Why Linkedin is one of the Best Platforms For your Business

Why Linkedin is one of the Best Platforms For your Business

Digital marketing has many aspects like social media optimization, social media marketing, social engine optimization, email marketing and many more. Social media marketing is playing a prime role to intensify the growth of a business. We all know that social media introduce a platform where marketers and customers can directly interact. So it’s not only disrupting the small organizations but also helping the large organizations to manage their success. If you implement social media marketing strategy in a good manner then success will assuredly come into your account. Actually, It’s one the best ways to stay ahead among the competition.

LinkedIn is a highly professional and authentic social network platform that easily promote your B2B services. Well, LinkedIn is one of the best platforms which is designed for the professionals who are searching right connections to develop their feature.

 Why LinkedIn is Different?

  • LinkedIn is a social site networking that brings users under one huge circle to increase their knowledge.
  • With the advanced features of LinkedIn users can utilize this platform to develop their career growth.
  • It’s a powerful and demanding tool which guides a recruiter to find out suitable candidates to appoint them.
  • In a similar way, it also allows students to apply or follow their preferable companies.
  • LinkedIn opens up many doors for the students, and business professionals to reach maximum people.

Why LinkedIn Is More Effective for the purpose of Marketing

In today’s world, everything is extremely competitive in every field. Social media marketing is a new concept or you can say it is a modern way of marketing that helps people to achieve success in their arena. LinkedIn is very effective platforms because of its way of connectivity. It can connect professionals, students, and job seekers to make there contacts more strong and beneficial.

LinkedIn is a platform which establishes to deliver a positive business environment. On the other hand, it creates brand awareness also. Professionals can get expert’s words in an easy way. All in all, this platform is a one-stop solution for them who want to enhance their career, take expert advice, learn business strategy, interaction with the experienced person, and many more. Actually, this platform allows you to do more rather than comment, share, and like.

Well, we know other social sites also give some advantages to increase or expand your business but they all have some significant rules. In this article, we are going to highlight why LinkedIn is an effective marketing tool or social platform than other networks.

LinkedIn Vs Facebook – Which one is effective for your business?

When we are talking about social marketing process then LinkedIn is more beneficial than Facebook.

As compared to the demanding network Facebook, LinkedIn is extremely secure that makes your profile safe. We all know the fact that most of the time Facebook users face the hacking issue as compared to LinkedIn. But that never hamper the demand of Facebook among the users.

As compared to Facebook, LinkedIn is more genuine. In  LinkedIn, people use their relevant accounts because this network is beneficial for career growth. According to the CNN survey, there were more than 83  million fake Facebook profiles available. That highlights the authenticity or trust issue of Facebook profiles.

Facebook is a social media website where users share their daily life activities. And LinkedIn is a marketing website where people can connect recruiters for a job or they can directly apply for a job at this site. Thus LinkedIn is more preferable platform over Facebook for the purpose of marketing.

LinkedIn Vs Twitter – Which one is effective for your business?

Twitter is the trending short message sharing website which has publicized the word Hashtag. People tweet about the latest topics and share small inspirational quotes. In this article, we are talking about marketing and this platform allows users to share trending topics more than marketing. In a short span of time, Twitter can give you a clear idea about what is happening around you.

People can tweet their products on Twitter but it never interacts with customers in an effective way like LinkedIn. Mainly, Twitter is a site where people get information about a particular event or matter. That is the reason we can’t consider Twitter as a social marketing site because its concept and target audiences are completely different.

LinkedIn Vs Google+ – Which one is effective for your business?

Similar to Facebook, Google+ allows users to share  videos, images, and get reviewed, but here is the addition of creating “circles.” One of the disadvantages is without Gmail account you can’t create your profile on Google+. Furthermore, it doesn’t allow to add individuals to your business circle. So, LinkedIn is far better to do social media marketing.

LinkedIn Vs Instagram – Which one is effective for your business?

Instagram is a photo-sharing website. People can share their personal photos and videos on it. This platform is not for modern marketing it only allows a user to increase their followers. In Instagram mostly people prefer to share their personal images. On the other hand, the Instagram app is designed only for Android and iPhone platforms. So, Blackberry and Window users cannot access it.

LinkedIn Vs Tumblr – Which one is effective for your business?

Tumblr is a microblogging network site owned by Yahoo. In this site, users can share images, videos, and posts. The best part is in Tumblr you can select attractive themes to make your post perfect. But the network is not so strong. Their target audience is youngsters. A business person never prefers to use this site for their marketing purpose.

LinkedIn Vs Pinterest  – Which one is effective for your business?

Pinterest is a social site where you can share and collect various images of interesting things. But this site is unable to attract more audience. Pinterest is dedicatedly focused on the item like cooking recipes, fashion, and home designing. So, this social site is not for professionals who want to promote their products to grab the attention of the audiences.

Wrapping Up!

LinkedIn has established its different identity among the networks. This social site is specifically designed for the business and professionals. And the features, such as  LinkedIn Pulse, InMail, Company Pages, Groups, and it also shows who viewed your profile. Importantly, LinkedIn is a prime tool that not only driving traffic but also prospecting, establishing leadership, as well as recruiting. Yes, it’s a way where you can showcase your proficiency in your industry. Hopefully, this article helps you understand the advantages of LinkedIn in the factor of social media marketing.

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