5 Reasons Why Small Businesses Should Start Using Video Conferencing

Video conferencing is the norm for large businesses and corporations as it increases efficiency and does not require physical presence in meetings. This makes it highly cost-effective, but most importantly, it brings employees closer together, therefore increasing collaboration.


When it comes to smaller businesses, there is a misconception regarding their need for video conferencing equipment. Since small businesses have less employees one would think they have it easier to meet in-person and do not need help from smart devices. But, this could not be further from the truth.

Below are 6 reasons why small businesses should use video conferencing equipment for better team collaboration and overall productivity:

#1 Video conferencing feels just like being physically present and increases efficiency

We are used to having meetings where we can see and hear each other physically. While most people prefer this type of interaction, the rise of online communication and distances between teams doing business together requires remote meetings. This has definitely become the standard.

Fairly often, it is impossible to be present in meetings. With video conferencing, people can join business meetings remotely, which covers the feeling of physical presence, even when thousands of miles apart. What’s more, the tools available nowadays offer much more than just audio or video calls.

Video conferencing equipment has become much more advanced with real-time communication and collaboration options, audio, and video conferencing, screen-sharing and screencasting, all at the same time. This allows for proper meetings and presentation of proposals or reports with great effectiveness.

#2 Easier collaboration

With proper video conferencing equipment, small business employees can work together even when not in the office or when spread-out in several sites. Telecommuting becomes part of the company culture and this results in higher proficiency and leads to more satisfied employees. These solutions clearly boost long-distance collaboration and effectiveness of project completion.

Having this type of interaction between remote employees increases satisfaction amongst them and nurtures good company culture. This is why video conferencing has become a vital need for small businesses to humanize remote communication between teams and clients.

#3 Cost-effectiveness

There are many video conferencing equipment out there that are expensive and need a dedicated IT person to set them up as well as maintain them. Moreover, these plans usually require monthly or yearly subscriptions that drive company costs sky-high. However, there are a number of video conferencing equipment that are at a reasonable price without subscription plans and offers an all-in-one solution for the company.

When you calculate commuting, plane tickets, time and other expenses, video conferencing becomes the go-to solution to reduce these costs. Small businesses can save in office spaces by having their employees work from home and use video conferencing equipment to meet and collaborate.

#4 Expand business opportunities

Sometimes you just can afford to take a business trip for various business opportunities. At other times, it simply is impossible. Small businesses can leverage video conferencing as a highly effective solution in such circumstances. Also, the ease of use of the available video conferencing equipment in the market makes it very desirable.

There are solutions where you can wirelessly screen-share and video conference simultaneously. This way, presenting a proposal to clients and possible leads becomes easy and effective, while at the same time offering small businesses an advantage when closing deals.

#5 Improvement of work-life balance

Small businesses oftentimes hire consultants from different area codes. In such cases, these consultants either need to travel for project meetings with the team or for business meetings with clients. The result is that it affects their work-life balance and brings down their morale.

Having the option to use video conferencing tools to work from home on their own time and yet remain effective is much more desirable. Employees can balance their work with their home life without neglecting their family members, which can result with a boost in their overall satisfaction and productivity.


With fast moving business environments, it is important to not waste time in long and unnecessary meetings. Also, having to move from one location to another to hold a meeting costs in time. Video conferencing makes this much easier. As teams from different offices in different floors or sites can join in multiparty video conferencing calls to hold quick meetings and share ideas, the job gets done a lot faster. Without much hassle, meetings become more effective and bring better productivity.


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