6 Different Types of Animations & Their Use in Top 5 Industries of the World

6 Different Types of Animations & Their Use in Top 5 Industries of the World

The fact is known that we are walking in the world surrounded by millions of technologies, we look around us and we can see countless blessings of science everywhere. It is true that the field of science as a whole, including all its sub-branches, has played a very substantial role in making the world a better place, but among all the inventions and work, science and technology has served its level best in the field of computer science. The reality is undeniable that we have moved to the living standard where our body has become used to of smart devices and handy gadgets.

Video Animation

If we go deeper into the context of science working in the field of information technology or computer science, apart from the artificial intelligence it is evidently easy to say that video animation has made its way to the very top of the list. There are many areas that science is covering in the sector of IT, but the most growing domain is considered to be the branch of video animation. Scientists and expert video animators are striving day by day to come up with new methods and techniques to provide a bigger and better platform for the users to gain a much-enhanced experience in designing various types of the video animation with ease.

Types of Video Animations

We have only heard people either talk about 2D and 3D animations and even we have heard people saying that 2D animation was the basic layer to introduce the 3D video animation in the world. This could be true to some extent as indeed 2D was the first type of animation ever and it provided a lot of inspiration to the scientists to introduce the art of 3D animated videos. Now we are living in an age where both 2D and 3D video animation has become the backbone of all other kinds of animated videos.

So far the experts of the domain have come up with six unique categories of the video animations that are formed following the tracks of 2D and 3D video animations. These amazing forms of animated videos include,

  1. 2.5D Video Animation
  2. Whiteboard Animated Videos
  3. Explainer Video Animations
  4. Motion Graphics Video
  5. Kinetic Typography
  6. Animated GIF Logo
  1. 2.5D Video Animation

When the 3D animated videos were made known to the world, the demand of the 2D video animation started to get suppressed because people were more interested in watching the images that look more realistic and 2D animations only had the flat images. 3D animation had become a threat for the 2D animation, and people started to believe that soon it will be erased from the platform which would be a tough call for the animators. As to resolve this issue, 2.5D animations were introduced that gives the essence of both 2D & 3D animations. It has all the images and objects created on the two-dimensional space whereas the entire scene or background is developed in a way that gives the effect of 3D space.

  • Whiteboard Animated Videos

Whiteboard video animation was introduced following the basics of the 2D animation techniques and intended to be created to convey typical and complex knowledge in the simplest form possible. With the plain drawings and colorless images, it was challenging to divert the audience’s attention towards the video, but somehow it had become one of the admired kind of animation.

  • Explainer Video Animations

Explainer videos are either constructed following 2D animation techniques or 3D animation concepts, according to the need and requirements. The main purpose of using this animation is to explain complicated knowledge through visualization to make it less boring.

  • Motion Graphics Video

Motion graphics is one of the very amazing types of video animation that is created in many ways these days. In this type of animation, the background is kept static whereas the rest of the object or characters can be seen performing different activities. One of the fascinating use of the motion graphics these days is in the format of 360 degrees look, where the screen moves with the movement of the cursor.

  • Kinetic Typography

Kinetic typography is developed by bringing in the use of various fonts that are applied in different sizes and styles to capture the attention of the users.

  • Animated GIF Logo

Animated GIF logo is a very mesmerized form of animation in which the logo of the company or brand is assigned some movement in a limited timeframe of a few seconds and set that motion in the loop so that it kept repeating, creating an illusion. It is used to divert the user’s attention towards a certain brand or product on the digital screen.

Use of Animations in Different Industry

Following are the five top industries that have been using animation to its fullest and availing countless benefits out of it.


Many companies use the animations for advertising their products or services on different platforms like they get Animated Video Production for Websites to promote their brands on internets, some companies use animation advertisements to display on the television, and similarly at many other places.

Architecture & Engineering

With the help of 3D rendering animation it has become so convenient for the architects, designers, engineers, and animators to create highest quality 3D models and animation with the photorealistic effects, to show the live view of the architectures and various plans to the audience or clients before it is even constructed.


It has been used by the teachers and students of different disciplines to share their part of knowledge with each other. Teachers take help of the animation to deliver lectures that have complex concepts to make it easy for the students to understand, and students often use it to explain their projects and give presentations.


Video animations have served the best in the entertainment industry for ages. The truth is undeniable that entertainment field was the first to introduce the work of animation to the world, and we are still able to see some marvelous animated movies and films in high definition in the present as well.


Animation has played a huge part in gaming since the beginning of the era. At first, video games were created based on the 2D animation techniques, but with arousing technology, we are able to see the animation at its best in the Virtual 3D Games.

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