately. There is a high dependency on these batteries as the life and functioning of the inverter depend on it. Many brands provide an array of inverters with battery online and in stores—renowned brands like Luminous offer one of the best inverters with battery systems.

Before you make any decision, consider these features that will help you in buying a good inverter with battery:

1. Understand Your Power Requirement

The initial step when you choose an inverter with battery should be to understand your power requirements. Calculate the power required by the appliances when there is a power supply cut. You must take into consideration the gadgets and the appliances that you would like to use at that time. These can be home appliances such as fans, tube lights, refrigerator, television, computers, and others. Take a look at the table below for a better understanding:

Fan80 Watt
Tube light40 Watt
CFL20 Watt
Television120 Watt
LED Bulb9 Watt


To ensure the working of all the appliances, see that your inverter with battery can substantiate these requirements. This table above will allow you to choose the best inverter with battery that can support these appliances.

2. Consider the VA Rating of the Inverter

VA rating stands for Volt Ampere Rating. It is used to denote the power of an inverter in terms of voltage and current that is supplied by the inverter to the appliance. The capacity of an inverter is measured in VA, whereas battery capacity is measured in Ampere Hours. The voltage rating of the inverter also helps you in deciding the number of inverter batteries that you might require. A 12 V inverter require one battery while a 24V inverter require 2 batteries.

3. Understand the Inverter Battery Size Capacity Requirements

Before you select an inverter with battery, you must know the size capacity of the battery that is needed. If in a situation, you purchase a battery that is not compatible with the inverter, you will not get the desired results. Therefore, the size of the battery is an important feature to consider. With so many options in the market there are plenty of batteries ranging from 60 Ah to 220 Ah, it is vital for you to select the inverter with battery that offers appropriate backup delivery to utilize optimal performance.

4. Choose the Right Type of Battery

When looking for an inverter with battery, properly understand your needs and then make a choice from the different range of batteries out there. There are primarily two types of batteries that you can choose from-

  • Flat Plate Batteries

These batteries are flat shaped; the plate contains two components- structure and chemically active components. The flat plate ensures instantaneous high current discharge and faster charge recovery. They provide an uninterrupted supply of power to your electric devices and home appliances during a power cut.

  • Tubular Batteries

In tubular batteries, the plates have a pencil-like structure. The inner core of the pencil is made of solid lead alloy. The entire pencil-like structure is surrounded by the resin-treated cloth that can retain everything inside. These batteries require low maintenance and are best suited to support a heavy load.

These are some of the features that will enable you to purchase a good inverter with battery. Since most of us are working from home, in case of a power outage, an inverter with battery will provide the necessary support. Reputable brands like Luminous provide solutions to all your problems, with a comprehensive selection of inverters and batteries.

So, buy the best inverter with battery for your home today!

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