8 Innovative Ways To Keep Your Employees’ Minds Sharp

8 Innovative Ways To Keep Your Employees’ Minds Sharp

Are you looking towards keeping your employees’ minds sharp so that they are more innovative?

Sure, having a motivated and focused employee will help them and your company grow both in mind and productivity.

While thinking of keeping your employees’ sharp, it is also vital that you give employees perfect tools at work to enable them to be productive, ensure that the office is well set with all your employees need before they arrive for work. You need to ensure all computers are in perfect condition with no signs of hard drive failure.

In order to run a prosperous company, every employer must begin thinking about productivity and profits. These two aspects are closely connected, and entrepreneurs need to come up with various solutions and strategies in order to improve them.

Having motivated, sharp and focused employees will help you and your company big time. Let us have a look at these eight innovative ways of keeping your employees’ minds sharp and on track:

1.  Reward Quality

Most companies are all about speed and due dates while forgetting employee’s well-being. What a sad fact! In case your goal as an employer is to have focused employees, ensure you embrace quality over timelines and speed. You need to focus on creating system employees are awarded for achieving set goals.

If you want your employees to remain focused and value more than the salary you pay them, consider giving them incentives that are not just cash. Try to shop for opportunities to reward excellent performance and nature team mentality at the same time.

2.  Train Your Team

One important way to show your employees that you care for them at their various job positions is to help them develop their career. Having your employees explore different skills and tasks periodically may keep them focused and sharp.

With knowledge advancements, your employees will be at work, which will positively affect their productivity in return.

Additionally, continual brain stimulation will help keep your employees sharp. Therefore, you need to consider organizing workshops and seminars for your team to improve their productivity and focus.

3.  Encourage Brainstorming

Try to evade being a know-it-all employer and encourage brainstorming amongst your team. Your employees may have great ideas that might be crucial for your business growth. This is the key reason why employers need to encourage and support brainstorming in the workplace. If you allow your employees to think freely, they will do this during work hours in their workstations and this will keep them sharp and concentrated.

4.  Forget About Traditional Shifts

We have to admit that people are different, hence their circadian rhythms are different too. Some people will be more productive in the morning, while some will work better at night. You should try not to force your employees into a traditional shift system. Allow them some flexibility. So long as the job is done perfectly, you should not worry about their reporting time to work and their exit time.

5.  Encourage Physical Activity

It is renowned that physical activity or workouts has a positive impact on the human brain, and this is subject to the fact that increased perspiration helps in pumping fresh oxygen in your brain. More oxygen in your brain and body means better awareness and concentration. Therefore, you can plan to have an office gym in a place where your team can do workouts before, during, or after job. Playing chess comes with physical benefits too, hence it is advisable that you provide your employees with chess boards

6.  Give Your Workers a Healthy Diet

Learn about nutrition and implement nutrition rules when it comes to providing your team with the office menu.

Your employees need proteins, minerals, and vitamins to enable them to perform on top of their abilities. Ensure you buy vegetables and fruits for your team to consume, as sugar in fruits is vital for proper brain activity, which will, in turn, make your employees more efficient at work.

7.  Set Up a Break Room

Pushing your employees too hard may be one of the worst things you can do. Your employees need time with family and friends, time to interact with each other outside the office environment and time to have fun outside of the work environment. If you fail to show respect to your employees’ needs for a break, you could be signaling and fundamental disregard for your employee welfare.

The most productive individuals in a society have one thing in common: They stop at some point. Breaking up your busy day between tasks releases your minds to rest and become sharper than before. A brief stretch or coffee break can be equally effective.

Employees need time for a break, hence it is appropriate that you plan for this time. You will need a special space where they can communicate and unwind. It is advisable that you provide them with board games too to enable them to think even while resting during the break time.

The break space also should include scrabble, movies, video games, and crosswords.

All these break time activities are meant to help employees remain motivated and appreciated. Give your team time to refresh, and they will come back in office fresh and focused to deliver on their mandates.

8.  Go Green

Before settling on anything else, ensure that the office environment is uncluttered and cleaned before employees arrive. Working in a messy office or environment can impact employees motivation negatively, thus reducing their productivity in turn. Another tip of boosting the overall working mood during office hours is to get some plants. Green color has a calming effect and leaves will absorb carbon dioxide releasing oxygen which is healthy for any dwelling.


It is now clear that there are a lot of efficient ways in which you can improve employees’ mood. If this is done properly, your employees will ever remain focused.

If your employees are relaxed and satisfied, their minds will be sharp and focused, and they can use such a conducive work environment to increase efficiency during work hours. This will promote growth in production and happier workforce.

Final Thoughts

I will leave you with this important formula: Fostering your employee engagement = high creativity. Encouraging employee creativity = high employee engagement. Before you reach that level where your team is walking by each other without eye-contact, and fear is deep, consider reviewing your engagement tactics. Be close to your employees and consider asking your employees what can make them more creative and keep their minds focused.

Also, make an effort to provide conducive office environment by ensuring all PCs and furniture are in good working condition. You can achieve this by having a routine checkup on your office furniture and PCs to find out if any of the PCs has signs of hard drive failure or any cases of broken furniture.

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