5 Powerful Social Media Tips For Small Business Owners

5 Powerful Social Media Tips For Small Business Owners


Do you think you don’t stand a chance against big market entities? Do you ever feel like it is better if you quit than proceed forth with no substantial resources?

If yes, we advise you to stop.

Although being a small business in a pool of hotshot companies is a challenge, you shouldn’t allow it to crush your dreams. Every entrepreneur starts with a vision, and they must use everything at their disposal to breathe life into those.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics findings, approximately 20 percent of small businesses fail within the first year. You must stay on your toes to keep yourself out of the woods in the first year. The urgency of this matter grows as your small business matures.

Using social media to enhance your reputation and profits is the best bet for every small business out there. You may be dangling by a thread, but you eventually learn how to swim in the deeper waters if you use social media the right way. As per GlobalWebIndex, 54% of social browsers use social media to research products and services before they buy.

So, stick around, go social, and watch the wonders unravel for your venture. Here are five powerful social media tips for small business owners:

1. Set Goals and Objectives

Business owners often make a social media profile simply because they feel they have to be there. While it is valid to some extent, you should play by objectives. Social media has the unfortunate reputation of being a time-sink among various critics. By defining the goals, you can point to your business’s specific needs and justify the role you are playing.

Once you have the goals figured out, it is time to outline the SMART social media objectives. They should be specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and timely. This approach results in goal-setting that is backed up by facts. Such goals rely on metrics that will create a significant impact on your venture.

A Sprout Social research notes that the top-priority of social-savvy companies varies from company to company.

social media profile


2. Choose the Right Platforms

Making assumptions of your prospects’ presence on a particular platform will lead you to severe errors. For instance, in light of the recent trends, an entrepreneur might think that Instagram and TikTok will be the right places to start their campaign. However, the data reveals that about a quarter of Facebook users are 18 to 24 years old.

Right Platforms


Instagram, on the contrary, is better for B2C businesses. It will help them flaunt their visual appeal and add stories to reveal behind-the-scenes of their operations. Likewise, every platform has a specific population that you must examine before making a profile. Perhaps, TikTok might not be the right fit for you, but many brands with an audience beyond Gen Z are experimenting on this platform.

Choosing a platform doesn’t have to be an all-or-nothing method. Hootsuite provides that an average internet user has 8.4 social media accounts. You can connect with people on various platforms for varying reasons.

3. Respond to Customers

You should always reply to the customers, address their grievances, appreciate the tags, messages, and online reviews. One of the unique benefits of social media marketing for businesses is that you can directly talk to your customers. You can build relationships over time and convince them of your credibility.

According to a finding by Pew Research, over three-fourths of American internet users access social media like Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. Responding to a wide array of customers may seem like a daunting task. But as you grow, you can set up automatic replies and respond in detail later.

Moreover, responding to customers make them feel valued. They take themselves to be essential for the brand, which works well for future purchases.

Sparking interactions with customers has become relatively easy nowadays. Panera Bread shows us how to do it the right way. It launched a relationship-building campaign this summer to direct attention towards its new coffee subscription. They announced that they would provide free coffee this summer if the customers voted ‘YES’ in the poll.

Respond to Customers


Thus, proactively interacting with customers asks for creative thinking and an engaging approach.

4. Go Visual

Images are essential on social media. Platforms like Instagram and Snapchat reveal that potential customers are eager to see what happens at the production end.

Make sure to switch the content with various visual modes. If you are usually posting the GIFs, give a shot to JPG. Similarly, video content is an incredible way to boost your engagement rates. Various apps can help you shoot a video, edit it, and post it to entice the audience.

Experimenting with various platforms helps you learn which format works the best for different content and social media platforms. On top of it all, Facebook recently launched its ‘content type diversity’ algorithm. Switching the formats may turn out in your favor as it enhances the reach of your content.

When playing the visual game, make sure that every piece you put out there is accessible and inclusive. Add alt text to images and ensure that the videos have captions. All this time, ensure that you represent your audience in the shared imagery/videos. For further information on how to pursue each platform, it is essential to study the content ideas that will enhance your business on that particular forum.

5. Focus on Quality

The sheer number of social media options might be overwhelming for small business owners. It is imperative to offer value to your audience rather than merely jeopardizing their newsfeed with your posts.

Make sure that each post you share offers value to the customers. Make sure it encourages engagement or compels them to make a purchase. The valuable content will never go unnoticed by the prospects if it strikes the right chords.

This also means starting with a couple of social media channels and expanding your efforts gradually. Seeking services from social media marketing platforms that can help you turn the tables in your favor.

Parting Notes

Social Media has twists and turns that could be a challenge for small business owners. Yet you can’t expect to hit your target without strong social media armor. We hope your next social campaign will get people to rave about your fantastic creativity!

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