5 Successful Social Media Campaigns You Can Learn from

Social Media Campaigns

If you didn’t know until now, you should find out that roughly 78 percent out of all the businesses have specific teams that focus exclusively on creating social media campaigns. A couple of years ago, the percentage was 67 percent; which merely points out that the power of social media is real, when it comes to attracting and engaging customers. To that end, we’ll introduce five successful social media campaigns you can utilize for promoting your own business.

  1. Influencer Marketing

If you’re asking how to get more Instagram followers, one of the approaches that will most likely bring you the results you want is collaborating with influencers. Nonetheless, we’re not referring exclusively to the influencers that come close to being celebrities. In fact, it is anticipated that brands will move their attention, in the years that follow, on collaborating with micro and nano-influencers, granted that their audiences are highly engaged and active.

In fact, this is how H&M managed to gain roughly 294.1 engagement per mention. This is, without a doubt, an impressive result considering the competitive nature of the industry.

  1. Facebook Boosted Posts

The social media platforms that can help you with reaching the results you want include Facebook and Instagram. Of course, there are other platforms, as well, but these have the highest engagement rates, when compared to the industry standards. For example, there are a lot of aps that are specifically created in order to optimize the number of followers your firm has on Instagram; such an example would be kenji.

With that said, we would like to mention a very essential strategy, namely that of Facebook boosted posts, which can be focused for desktop and mobile users alike. What you ought to do, though, is ensure that you incorporate data from previous activity, so that you can conduct thorough ad testing. This will contribute to the optimization of the advertisements’ impact, depending on your target audience, of course.

To that end, this approach, when used accordingly, namely, when it is supported by direct response messaging related to the feed, the brand’s favorability can be significantly boosted.

  1. Airbnb #We Accept

One of the ways in which Airbnb has come to dominate the traveling realm is by incorporating a smart approach to marketing. A perfect example would be their campaign entitled #we accept. This is a social media campaign whose purpose was inspiring people to feel good about themselves, about their differences, the individualities that make them different. To that end, the message promoted by the company through this campaign is of positivity, making the people feel connected and bond to the company.

As you can see, such an approach aims at touching people’s emotions and feelings, trying to connect with them on a deeper level. And this is, sometimes, related to marketing. When you manage to connect with your target audience, people are more likely to choose your brand over others.

  1. Disney #ShareYourEars Campaign

Moving on, we will focus our attention on one of the campaigns used by Disney. It’s no secret that Disney is a mastermind when it comes to smart marketing. To that end, this specific campaign was really successful as well. In essence, it was a selfie contest with a charity angle.

This was the perfect combination, might we add, considering that so many people ended up being a part of it. So, in order to keep up, Disney ought to double their budget. This is what we call uncanny success – don’t you agree?

So, if you wanted to participate in the campaign, you ought to duplicate Mickey Mouse’s ears. Of course, if you want to use this kind of a campaign, then, you should use a simple premise that will make it easy for people to get involved.

  1. Short, Instructional Videos

Another efficient marketing campaign is adding short, instructional videos to your feed. This applies whether we’re talking about Facebook or Instagram. Video content holds supremacy, at the time being, and it is expected to become even more prevalent in the foreseeable future.

This is why you should use it as much as possible as people respond to videos, especially if they are instructional, short and snappy. Tasty is a perfect example of using short videos to gain a larger base of followers. However, make sure that the videos you create are relevant to your business, so that your audience respond to them.

To conclude, these are some key strategies you should use for growing your base of followers on both Instagram and Facebook, and not only. The thing with growing your audience online is that, by engaging with potential customers, you can reach your marketing targets. Which of the strategies mentioned appeals to you the most? Let us know in the comment section below!







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