5 Profitable Benefits of Android Instant Apps for Businesses

In 2016, at Google, I/O developer conference a new form of mobile application was coined which was Android instant app.

What are these instant apps for?

They act as a bridge between the gap of web application and native mobile apps.

You must be wondering how?

There was an idea to break a native mobile app into smaller fragments which makes these parts run almost instantly. With this move, a user no longer has to download an app from the Google play store to use it. In a nutshell, Android instant apps are the lite version of native mobile apps which a user can use without downloading them from Google play store.

These applications will open as fast as the web application but will act as a native app. This approach will make the interaction frictionless for businesses.

The core question here which you might be thinking is what the benefits of serving an instant app are. Here in this post, we will address this question. So, let’s get you started with it,

#1 They Resemble Easier User Acquisition

Before we dwell on the benefits, I would like to inform you that it will include made up scenarios to give you a better understanding. As this point clearly shows easier user acquisition now imagine a scenario where you are standing outside in a rain and you need a cab. Despite installing an app if you can have an Android instant app, you can easily book a cap without waiting for an app to install.

These types of scenarios are not imaginary and do happen a lot. When you serve an instant app to your buyer personas at the right time, they tend to incline their favor for you. Mobile apps are undoubtedly an interactive option and tend to serve the user well. But the instant apps will hurdle the user acquisition as they are deemed to be fast and easier. One can simply Google the link to your instant app and use it.

#2 Opportunity to make Better User Experience

E-commerce business mostly uses the mobile apps. Shopping on a mobile web page can be your user’s worst nightmare. Catering for the user an Android instant app will be your best bet.

With an instant app, you can take your persona directly to the page of product where they will purchase the product without installing an app. It will encourage the user to stay loyal to your brand. So, instant apps will help you in making a better user experience for your user.

#3 Customer Retention Made Easy

Another tenet of business is retaining customers. New acquisitions are always lucrative and beneficial but the existing customers are the rocks which give strength to your business. With an Android instant app, you can create the better user experience and retain your existing customers.

Downloading an app can be a tedious task for your customers. Serving them with an instant app will keep the interaction minimal and to the point.

#4 Increased Exposure

There is one more utility of an instant app. You can use it as a try out before offering your native mobile application. It will increase the number of people who want to use your app. Why? Because you are giving them a trial where they can use your app without downloading your native app. It increases the exposure of your business.

#5 Lightning Fast Feedback

Feedback system in Android instant app is spectacular. Once your users use your instant app, they can leave a feedback instantly. It gives you enough to work on your app and make it better every time. You can also make use of the analytics section and work according to the views of your audience. With the help of quick feedbacks, you can come up to your audience with a better application that will help you in growing authenticity of your application

Winding It Up

So, these are some of the benefits that will help you to understand the value of Android instant apps. I hope this surely helps you in your Android app development workflow. Most of the people encounter with them on daily basis but fail to identify them. Maybe that was the case with you.

Take care fellas and have a nice day!!!

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