How to Feature Products in Content Marketing

Content marketing answers an audience’s questions while it also builds trust. In other words, it’s a “soft sale” tool instead of a stomping ground for product pitches. At the same time, content for ecommerce brands has to be strategically tied to products somehow, or it turns into a dead end for well-intentioned marketing. Helpful content … Read more

Most effective Ways to Build Brand Authority With Content Marketing

Everyone owning a brand is after building real and lasting authority. It is a human tendency to follow instructions or recommendations made by anyone in power. The instinct of following experts is not mainly determined by their ability, knowledge or characteristics, but by the perception formed. People simply rely on experts or people of influence … Read more

Is Content Marketing a Good Career?

In 1996, Bill Gates stated “content is king” in one of his essays. After two years, it became the sensational tagline in the digital marketing industry. No wonder, that quality content is driving the marketing strategies of various businesses. This proves the scope of a career in content marketing is really high to stand out … Read more