How to Optimize Your Google Ads with no Hassle?

Today being active on Google means everything for your site. Especially when you are selling goods and services online, this could mean the world to you.

Besides the organic Google ranking, you have to deal with an extreme network of Google Ads shown at the top of the page. That is a reality for the past ten years, where Google has evolved from a simple search engine to the most powerful advertising tool of modern times.

Here are some tips to follow when you need to optimize your Google ads in an affordable way, without depending to paid tools a lot:

Optimize Your Google Ads

1-Take a Google Ads Account Audit

The best way to check what is going on with your ads would be to try a free google ads audit tool to optimize your campaign, where you could find precious information you could rely on.

Such free audit tools give you real-time data of what is going on to most competitors’ sites and their updated ranking. Even though ads are dependent on sites to get their ranking level, it would be useful to have at least an idea of how Google audits your ads compared to the competition.

2-Use Google Advertising Solutions such as CleverAds

Another useful way to optimize your commercial presence online would be to use CleverAds, an innovative online software, and application that can skyrocket your traffic when applying it to your site. The software has an optimizing method to create ads (or improve the current ones you already have and spread around the net) and target the right audience.

It has a special algorithm that takes input from Google about daily trends and how the traffic is going online in your specific and targeted geographical region. CleverAds can work with your marketing team to create useful ads that will be easy and tempting for any user to click. All these happen at a minimal price or even free if you want to stick with the basic version.

3-Review Your Goals

Another way to optimize your Google ads campaign would be to review your goals constantly. That has to happen every single day since things and situations change rapidly on a day-by-day basis.

If your goals are to dominate a certain target group in your area, it would be better to find ways to approach them, taking examples from the market. Each successful account leaves trails behind him that other software can track and give you a visual depiction of what did they do to reach the top.

Setting feasible and ambitious goals is the right thing to do when reviewing your marketing team’s strategy. That takes us to the next point, talking about the account strategy plans.

4-Be Cautious with Your Account Strategy

The next and more complex issue would be fixing and implementing a 5-year account strategy plan for every targeted audience you would like to influence with your ads. The account strategy is as important as the cash flow. If you don’t give your marketers, content writers, landing page creators, etc., the right information and the vision you have for your webpage, they would never create competitive content.

That in return would give you Google ads that don’t fit your campaign and sometimes become obstacles to your effort to evolve and win big. The account strategy can either skyrocket or plummet your Google Ads business so beware of the dragon there!

5-Take a Look at Your Account Settings

Your Google account settings may pose a natural barrier to your better ranking. No one can surely understand all the ever-changing Google account settings (except, of course, from the Google core programmers!); that is why it would be better to check what other successful sites do and rank better than you on the very first page.

If you want your ad to appear on a certain IP group’s organic searches, you have to act quickly and deactivate all the multiple geo settings that Google has posed to its Control Panel. You may think it’s not important, but a recent survey has shown that a single setting could give you ten places in the organic Google ranking.

6-Add your Campaign to the Most Relevant Ad Groups

Today we have ad groups that accumulate Google Ads that show similar items, goods, and services to a certain public. If your Google campaign runs by itself individually but has not shown signs of success, then it’s time to think about entering other Ad Groups that operate in the same area of advertising expertise.

That can give you access to the neighborhood where people come to see ads in the same niche. You have more feasible chances to upgrade your Google ads and make them rank higher than ever before. After all, creating a strong coalition of advertisers has more benefits than drawbacks for marketers.

7-Spend More Time in Finding the Best Relevant Keywords

Keywords are still the Alpha and the Omega of the online Google Ads industry. Since you need to write content that is intriguing and unique for Google bots to approve, finding the relevant keywords and placing them in the right position can skyrocket your performance.

It takes time, money, and lots of effort to find the best keywords for your Ads. However, as soon as you identify the right way to retrieve them online (either by paid or free software and Google add ons), you can master your audience and pop up on every Google search done in the geographic area you have been focusing on.

8-Be Creative with Your Landing Pages

Your Google Ads should always lead to a landing page. That landing page has to be created only for Google advertising purposes and different from your company page or your e-shop page. That happens because people don’t like to directly connect shops and marketers before they are actually persuaded and ready to make the purchase.

Landing page creation can give you a hard time when you don’t have a clue about what people need to see there. However, if you spend some time and check your competitors’ landing pages and the sequence of information they use there, it would be definite that you will create and upload the best landing pages ever!

9-Have a Constant Report of All Your Activities

Finally, it would help if you had a good reporting tool to have the best Google Ads operation to work for your benefit. The best thing would be to have a daily reporting of what is going on with your Google ads, how many people they influence, what is their main age group and how many of them are proceeding in your landing page.

Such information can give you quite useful conclusions about what you need to do better and what changes you need to implement so that your Google Ads campaign can thrive!


In an internet world that changes rapidly, your Google Ads campaign can be your cash fuel giving your business wings to fly. You should always take the paradigm from the market and apply well-established solutions when building your ad strategy. Remember that no Google Ads campaign has ever succeeded without the right software and people to back it up.

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