OTP SMS – An Essential Feature for User Authenticity

OTP SMS – An essential feature for user authenticity- Alcodes
One Time Password is like as secret code which reaches the user on the registered contact number. There are multiple ways of sending OTP.

It can be sent by

  • e-mail
  • Voice message
  • A printed code sent by mail delivery
  • The code generated by a running APP
  • By an SMS.

The secure nature of this passcode is that it remains valid for only one login session. It has an expiration timeline. An OTP SMS marks the verification of any transaction. It helps in stopping any data leaks, cyber-crime or scamming in the name of the listed user.

Some features for OTP SMS are as follows:

#1 Fast delivery service:

The OTP password is a quick delivery service where the OTP code is sent to the user in seconds. It remains valid for a short span of time. To avoid any spamming or misuse a new crack code is generated for every transaction done.

#2 Code of Secrecy:

The SMS services offer an OTP authentication infrastructure. It creates, confirms and verifies the OTP SMS sent to the user. The unique code is only received by one user under the strict instructions of not sharing the passcode with anyone. It is basically a key feature of authenticity. Thus it remains a crucial tool to mark the genuineness of any activity done by the user.

Example: When you are making any transfer than after you approve the transaction. A verification OTP link of authenticity is sent along on your registered contact. It says

Forward this message to XXXXXXX if the transaction is not done by you”

#3 Multiple uses of the OTP service:

The OTP code is private and automatically generated during any business transaction. It is most commonly used in the banking sector, e-commerce industries, institutes, companies, and industries. Most commonly used type of OTP service is a mobile authenticator process. Where an automatic OTP is sent to the users registered mobile number. Then the confirmation of the transaction is done by the user on entering the same set of code to the account for him to approve any transaction or enter his account. See how an OTP SMS service can be used by all industries and businesses

#4 Two Step Authentication (TFA) process:

Regularly using your bank accounts, website passwords or logging into your personal accounts on different computers can be risky. If the operation involves secured data and if the leak of data causes high losses. Then companies adopt a two-way authentication process.

Using one username and one password to enter your personal accounts can be memorized or cracked illegally by anyone. Therefore using a multi-step authentication or using two-step process is safer. These ways entering your account is a safe method for securing your accounts form any misconduct.

Example: A set of passwords are used by

  • SBI bank
  • ICICI bank

by making payment by wallet or debit card or credit card. During making any transaction on any e-commerce website or during the transfer of money.

They ask for your

  • Account details
  • Username- Password combination

and once you cross step one

  • an OTP SMS

is sent to your mobile for confirmation of the transaction.

#5 Secure- Successful- Synchronized:

The service can be easily requested at any time by the user if he/she fails to enter the OTP in a scheduled timeline or fails to receive due to network issues. The OTP password can be requested to be re-sent by an easy option available on the business website.

Example: “Resent OTP” is mentioned on the CitrusPay payment gateway when you don’t receive an OTP SMS or the time-lapse is crossed.

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