5 Best Android App Designs That Will Trend in 2024

5 Best Android App Design

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Technology keeps on evolving and that’s the interesting part about it. The trends that have survived a few years ago may not even go in the list the very next year and that’s why we have a list of new design trends at the beginning of every new year. Talking about Android app design trends, the case is much similar as newer design trends have already started appearing. The blog post will help you review the best 5 Android app design trends.

Here We Go!

Before we talk about the design trends to rule in 2024, let’s have a look at the factors to influence these trends:

Typography designs, asymmetric layouts, 2D and 3D illustrations, micro-interaction, storytelling along with AR and VR have always remain in the trend in 2024 and they are believed to remain there as the top trends in 2024 also. Besides these trends, there are other trends that are likely to appear that we will further talk about towards the end of the write-up.

The change in the design first approach is another reason for these trends to change year after year. Today’s designs are more centric towards the need of business. Moreover, as mobile devices are becoming a primary device for interacting with the business, the designers are concentrating more on the designs that could offer exceptional mobile experience to the audiences.

Let’s Explore App Design Trends To Prevail The Upcoming Year:

Asymmetrical Layouts

Asymmetrical Layouts

Tidy and traditional grid will take a backfoot and overlapping elements will come in the focus. Split screen are getting back to life with a twist of asymmetrical layout. There will be lost of overlaps and generous amount of whitespaces in the designs to make it a visual treat for the audience. All these elements combined together give a direction to viewers’ eyes in order to take them from a design element to another.

Asymmetric being an attention grabbing design technique creates the right kind of balance between the design and layout. However, while considering this Android app design trend for mobile app development, keep in mind to create the right kind of balance between white and negative space.

2D and 3D Illustration

2D and 3D Illustration

2D and 3D designs with their complex motion bring life to the design. These designs bring a friendly experience to the users. Dynamics of 2D and 3D makes it easy to capture viewer’s attention with the details created while creating the designs. These dynamics help capture users attention and explains them the offering from the brand or by the company.

A detailed design illustration gives websites and apps their own unique personality while making them enjoyable for the viewers. Because of its vast illustration abilities, the designers need to be specific while representing their design for either the web or mobile apps.



2024 will be the year of micro-interaction, animation, logos, and texts thriving on web pages. All these elements will help users navigate through a page and reach easily to the sections like feedback form or other important details. Well-designed micro interactions are a sign that a website cares for its users and gives a positive impression about the brand in order to influence users’ action.

Swipe action on a web page or an app is a fine example of micro-interaction. For users, it eliminates the requirement of clicking on a tab or a link that obviously contributes towards users’ interaction with the website. With a swipe action users can easily shift from a tab to another swiftly.



The ability to tell great stories around digital experience is something that keep users spell bounded while interacting with a brand. The trend for this obvious reason will see prominent growth as one of the most important trends in Android app designing. Accompanied by typography a visual hierarchy is created for the users that of course contributes to the experience of the users.

How you tell the story over your website is an important element that contributes towards the viewer’s interaction with the brand. Just telling the story is not all, it needs to be engaging, having visual aesthetics and something to offer to the users. All these elements combined together can create the required effect.



With AR and VR in the design trends, we can have a UI that does not remain fixed to the screen only. Instead, there could be interactions that feel like happening in the real world environment. Google and Apple have already introduced their AR development platforms, ARCore and AEKit respectively that blends together physical and digital world. AR UI can make many things possible that right now we can just think of.

Other Android App Design Trends To Rule In 2024

The previous year has contributed much towards the acceleration in the technologies like AR and VR. And the year 2024 will bring the following technology in the UI designing:

  • Oversized bold typography
  • Responsive color
  • Designing for voices
  • Broken grid, ETC.

Let’s Have a Look At The Technology That Majority Of Apps Will Have

Apps Based On Cloud Computing

Cloud technology brings less operational and hosting cost, scalable architecture and seamless app performance. Cloud based apps decrease the pressure on a device’s internal memory as the data is fetched directly from the cloud. Therefore, the cloud is useful for both developers and owners of the business. Because of its expandable memory attribute, cloud technology is growing in popularity.

Artificial Intelligence

More and more mobile app development companies today are considering artificial intelligence in their app making because of the power of algorithm that AI brings with it. With AI centric applications, the experience of the users can be accelerated by analyzing the data from their previous interaction to offer results of their interest.

In Conclusion

The future of Android app design trends is going to be very much user-centric. And with the support of all the above-mentioned technology trends, creating these apps has become easier as well. As these trends are going to make app creation much easier, the end benefit will always be given to the users.

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