5 Amazing Ways Technology Brings People Closer

Technology is best when it brings people together

Technology is best when it brings people together.

      – Matt Mullenweg, American Entrepreneur

These words by the co-founder of the free and open-sourced web software named WordPress, highlight the very essence of technology. However, if you look at the most popular applications of technology, you may find a contradiction. There are plenty of debates about the role of technology in our lives. And while a portion of the society believes that technology is driving us apart, there are several instances that prove otherwise.

Over the decades, technology has helped us connect with people across the globe. And as technology evolves, it has provided us with several avenues, not only to communicate, but also to come together as a strong group, a diverse community or the society as a whole. Here are a few examples of how modern technology can bring people together.

1. Dating and Matchmaking:

Gone are the days when people had to wait for the right match to cross their path, fall in love and then get married. Now, the online dating apps play the role of cupid and bring two people together.

dating and matchmaking

A fun fact – the marriages which occur due to online connections (dating apps, social media, online gaming or matrimonial platforms) are more successful than the ones that result from chance meetings.

Today’s online dating apps provide the users with an ample amount of information about the person they are going to date. Users who connect with another people after checking out their characteristics, interests and other details are more likely to bond on a deeper level. Also, since they consider characteristics beyond the physical ones, it allows the relationship to grow.

2. Helping Addicts Return to the Mainstream of life:

There’s no denying of the fact that the addicts have a difficult life. Unless you have been involved in such a situation, you cannot really understand the struggle. Thanks to technology, people who are suffering from chronic addiction or find themselves in the process of recovery can get in touch with the support group whenever they feel necessary.

Helping Addicts Return to the Mainstream of life

Over the years, these support groups have helped individuals to recover from their addiction. With online support, individuals can get connected to people who have been in their position, and know answers to certain complicated questions regarding habits and effective measures to counteract the addiction. It is only because of technology, these people no longer feel detached from the society.

3. Gaming with Players Across the Globe:

The gaming devices have improved significantly over the past decade. Now, you don’t even need a computer or a PlayStation to enjoy a high definition gaming experience. But the question is – “What does it have to do with bringing people together?” Well, these games have not only developed in terms of user experience, but they have also improved the multiplayer experience.

Gaming with players across the globe

Games like Clash of Clans or Player Unknown’s BattleGround can be played with 2 to 50 players at the same time. Such games have unlocked a new avenue to connect with players hailing from different locations of the world. Players from different parts of the world can come together and create a clan. The multiplayer video games have facilitated users with similar options for quite some time. However, now they have the same option on their Smartphone, simply enabling them to engage in a multiplayer game anytime they want.

4. Using videos to Express:

Videos have been the most effective way to put across a message to a larger number of people. However, conventional means like the television and the silver screen, where you could share your videos with a large crowd are not just expensive, but also require a great amount of technical knowledge. However, with the introduction of YouTube and other video streaming platforms, you can influence a great number of people with home-made videos.

Sharing videos on YouTube is free. So, anyone can make use of this platform to express their opinions. The videos do not necessarily have to be polished. Some people prefer to watch unfiltered videos as they are more relatable. As a YouTube user, you can reach out to millions of people, and share your thoughts, opinion, skills and understanding with your viewers. You can use the opportunity to inform, entertain and educate many people at the same time.

5. Taking Education to a Different Level:

You must have already heard about the ‘education for all’ initiative. This may not be bringing people closer in a conventional way, but facilitating education for everyone does contribute to the cause of bringing people closer. Thanks to the advancement in technology, people in the remote areas can have access to quality education. In fact, anyone can log in using the internet and avail necessary essay writer from the experts.

For decades, people in the remote areas felt isolated from the mainstream of the society. Also, there were people who used to be looked down upon by others for not being educated enough. It is because of the technological advancement in the education sector, these people have the opportunity to receive better education and make a better claim of their lives.

6. Making the Most of Social Media:

Since its inception, social media platforms, especially Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, have allowed us to connect to long-lost friends and relatives while introducing us to new people across the globe. In fact, the introduction of social media platforms has changed the way we communicate in today’s digital world.

Making the Most of Social Media

However, there’s no denying of the fact that these online platforms are also a major reason why people are drifting apart from reality. If we talk about bringing people together, there is nothing more effective than these social media platforms. Instant messaging tools like WhatsApp or imo have made communication more convenient, as users cannot only converse in texts, but also share media files and documents.

Yes, there’s a negative side to the various applications of technology. In fact, there are instances in which technology isolates the users from reality. Social media platforms and digital games are two of the most addictive elements of technology that can drive individuals apart.

Now, if you look around you, people are busy crushing digital candies or watching some content on popular streaming services. Nobody really wants to interact or communicate with each other, unless it is absolutely necessary. That is one of the drawbacks of technological advancements.

However, we cannot really blame technology for driving us apart. We have to abide by rules to use technology to our advantage. Most technological innovations are meant for the betterment of our lives. If we use it to turn into an isolated individual instead of connecting with each other, we are the ones at fault.

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