What is Digital Marketing and its Scope in Future?

digital marketing.

The beginning of Marketing

In earlier days, radio systems were widely used for marketing and advertisement purposes. Then came the television boom and as a result, a major portion of marketing was done on these TV sets. The benefits were simple; every household has a TV and people watch it daily.

Modern World is a Digital Era.

Presently we are living in a digital era the basis of which is the internet. According to internet usage stats, presently there are more than 3.5 Billion internet users in the world and this no. is only going to increase. Electronic gadgets are present everywhere and are the major sources of information today. With so many internet users, the concept of marketing is redefined by digital marketing. Digital marketing is a new form of marketing which uses different platforms available on the internet to attract customers.   

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is the marketing technique of the digital era. It uses internet-based platforms like emails, social networking sites, websites, etc. digital marketing can be further breakdown into the following parts based on the platform used.

  • Messages

This was used in the starting of days of digital marketing when companies used to tell about their products or services using messages. They sent those messages directly to the customer’s cell phone number. It was a hit back then but its effect faded as people started to avoid those messages.

  • E-mail Marketing

Just like message marketing, email marketing used emails for marketing purposes. Companies used to send emails in bulk to different people. These emails attracted more people as they were fancy and included catchy texts, banners, images, etc.  Email marketing is still in fashion and companies use it as a tool to spread information about their products and services.

  • Social Media Marketing

We all are familiar with the ads that we see on our social media accounts. These ads are nothing but a part of social media marketing. Companies use this platform to attract more and more customers. The best part of social media marketing is that it can be used by everyone. You need not have big businesses to advertise on social media. This marketing is purely content-driven and can attract many people for a much lesser investment

  • Website based Marketing

In website marketing, companies post their ads on different websites for marketing purposes. This method is widely used by many companies to spread information about their products and services.

Future of digital marketing

Because of those numbers of internet users, the companies are making the web their tool for attracting customers. Never before in the history of mankind has this happened that so many people have come across a common platform. Not only the internet, but the smartphone industry also has similar data. According to stats, there will be more than 5 billion smartphone users in the world. This means that companies can directly influence so many people. We all know that this number is always going to increase. So as far as the scope of digital marketing is concerned, it is bright and good. New tools data science and artificial intelligence will be employed to increase the efficiency of digital marketing.  

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