AWS Essentials : 7 Facts You Need to Know

As we all know Amazon was first entered into the online business which is Amazon was introduced to sell the books over online. Later they thought it is very expensive to store the data with the third party due to heavy cost of database management so they decided to build an application which stores the database of their own organizations. They built an application called Amazon web services, which was initially used to store the data of Amazon online business transactions database. AWS was first introduced in 2006.

Amazon web services started providing cloud computing services where the organizations can store the database and can retrieve whenever they required. AWS is one of the secured and most reliable cloud service providers in today’s cloud computing world.

AWS Clouding :

It is very difficult for every organization to build and operate their own infrastructure and data servers to manage the data. AWS provides cloud computing services with low cost and high reliability. The best thing about the AWS is that it is cost effective perhaps we can say that, it was the first clouding company who introduced the pay-as-you-go. one can pay the amount according to their usage.

AWS growth :

As the AWS introduced in 2006 it has witnessed a massive growth in its journey. Now it has hundreds and thousands of customers around 190 countries across the globe. Many startups from the UK started using this platform to run their businesses such as just-eat, Spotify, Shazam, Zoopla and hail and even most of the big organizations are also utilizing AWS services.

Now it’s been utilized by every business regardless of its size and turnover running their technologies on AWS. At the same time, the AWS is not only used by the business organizations but also by the government departments, educational departments, and non-profit organizations.

Startup favor :

It is very difficult to manage all expenses which incur on a regular basis by the startups due to insufficient funds. So AWS helps them with an option called pay-as-you-go which allows them to decrease the cost of storing the data. It does not require much knowledge to operate one can easily operate with minimum basic skills of a computer.

AWS Security :

Information is the key asset of any company. Companies formulate policies and procedures based on the previous information. If we lost the information of an organization it is a huge loss for the company and competitors may take advantage of it. Many companies have been using the AWS software due to high security for the data provides the platform. AWS always concerned and trying to develop the security measures so it is an added advantage for the companies who are associated with it.

Global Leader :

It has occupied leader position with its share in the computing industry, as well as it has ten times faster computing capacity, when it was undergone along with other 14 service providers in a test called new magic quadrant for cloud and infrastructure as a service, By Gartner

Easy analytics :

mazon Web Services helps the organizations in converting and organizing the huge volumes of data into scalable and measurable ones. Through which companies cannot have to rely on data scientist and also no need to pay high amounts for them.

Flexibility :

AWS very flexible when we compare it with the other cloud service providers. We can select the operating system, the programming language, database, and a platform for web application at AWS. Based on our requirements we can choose the services.

Conclusion :

To be ahead of our competitors in this fast forwarding technological world, we must have to use the advanced and cost-effective cloud computing services. AWS is the best cloud computing service provider at low cost. It is very easy and flexible to use.  It also provides a facility called free trial for twelve months, you can use this for trial purpose.


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