7 Content Marketing Tips For Beginners

7 Content Marketing Tips For Beginners

Before talking about content writing, first, we need to know what is content. Content refers to any or every set of information that throws light on a particular topic. Content does not always refer to only text or writings but it also refers to the information in the form of video clips, .pdf files, and audio, graphs, images, info graphics, slideshows or podcasts.

Nowadays, digital marketing is playing a very important role in the field of marketing and is growing at a great pace. Proper use of content can bring fast, effective and better results. 

Content marketing refers to the process of creating content in any form (audio, video or images) so as to promote a brand or simply for the general awareness or to attract the crowd towards a particular issue. Its purpose generally is sale driven, to simulate interests of users in the particular product or service.

Here are 7 tips for the content marketing beginners:

1.   Stick to the topic:

 Every website is based on a particular topic of interest, so when you are writing article or blogs make sure that your content is related to the website that is, through your articles you should not deviate from the main purpose of your website. For example, if your website is tech based but just because you love cooking, you posted an article on cooking. Only related content will help you gather o simulate the interests of the readers. It helps when you specifically have a great interest in the field. Studies have shown that related content is more likely to be viewed in comparison to the scattered one.

2.    Role of length:

Length is an eye-catching factor when it comes to the content marketing services like blog posts. It has been seen that people are more likely to visit the sites with lengthy content. The blog posts of the word length of approx 1500 are appreciated more rather than the small posts. It is suggested to write a descriptive and detailed post which is covering all the possible aspect than writing a few small articles.

3.    Shareable content:

Choose different online platforms and look for the type of content in your field or niche that generally people share. For different fields, it may vary for example, for fashion video and images content is more likely to be shared while in case of technology related area, text and videos are preferred. When it comes to gadgets, reviews are more likely to be shared.  If your content is shareable, there are more chances of your content to go viral and get the necessary limelight. Some ideas for the shareable content for all the fields are best of.. How to… learn quickly… best tips.. Most effective… 10 most suitable…

4.    Beautification is necessary:

 while your content is full of knowledge and whatnot in your niche or field but still the makeover plays a very important part. by the makeup, we mean the presentation of data in a way that it looks attractive. You can do that by using different colors for the texts, fonts may vary, bold and italics might contribute as well. The best way to present data is to use the different formats or content types together. For example, if you use text along with the images as well as videos then it will put a great impact on the user.

5.    Stay up to date:

Only posting good content does not always help to attract users. Try keeping the content up to date. Decide a particular timing when to post the new article o the blog posts. Keep on posting on a regular basis so as to keep the users engaged. Posting stuff in particular time gap or on particular dates keeps the uses engaged and ensures the stay of the loyal ones.

6.    The title should be good:

 The first thing that viewer come across while scrolling the web is the title. The attractive title is the soul of the post. Also, it helps the search engine to know what your content is about. Also, it lets the media sites understand what exactly your content is about. So before anything else, even before the main content, make sure you have chosen a suitable title. You can take help of Google keyword tool in order to find suitable title.

7.    Be better than others:

Content writing sure does sounds straight and doable but it is not that easy because remember there are many competitors out there. Search for the topic and observe the sites that come on top. Observe the type of content they are using.  Focus on small things like length and format. A content which is not good enough in comparison to the other available ones cannot bring a boom in market.

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